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20 Portraits – A Personal Glimpse Into 20 Lives By SJ Publication.

20 Portraits – A Personal Glimpse Into 20 Lives By SJ Publication includes Srushti Jyoti Suresh Shah, Padma Shree M, Sree Boma Aravindhanpavai, Jinesh KV, Vrunda Baraiya, Saroj Kumar Ojha, Shobhit Gupta, Dipali Chandak, Aruna Jadhav, Sujoyita Pal, Rhydhm Chheda, Parkavi Rathna, Ayush Agrawal, Amrin Shelat, Gulzarina Kapoor, Anupama Kadwad, Sameera A, Shanthi M, S Vinitha Selvakumar, Harsha Mall and Allen Brian.

Team SJ Publication appreciates their talent, hardwork and dedication for their amazing contribution in the field of literature.

ABOUT THE BOOK – “20 potraits a personal glimpse into 20 lives”

This book is a personal glimpse into 20 lives, as the name says, a world record anthology by sj publication , that comprises of 20 participants and their untold and inspiring stories, this world record is going to get registered in INKZOID BOOKS OF WORLD RECORD & GLORIOUS BOOKS OF WORLD RECORD. All the authors in this book have given their best and they don’t attempt to hurt anyone’s thinking, feelings and actions. The uniqueness of the book stands as it is based on real-life stories and struggles, as we have seen very few people who write about themselves , This book is an attempt to bring out the best stories from people’s lives <3 i hope you like it ….!!


She is a 18 year old girl , with big dreams fulfilling every passing day a wordsmith wanderer, born on 27th March 2006.completed 12th arts in mithibai college of arts , Bharatnatyam dancer from Kalashruta Academy of performing arts , excellent in academics, a writer who writes in multiple languages, soon to be author , co authored 40+ books and compiled 10+ anthologies , loves writing,dancing,meeting new people , travelling , socializing , listening untold story. FOUNDER AND CEO of SJ PUBLICATION and MISHTI WRITING COMMUNITY … ( Unit of Inkzoid foundation) . World record holder for compiling longest anniversary wishes book comprising of 281 writers..and for this achievement got awarded with ” GRAND MASTER WORLD RECORD AWARD” , Featured in “one of the best talents of globe” , registered herself again for the world record by compiling 20 portraits a personal glimpse into 20 lives etc . By Inkzoid foundation..
She believes in “You never know what will take you towards success love,family, support, friends, hobbies,separation etc but also with it your efforts , it’s life keep going….”
She is very much grateful to the divine power, her parents , family , close friends, inkzoid foundation and it’s team, supporters and also the most special ones people who hate her…
Seeing her parents and family proud is all she wants, compiling one more world record anthology on the occasion of 1st year completion of publication , in may 2k23 1st writing competition was organised by sj publication with kutchi maaheshwari samaj panvel …. And a book was compiled comprising 23 hidden gems who love writing and the main motto of publication is to help the budding writers who struggle in the writing industry and to help girls for education..
“Keep going nothing can stop you except you…if it’s good for you , the world doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is you and your life.”~ srushti shah


  1. Padma Shree M

Padma Shree is an Architecture dropout and a Visual Communication graduate. She is 26 and comes from Sivakasi, a town-turned-into-city in the state of Tamil Nadu, and is also called the Fireworks hub of India. Most of her productive time includes gardening and hanging out with her tribe. She is learning to play guitar. Adventurous Padma seeks to climb mountains and explore a range of different landscapes and experiences but she is also afraid of cold weather, winters and hunger. For a long time she has been ruminating about all sorts of things like poverty, global warming, climate change, family, culture, society, break-ups, meaning of life and her purpose in life. Frankly Padma hopes that this story “Woman Woman”, which is inspired from her life; where she refers to herself as “Alice”, inspired from Lewis Caroll’s character in his book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” ; tells you more about her.


Was born on march 18 1999
At India
And here’s her work,
“Exploring the digital tapestry of modern life through ‘Digital Connections: A Glimpse into 20 Lives’, a captivating anthology by Sree Booma Aravindhanpavai. Discover the boundless bonds forged by long-distance friendships, as mobile phones become not just tools, but teachers and companions in the journey of life. Join us on a comic yet profound exploration of the human experience in the digital age.”


He is Jinesh KV, he is pursuing Bsc in mathematics, from nilambur, Malappuram, Kerala. He is co author oin world record Anthology 20 Portraits a personal glimpse into 20 lives.

  1. Vrunda Baraiya

I am Vrunda Baraiya, a 19-year-old passionate wordsmith hailing from Gujarat. With over 30 fictional stories who once found a home on Wattpad and nearly 50 poems published in various anthologies, I am deeply committed to the art of storytelling and creative writing. My journey has seen me achieve recognition, placing in the TOP three in various competitions organized by the government, such as Kala Mahakumbh, Yuva Utsav, and Yuva Mahotsav. My love for writing stems from the profound ability to ignite minds and inspire change on a global scale. Along with this, I am equally engaged in sports, with Wrestling as my main game. Here, I have penned down a part of my wrestling journey that made me the person who I am today, making me not just physically fit, but even mentally capable to overcome life’s ordeals. Presenting you, my untold story now written, “Wrestling Mat Of Resilience.”

  1. Saroj Kumar Ojha – He is Mr Saroj Kumar Ojha is an Elementary School Teacher ,in Odisha Elementary Education system under School and Mass Education,Odisha.He received Awards from many Organisations as the followings:
    PRAKRUTIBANDHU from Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department, Bhubaneswar, Odisha,
    • Indian Icon award
    •Best Teacher cum CRCC,mts Nation Pride Award Received from Bollywood Actress Miss Mahima Chaudhary
    •SHIKSHAK JYOTI PURASKAR from AUPTF: the Teacher Association
    • Corona Warriors
    • 200 above awards received from various Literacy Organisations, Many articles , papers of seminar, poems, and his write up published in many books and magazines, his book ” Edu Light” published and he is co author of world record anthology 20 portraits a personal glimpse into 20 lives.
  2. Shobhit Gupta

Shobhit Gupta holds a Masters degree in Computer Application and Business Administration. Among his various hobbies, he enjoys travelling to new destinations, indulging in photography, experimenting with cooking, learning new languages, and engaging in social work.

For those wishing to contact him, Shobhit’s website is www.ShobhitGupta.in. He can also be reached via phone at +91-7838110755 or through email at mail4shobhit@gmail.com. Additionally, he is active on social media platforms under the handle @shobhit2607 on Facebook and Instagram.

As part of his literary activities, Shobhit regularly contributes poems, short stories, and reviews to his personal website, www.ShobhitGupta.in. He also engages in consistent writing on platforms such as StoryMirror, YourQuote, and Pratilipi.

Shobhit has achieved recognition in various story, poetry, and essay competitions throughout his career. Notable accolades include having a short story broadcast on Radio Deutsche Welle in Germany and a poem reading on Radio Lotus FM in South Africa. His works have been published in prominent publications such as Dainik Hindustan Hindi and Dainik Navin Kadam.

Among his published works are a motivational book in English titled “It’s Not Over Yet” and a collection of motivational biographies in English titled “Unsung Stories.” Additionally, he has released a poetry collection in Hindi called “Bolte Shabd” and a collection of Hindi stories titled “Ishqbaaziyan,” which is currently in the process of publication.

  1. Dipali yogesh chandak

She’s dipali yogesh chandak, from dayapar Kutch Gujarat, and now she is a published co author in world record anthology 20 portraits a personal glimpse into 20 lives Anthology.

  1. Aruna jadhav

यह है,अरुना जाधव.फलटण, जिल्हा -सताराकी रहनेवाली है |आपकी पूरी शिक्षा,पूनाके ‘हिज्,हायनेस्,चिंतामनराव पटवर्धन हायस्कूल, हुजूरपागा विद्यालये हुई है |उसके बाद शादी हो गयी |फिर भी पढाई जारी रखी|बी.ए.की परीक्षा,एक्स्टर्नल देकर,फर्स्ट क्लास में उत्तीर्ण हो गयी |
तिलक कॉलेज,पूनासे,B.Ed.की परीक्षा मी , फर्स्ट क्लास में उत्तीर्ण हो गयी |पारिवारिक जिम्मेवारियॉं होनेके कारन, सर्व्हिस नहीं कर सकी |अभी, सभी जिम्मेवारियॉं अच्छी तरहसे निभानेके बाद, साहित्यमें रुची लेना शुरु किया है |
कविताऎं,जो अंदरसे उभरी हैं,आपके सामने पेश कर रहीं है |
उनका”काव्य मंजिरी”कालिया संग्रह, प्रकाशित हुआ है.

  1. Sujoyita Pal

Sujoyita Pal lives in India, Kolkata. She is B. A M. A B. ED in English. She is an English Teacher ( PGT TGT PRT). She is a spoken English trainer also. She is a certified soft skill trainer also. She is a nationally and an internationally recognized writer. Her write ups has been published in 100+ bengali and English anthologies. Recently her solo book has been showcased in an international School in new Delhi, also in the 47th international kolkata book fair. Her 6 solo books has been showcased and launched in many book fairs in kolkata, panihati, burdwan, kalna, bhadreshwar and Agartala. Also her 3 English anthologies has been showcased and launched at World book fair in new delhi at Pragati Maidan. Recently she has achieved a great prestigious mark, her poem has been selected in the Inkzoid book of world record.

  1. Rhydhm chheda

Rhydhm Chheda is a seventeen-year-old author who is convinced that her life is her work. When she is not studying, writing, or drawing; you’ll find her with her friends, daydreaming, or just listening to music. Writing, for her, is the sole reason for her existence. She has already published a book, ‘…So what is teenage all about?’ A poetry book on teenagers. She is currently working on her project – Curse of the Gem, a fantasy romance trilogy where two enemies are forced to go on a mission to get a ‘mythical’ gem, to save their kingdoms. You can find her on Instagram @rhyds.writes. Writing is a passion for her and though it has been a part of her life. Ahead, are some prose and poems to prove exactly so.

  1. Parkavi Rathna

She is Parkavi Rathna. She’s from Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu. She started my writing at class 10th for fun but it turned as her hobby.she worked as a Co-Author in 5 Anthologies. Her writing journey started as a bud but now its blooming as a flower…yeap…Now she is a Co-Author of World Record Anthology.

  1. Ayush Agrawal

Ayush Agrawal is the esteemed founder of Luminous Page Publications, a distinguished figure whose remarkable achievements have cemented his legacy in the literary world. As a world record holder for the maximum number of books published by a teenager, recognized by the International Book of World Records, Ayush’s dedication to literature knows no bounds. Renowned for his exceptional talent as both a writer and shayar, his name resonates globally, acknowledged by Google as a symbol of literary excellence. For a glimpse into Ayush’s captivating journey and profound insights, individuals can find him on Instagram, where his handle, @mr_hitch_hiker7, serves as a platform for sharing his boundless creativity and passion for storytelling.

  1. Amrin Shelat

Amrin Shelat is a captivating wordsmith with a passion for all things culinary. As a dedicated foodie writer, she has graced numerous blogs and anthologies with her flavorful prose, leaving readers craving for more. With a knack for blending delectable descriptions with insightful commentary, Amrin’s writing transports her audience to gastronomic adventures unlike any other.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Amrin lends her ghostwriting talents to brands and individuals on LinkedIn, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences far and wide. Her LinkedIn profile serves as a testament to her versatility and expertise in the realm of written communication.
Amrin’s journey into the world of food blogging began in 2015, long before the era of Instagram fame. Despite her initial shyness and introversion, she bravely launched “TheHungryFoodie7” on Instagram, where she shares her culinary explorations with a growing community of food enthusiasts. Though hesitant to reveal her identity, Amrin’s passion for food shines through in every post, earning her the rightful title of owner of this cherished page.
Yet, amidst her achievements and accolades, Amrin remains humble, kind, and empathetic in nature. Her generous spirit knows no bounds, often giving more than what she receives, yet genuine friendship remains elusive. Nevertheless, Amrin perseveres, guided by her unwavering faith in the Almighty. With each journey she embarks upon, whether destined or by divine will, she entrusts her path to the hands of fate, embracing the unknown with grace and humility.

  1. Gulzarina Kapoor

Mrs. Shweta Kapoor, pen name, Gulzarina Kapoor is a poetess and is about to publish her poetry book: Poemscloud in Kindle. She is a mother of a special child, Shivam and a daughter, Simran. She stays in Gujarat, Bharat. She’s a wife of an academician. Poetry is her passion! Ai art is her craze!! Instagram Theme Page Business is her love!!!

  1. Anupama Kadwad

Anupama Kadwad is a multilingual poet from Mumbai, India. Her insta I’d : @Anupama Poems

  1. Her poem book ‘My World’ was published in January 2016.
  2. Poet of the year 2023 Award from Asian Literary Society
    3.Founder of Poetry forum Poesy Tales
    Link for which is as shared below:
  3. Global Poet 2023 Award from World Poetic Fraternity representing 120 countries and 858 poets.
  4. Some of her poems are published in Scarlet Leaf Review, Metaworker, Literary yard, Down in the Dirt, Poetry soup, All Poetry, Indus woman writing, Eve, Abhyudaya magazine, Tahira and other journals.
    5.Her travelogue’s are published in renowned Travel magazines like Trip advisor and Holiday IQ.
    Following is the link to her YouTube channel
    Travel Journey Memoirs

16.Sameera A

She is Sameera who is born and brought up in orthodox muslim family in a remote area .she is an author of 2 published book namely “integrated approach of science for sustainable development” and “Decoding the secret of cancer” and 15more upcoming books including ” unwavering insomnia”,”Resilient radiance empowering tales of women”,”Mastering mellitus” etc… she is pursuing 3rd year in her undergraduate degree specialized in biochemistry.she has 3 years experience in teaching field like teaching for board exam appearing students,NEET aspirant and communication skills development.she is an international writer in which her article got published in international journal.World record holder, young researcher of the year 2023 twice the time,best author of the year 2023 twice the time, national pride awardee, national achiever awardee, icon of India awardee, rashtriya ratna awardee, international star of the 2024.At the age of 19 she came under the category inspiration for PhD students and she was invited as chief guest to proceed motivational speech for board exam appearing students.she is doing research based on sustainable development and improve sustainability of nature.her thesis “cancer and it’s profound studies” got published at the age of 19.AI enthusiast (Artificial intelligence and Machine learning).she participated more than 100 courses and competition. She wrote many anthologies.Ex IITian and biochemist.she compiled a book named ” liberated hearts”. she got Selected under top 50 writers in india.currently working on two more world record anthology.

  1. Shanthi M

Shanthi M, she is an assistant professor in Providence College for Women (Autonomous), Coonoor, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu. She has completed MA.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.,MBA.,PGDELT.,BA in Hindi and Diploma in Sanskrit. She has passion in teaching and have been in the field of teaching for more than 13 years. She has been attending, presenting papers and publishing articles in National and International level Seminars and webinars and also she is an Aviation Faculty and Content Writer. She is author of a book and co-author of many anthologies.

18.S.vinitha selvakumar

S. Vinitha was born on April 4, 2004. Her father’s name is V. Selvakumar, and her mother’s name is S. Subbulakshmi. She has a younger brother named S. Munish. Vinitha studied at Himayam Matriculation School in Chennai until 5th grade. From 6th to 12th grade, she attended Coronation Girls Higher Secondary School in Sivakasi. Currently, she is pursuing a BA in English Literature at The Standard Fireworks Rajrathnam College for Women in Sivakasi, Virudhunagar district. Sivakasi is her native place. Her father works as a car driver, and her mother is a cook. They belong to a middle-class family. Vinitha’s father aspires for her to become an English teacher. In her family, she is the first graduate. Her brother has physical disabilities. Her hobbies include writing poems and drawing.

19.Harsha Atul Mall

મારું નામ હર્ષા અતુલ શાહ.
મારી ઉંમર ૫૦ વર્ષ છે.
હું નલીયા (કચ્છ) માં રહું છું ને હું હાઉસ વાઈફ છું
હું વિશ્વ રેકોર્ડ કાવ્યસંગ્રહમાં સહ લેખક છું “20 portraits a personal glimpse into 20 lives”

  1. Allen Brian

Allen Brian is a poet from Hyderabad. He is 19 years old and he is ambitious about the philosophies of the life and the world. He has started his writing career in year 2020. He has published various anthologies which revolve the theme of philosophy. He loves to read books and play guitar. He is aspired to deliver his s and warmth through his poetry skills.

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