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A.B.Pooja Made A World Record By Writing A 8 Liner Poem.

A.B.Pooja Made A World Record By Writing A 8 Liner Poem

A.B.Pooja is a 20 years old teenage girl who made a world record by writing a 8 liner poem in which every line starts and ends with the letter ‘P’ on the theme puppy.She is the daughter of Baskar and Muthunakai and she had 2 elder brothers Gokul and Saran from Salem and for this world record her name enters in the World Record edition of INKZOID Book Of Records 2022.

A.B.Pooja has completed her schooling at Sri Sarada vidyalaya Hr.Sec school.She is an arts student pursuing B.A.Economics in Sri Sarada College for Womens.She is disciplined and self motivated person at the same time specialesd in Type writting both English and Tamil and and sincerely hard working for her goals to achieve.

A.B.Pooja is waiting for achievement something in this Her Parents and brothers is a Pillar for her dreams.She is interested in Cooking, Dancing, Sports and listening music,Teaching.She is a naughty girl for her family and friends.Finally her pet dog,Tinku who is her stress buster and she loves pet animals.

A.B.Pooja Made A World Record By Writing A 8 Liner Poem

She has written a short story about Dogs but was not able publish it book.Her short story speaks about dog’s life. Dogs are not a animals it is a “God’s Gift” for our LIFE and at the end she is grateful to the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION, Durlav Sarkar for his support in her journey.

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