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“A-Dreamer, A-Doer, and A-Difference-Maker” : Dr. Daksha Udhani.

Dr Daksha Udhani is the multi- talented personality from ahmedabad, Gujarat who has been completing her commencement in the year 2018, furthermore she planned for her masters in Human Resource Management , and cleared the equal in 2020 from nmims she labored upon her doctorate in management from iibms, and hence forth inside the year 2021 she was tagged as the legitimate DR. Daksha Udhani. This became all about her provider background, she has indulged herself in diverse sports. With the aid of expert preference she was tagged as the dr daksha udhani, however considering her passion she is an author. She is the multi-proficient personality indulging herself in playing guitar, to portray the cartoon, engraving her art in portray the mattress sheets to the glass art work, moreover she is the house baker although. She started her journey as a home tutor after which to be the vice principal of a pre-school. Moreover, working for her masters she worked with a us firm as the healthcare recruiter senior which gave her an excellent enjoy upon her personal specialisation. In addition she become the hr manager for a well recognize fmcg enterprise based totally within the ahmedabad itself.

Within the covid time period wherein humans have been scrolling reels dr daksha turned into engraving her thoughts in poetry’s and started out her journey as the co writer for the ebook, latterly she started out on compiling her own books which have been headed over the amazon and a very good grip in the ecommerce market. The phrases dr daksha pen has always been so touching that they immediately reach to a person soul. Dr daksha has been the blessed soul which has a power to pen the pain into the poetry. Because 2 years in this literature adventure she has made an brilliant be aware by means of working as a co-author for 590 books moreover she has been completing her own solo book भावनाओ की गहराइयां which is the aggregate of multiple poetry’s expressing all of the love, care and emotions from mother and father to god, friends to love, pain to betray and lots greater.

Her poetry’s were no longer handiest within the books but have been highlighted within the country wide as well as global newspaper. Her articles were grinding at the grounds of online e newspaper portals.

Dr dakshaudhani has been on the sort of achievement ladder wherein she became provided nationally as well as the world over for extra than 75 instances for diverse tags, she was presented by actor sunil vishrani in the presence of page three excellence award in the ahmedabad with the tag dream builder award 2023. Furthermore, she has been tagged as the pleasant creator, excellent poet, first-class writer, multitalented figure, unique character award, sport changer award, and lots greater.

Dr Daksha Udhani had been cracking greater than 10 world records with the distinguished businesses which include bravo international book of world record , inkzoid book of world records, forever star book of world records, kalam ratan book of world records and lots greater. Not simplest this dr daksha udhani has been highlighted as the cover story for various magazines because of her achievement in the area of literature, the magazines are places at the amazon with the name vibgyor magazine, merged array magazine, elysian magazine and many others. Not only this DR Daksha Udhani wrote an article for the Fathers day’s competition held by the well know national magazine brand TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, her article was so flourished that she got a new peak from there.

Dr daksha udhani, the flourished author from ahmedabad turned into live interviewed on the television channel zee news18 for her healthful achievement in the literature discipline at a totally younger age, the multitasking character indulged herself in diverse fields. Her articles were the evidence of her success which might be been highlighted inside the countrywide as well as international newspaper such as ahmedabad mirror, mt kenya times, gujarat samachar and plenty greater. She was been selected as the Top 100 Authors by all over india for her book which was the biggest victory for her in the field of literature. Her achievement story is being covered on the online sites she has proved herself to the best.

Dr daksha udhani has proved herself as “she is the warrior, not a worrier” she has usually found a way to reach the new ladders of victory and to set an instance in the front of nowadays’s generation that nothing is impossible , working with the positive mindset and in a discipline with good management skills it is possible to cross all the hurdles coming in the path way. Her right determination has caused her this success. She has been “chasing her dreams to catch the stars ”

Dr daksha udhani have been facing many screw ups but in no way stopped herself she has always been working upon herself she had deliberate the new desires for herself and feature proved them she stated that she has been the “willpower to inspire, and dedicated to excel”. Dr daksha udhani were the superb instance for today’s generation for her fulfillment on the very younger age.

Instagram id : @chefoholic_
Mail id : dakshaudhani124@gmail.com

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