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MR KALPESH SOLANKI is a MULTI- TALENTED Personality from Ahmedabad, Gujarat belonging from a middle class family had planned many goals and career options for himself, he completed his graduation in the year 2015, he has even cleared the physical examination of PSI (Police Sub Inspector) moreover he is currently preparing for the GPSC exam (Gujarat Public Service Commission) he started his career in various fields such as working as an MODEL for multiple brands, he is the great musician and fond of playing the guitar, he has a good vocal tone and can sing well too, he is running his own MUSIC BAND and performing the stage shows too along with this he has been working on a LEAD ROLL for the Colors Gujarati TV SERIAL, even he has worked as an CO- ACTOR for a south movie with the ACTRESS, TAMANNA BHATIA.

Apart from all this he is the FITNESS FREAK involving himself in a mission he has planned for “FIT INDIA RICH INDIA” where he has planned that every individual should be health conscious they must have knowledge where they can understand their body and its necessities. He is a YOGA TRAINER where he has all the in-depth knowledge about the ASANA’S and can share their benefits too.

Mr Kalpesh Solanki has proven that nothing is impossible, a person who runs behind his or her dreams can surely reach to the heights of success, here we have a live person who has planned his goals and have reached the success ladder and have become the inspiration of many youths. In the today’s era people are simply wasting their time using their smart phones but there are still who are working on their goals. There once was a quote “STRIVE NOT TO BE A SUCCESS, BUT RATHER TO BE OF VALUE” Mr Kalpesh Solanki has proven this quote for himself, he has achieved all those victory ladders which he had planned for himself and the only way was to reach the ladder was dedication he has been very focused upon his goals and has created a remarkable journey for every youth for which he is been valued by N number of people.

Conversation on the lifestyle of Mr. kalpesh Solanki he has always been his own inspiration where he had transformed himself in the covid time period, observed that he was gaining the weight and could not focus on himself due to his career. He though to priorities his health and started working on the same, he had transformed himself in an incredible way by losing 32 kgs of weight in just 90 days, the journey was remarkable he invested all his time upon his health and researching upon the food plans, way of eating, time to eat, knowing the do’s and don’ts of the body which will affect the lifestyle. where people were indulged in bad eating habits Mr. Kalpesh cultivated new lifestyle where he spent almost 16-18 hours searching about his own body requirements their results and reciprocation, he had tired all the possible ways and noted the symptoms the way body use to react. Slowly gradually he planned to change the people’s lifestyle and planned a slogan “FIT INDIA RICH INDIA” .

He started his career from ICAN GYM as the General Trainer and transformed the lives of many people, simultaneously he
worked upon his own knowledge part to gain more knowledge and help people to get rid of the diseases such as Cholesterol, Diabetes, Risk of HEART ATTACKS. His small change had helped more than 500 people to change their lifes. Currently he is working as PT TRAINER in the ICAN GYM based in the AHMEDABAD where he has more than 100 PT CLIENTS since last 1.5 year not only this he has been giving the online training to the clients out of India such as Clients from USA, DUBAI, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc.

Slowly gradually due to good physic, accent, vocal tone and proper body language Mr. Kalpesh Solanki got the new approaches to work as an MODEL for multiple brands such as TRINICKS, PROPER (shirt brand), BLACK PANDA, etc. Mr. Kalpesh Solanki worked as an LEAD ACTOR for the COLORS GUJARATI TV serial (JODE REHJO RAAJ, SORATHNI MRS SINGHAM) he has been working with the actress TAMANNA BHATIA for a south movie (BANDRA) working on to his career goals he never kicked his passion.

Mr. Kalpesh Solanki had a passion of singing and playing the instruments the one he was fond among them was GUITAR which he learned and practiced for hours to quick start his own BAND TEAM, he worked hard upon his passion and hence completed the goal by creating his MUSIC BAND name
, which lead him to the stage shows and live performances.

Mr. Kalpesh Solanki is the man who have created all the magical doors for himself to win the victory, where his own FOCUS, POWER & DEDICATION has lead him to this tremendous success and has opened has the doors he planned off.

Mr Kalpesh Solanki has reached the new heights of success with his own hard work and dedication which helped him grow by creating the social media handle on INSTAGRAM with the name “UNBEATABLEME_” he has posted all the relevant and useful videos which were so helpful the people that they started following him and at a certain peak His videos have been hitting to the MILLION VIEWS per day.

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