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Aashish Bhardwaj – The Inspiring Story of a pioneer behind Sociopool India

“Aashish Bhardwaj had coined Sociopool India with a sharp vision to help brands stand out, grab attention, build trust, invigorate and rope audience closer to the business in a unique manner with You Tube videos and Instagram memes in 2015”

With the blend of Passion, Freedom and Impact Aashish Bhardwaj has carved out a niche for his business that led him to reach greater heights determining his success and progress as an entrepreneur. It was his passion that drove his ambition with a very unique vision of the world that others didn’t see at the time.

Let’s take a closer look:

Sociopool India came into being as an Indian Influencer and viral marketing company with a unique vision of helping brands and businesses to reach their audiences with just one click. Yes, one click does the wonders in such a way that the promotions of the brands are done through YouTube videos. This strongest passion and Vision of Aashish Bhardwaj drove him forward with India’s first company to have started brand promotion through You Tube. It was his core belief that kept him pressing on and made him work with over 200 exclusive influencers, cricketers, movie celebrities, TV celebrities, singers, dancers, production houses, and many more. It was the impact of his vision behind Sociopool India that had served as another force and drove him forward and eventually weaved the three ingredients Passion, Freedom and Impact into every aspect of his business.

The founder and CEO of Sociopool India Pvt Ltd Aashish Bhardwaj is recognized as an astute and a  visionary leader in the community of Indian Influencers with rich experience of over 7 years in finance and corporate planning and 5 years of marketing and expertise in strategy management. Aashish has been an inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneur as a CEO of Sociopool India by leading the company on its mission to create and dominate the market of Influencers and You Tubers for Businesses and its brands.

Being a top professional and a phenomenon in the service industry Aashish with his team has been working with prominent celebrities from the world of Bollywood, TV, Cricket, modeling and social media as Savvy stakeholders. The talent of Aashish has come with a shelf life that has taken his business acumen with an elevation and soared high with Sociopool India.

They say “Loving what you do is the cornerstone of wealth and happiness”; the story of Aashish and his passion towards entrepreneurship with innovative thoughts is the live example as his Passion had played a pivotal role in revitalizing the brands and their story. He was passionate towards his innovative idea that had elevated Sociopool India as India’s leading Influencer marketing company that is further passionate about the importance products and services of the brands in the lives of the customers. With an aim to bring about a change in the world of business Aashish’s unique vision has paved a route for the brands to promote their products with wide number of audience in the social media platforms all across the globe.

Aashish and his team spares no effort with their out of the box solution to turn every seemingly impossible task into possible. He remains intact to his goals and dreams to bring out the best every single day than the previous one. His resilience and patience has turned him into a high performing entrepreneur of India with a global name that had brought about a humongous change with his extraordinary mind and work without compromising at any level to much greater success and growth.

He shares his words of wisdom “Marketing is selling a burning ash at the price of a diamond” and this goes with saying that an experience can be created by a true innovator; Aashish Bhardwaj is the name to say the least. He had his heart in his business that drives him to make the best out of everything so that it helps him to stand apart from the crowd. His incessant commitments had created his own league and being a pioneer in the field of business he had set his foothold that carved him with a successful entrepreneurial career. He had followed his passion and made a difference!

You can learn more about Aashish on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aashishbhardwajofficial/

Visit https://www.sociopoolindia.com/ to learn more about Sociopool India.

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