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Alfiya Suroor Khan Made A World Record.

Alfiya Suroor Khan is the pride of Bangalore who made a world record for writing a 12 liner poem named as “My Resurrection” in which all the lines begins with the letter ‘A’ and her name enters in the INKZOID Book & Glorious Book Of World Records for her amazing contribution in the field of literature along with this she is a commerce student with many add on professional courses and a selfless attitude who is determined towards her writing.

About Writer Alfiya Suroor Khan

Writer Alfiya Suroor Khan, a 20 year girl, hails from Bangalore Karnataka, A commerce student with many add on  professional courses with a selfless attitude,soft spoken and warm hearted friendly nature has kept her determined towards her writing along with this she is a world record holder and her name entered in the INKZOID Book & Glorious Book Of World Records.

English is in her heart, she is passionate towards writing and dedicated herself to writing and reading books.

She has been a part of the writing journey since she was in her teens .She started penning down her good and worst experiences in the form of poems. She eventually got connected with many anthologies as a co-author. She is a compiler of the books “Words That Bleed” and “Shinning Irenic” . Her enthusiasm stands her as an author for her upcoming books “Vincere Covid”, “The 21 Fire Freezers” and many more to come.

She was awarded with a “Certificate of World Record” for writing a poem “My Resurrection” in the year 2022. It was certified and appreciated by – Inkzoid foundation and Glorious book of records.

She was recognised as the “Best Poetess Of The Year 2022” by Incredible Indian Awards.

She has been awarded the “All Indian Best Writer Award” by profound writers in the year 20-21.

In the year 2022 Inkzoid foundation has chosen and recognised her write up to be one of the top 18 write ups and rewarded amongst the top 13 upcoming stars. This appraisal has been circulated on 20 different platforms.

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