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Aryan Sharma – The Indian Writer And An International Compiler

Writer Aryan Sharma

Who Is Writer Aryan Sharma?

Aryan Sharma is a writer, an author, compiler, content manager and an editor who recently drafted an interview of Bollywood Diva, Neha Dhupia for Celebmania by INKZOID. He has several credits to his meritocracy like honing skills from being a management student to being a judge at national level writing contests etc. and for interviewing bollywood celebrities on a regular basis along with that he has compiled 10 + anthologies and designed over 25 book covers, besides that he uplifted many newbie writers.

What Are Aryan Sharma’s Achievements?

Aryan Sharma’s achievements includes that he has compiled 10 plus anthologies and designed over 25 book covers, besides that he is a specialist in uplifting newbie writers and has compiled an international anthology, World Of Words along with this most importantly he also drafted the interview of Neha Dhupia for Celebmania Magazine by INKZOID FOUNDATION.

What Does Aryan Sharma Believes?

Aryan Sharma believes in a quote “If you can’t struggle, you can’t taste the joy.” The amount of time you invest in working for your goals, the same get repaid to you in the form of
success. Hence, getting started is better instead of thinking about it. If you start working then there’s no way looking back.

Writer Aryan Sharma

Aryan Sharma’s upcoming books are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – The Legend and Anthos – A Gem Of The Writing Industry.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – The Legend, which will be a tribute to him in the form of an anthology, an initiative by Inkzoid Foundation.

Anthos – A Gem Of The Writing Industry, It will be launching in the year 2023 highlighting the significance of anthologies.

Aryan Sharma as the Editor in the Celeb Mania Magazine, Issue 1

In the 1st Issue of the Celeb Mania Magazine by Inkzoid Foundation, Aryan Sharma was chosen as the Editor. He overall curated the magazine and drafted interview for
the Bollywood Actress, NEHA DHUPIA. He specially thanked Mr. Durlav Sarkar, the founder of Inkzoid Foundation for giving him this opportunity.

Contact Him Through The Given Social Media Handles:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hola.aryan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aryansh_04?t=4pNlQb5ufGpX_Q7sJpskWw&s=09

Blog: holaaryan.blogspot.com

Mail: poetaryan0@gmail.com

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