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Author Anjali Jain The Pride Of Bhayandar West, Mumbai Makes A World Record

Author Anjali Jain

Author Anjali Jain The Pride Of Bhayandar West, Mumbai makes a world record for her book named “Inking Emotions” which contains 101 poems on varied feelings in 4 different languages and her name enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records.

Who Is Author Anjali Jain?

Author Anjali Jain from Bhayender West, Mumbai is world record holder who loves to understand people and learn from them. A curious writer, her words are sword as well as shield. She always keeps on hunting for new opportunities & ways of life.

You will be getting some amazing and creative content from her mind. She likes to write quotes, poems, research articles, blogs, basically everything as she says ‘Bleeding Thoughts’.

Author Anjali Jain

Learning & speaking different languages is her favorite task. Perfection in work is the only thing she wants! She quoted, “My hobby keeps on changing with time. Still exploring myself!”

Instagram writer @a.j_moyotales

About The Book By Author Anjali Jain

Inking Emotions jotted by Anjali Jain who likes to write on every subject. She has penned 101 poems in four different languages which you can witness in these books.

Let’s hear her views about the book:
Presenting my first book which has infinite of emotions,
years of dedication & months of hard work to reach into
your palette. You’ll find a bunch of poems on different
aspects of life.

From love to hatred, relationship till self-love, broken to
healing, this book is a lap of my sentiments. It is a mix
of Hindi, English, Gujarati, & Hinglish language. Land on any page & have a sip of emotion.

For reading more stuff step to my Instagram account @a.j_moyotales

Happy Feeling!


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