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Author Eram Naz-The Pride Of Siwan Made Multiple World Records for her solo book “Seraphic Land”.

Author Eram Naz

Author Eram Naz-the pride of Siwan is a multiple world record holder for doing manuscripts of 9 books in a row and taking an average time of 48 hours for completing each one of it and also for writing the initial letter of the titles and content of all the 26 poems in alphabetical order sequence on the theme ‘Fairy Land’ as there are 26 letters in English contained in her solo book named “Seraphic land” creating an ‘Alphabetical Fairy Sequence Record’ and for that her name enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records.

How Was The Journey Of Author Eram Naz?

Eram Naz’s journey was really amazing from being a co-author to compiler and then manuscripter to Chief Editor and now a record holder with the help of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

Who Has Given Opportunities To Author Eram Naz?

Eram Naz

INKZOID FOUNDATION has given her a lot of opportunity .In this world ,filled with so called humans who thinks about only themselves, who can’t even make a single effort without their benefits, she got the best and open-minded founder cum mentor Mr. Durlav Sarkar whose leadership are the reason behind her progress and whose support has brightened her career without his guidance she would have been a mess, his Inspirational words have changed her life and her views about life.

Who Is Author Eram Naz?

Eram Naz

Author Eram Naz is pursuing her Bachelor degree in chemistry, watering the seeds of the garden where she has been planted i.e teaching in a school (Iqra Public School) where she
has learnt learning. She believes in equality and she will always try her best to take stand for those who are still suffering.

She’s blessed to have a family, who gave her too much freedom and who always supported her in every situation.She is glad that she’s her dad’s warrior and not her dad’s little Princess.

Ig – Seraphic_eru

Author’s Life

Author Eram Naz

Author’s name: Eram Naz

Father’s name: Mr. Reyazat Hussain

Mothers name : Mrs. Shabnam Jabeen

Favourite dish : Haleem

Inspiration: She believes that everything around you is here to inspire you.

Favourite colour: The World is colourful so she love every colour.

Birth place: Siwan


Educational institute names

School name was – Iqra Public School
Collage Name – Z. A islamiya
( JP University)

Qualification: passed +2
And currently , pursuing , Bachelors of Science and teaching in Iqra public school.

Father’s Profession: Civil Contractor.

Mother’s profession:Teacher

Ambition: Since she is a Teacher, she’ll always try her best to serve people.

She don’t wanna win
She has no desire to have many trophies in my room
She just wanna explore
She just wanna learn

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