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Chai Vaai Café: Spreading the value of Serving food with ‘LOVE’

Although franchise firms account for a small percentage of total Indian businesses, the franchise industry is significant. With a population of over one billion people, India is becoming a key force in the global economy and a rich field for retail and business development investment. 

The food and beverage business, which is the largest volume in the franchise group, has recovered the fastest from the pandemic. Tea and coffee franchises, ice cream franchises, and fast-food franchises have all performed well in the past. 

These Food and Beverage Industry Business Lines have virtually doubled in the last few months compared to the previous 12-month total business. Restaurant, pizza, and burger franchises are preparing to expand. 

CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ is a new and rapidly expanding brand that offers a variety of hot teas, coffees, sandwiches, hamburgers, pasta and lasagna, toasties, Maggi, wraps, and pizzas. It has a special area called the “Maa Menu” that caters to people who are far away from home with an absolute rendition of home-cooked meals. 

India’s Foodie City INDORE or MP09 (Madhya Pradesh) is home to CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ. The first outlet is located in Bhawarkuan, which is the hub of students. The brand is expanding in Vadodara, Nagpur, Dalhousie, and Ahmadabad, with ambitions to extend across India. 

Why are we the ‘Best’?

The CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ menu offers a diverse selection of goods to appeal to people of all ages and tastes. The crew concentrates on every element of every product on the menu, which includes over 100 products such as hot and cold drinks, Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, Toasties, Pasta’s & Lasagna’s, and cherry toppings, as well as a cold section called T.M.S. (thick milkshakes) and Chillo’s. The Maa Menu is a special part of the menu that covers all those delectable delicacies that only people who have been far from home can comprehend. 

A Team of Professionals 

A team of hospitality industry professionals runs the CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ. Simran Gurnani, the brand’s founder, manages the entire show under her standards and is an outstanding cook herself. Her daughter Diya Gurnani, the brand’s co-founder, assists with operations. The other members of the team are; Chief Operating Officer (Sandy), Senior Operations Manager (Ashish/Jatin), Head Chef (Ankit), and the Core Team (Gurpreet/Atul/Anil), who are in charge of marketing and promotions. 

Cheerful Moments 

Simran Gurnani has numerous success stories to share, but one that stands out is when she opened the first Chai Vaai Café in Indore in December 2018. After nearly a year of operation, the café’s first franchise was sold (Ambajogai). 

The following are some of the accolades the company has earned for its outstanding cuisine and franchising services: 

  • Being recognized in the food market PAN-INDIA.  
  • Awarded as Most Prominent Food Start-Up -2021 
  • Awarded as Best Emerging Café -2021 
  •  Finalizing more than 22 franchise outlets in 12 months. 
  • Awarded the Most Prominent Food Start-Up in 2021 
  • Recognized as the Best Emerging Café in 2021. 

 Unique and Customer-Centric Offerings 

 The staff at CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ believes that cooking is all about people. According to Simran Gurnani, food is perhaps the one universal substance that has the power to bring people together. What place, city, or country are you from, regardless of your culture, age, or gender? 

 “We certainly know that people eat together all across the world,” she says. 

Future Endeavours 

Simran Gurnani’s aim for CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ was straightforward at first: operate one shop and make ends meet. Now, sees CHAI VAAI CAFÉ PRIVATE LIMITED as being at least everywhere possible in PAN-INDIA, and it’s not just about opening multiple outlets; it’s about helping each franchise grow with all the support and assistance available, as well as keeping the brand up to date with all the latest trends. She asserts, “We want to be at least 30 outlets by the end of 2021.” 

According to Simran Gurnani, CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ is an excellent chance to launch a low-cost, high-return food franchise. 

Hard Work that Motivates 

Innovation is what we are all about. We keep adding: that’s what it’s all about. The team is full of experience and ideas, and we fully support them to bring it ahead,” says Simran Gurnani. The team keeps itself up to speed on all new trends and possibilities, but it also considers the franchise owners’ money to see how far the team can push it. 

Sell the Vision Once you believe in 

Simran Gurnani’s advice to any franchise business enthusiast is to attempt to sell the brand, product services, and, most importantly, the after-sales support, which most businesses overlook. She says that the support system is crucial for clients who are investing in the brand. 

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