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Creative Friends worked together to achieve success

All branded products at 50% discount with GST bill,

and They plan to open chain of store

1st flagship store already opened on 

2nd October Gandhi Jayanti.,

2 more coming in this month at Ahmedabad.

Multi category store Apparels, Shoes, FMCG, Electronics, Toys, Pet Products, Sports Gym. Multi-category retailers design and develop a wide array of product types – from home textiles, lawn tools, wooden furniture, backpacks, to FMCG, apparel and formulated products.

Ikhlaq Shaikh is the first Founder 

He believes “Nothing succeeds like success.”

He said that “I have confidence about myself as a human being. Just appreciate that wherever you’re at, you’re a whole and complete human being with everything you possibly need to be successful. You deserve to achieve and you deserve the fruits of your labor.”

Ikhlaq Shaikh and Salim Shaikh are two brothers from Ahmedabad and right now there are at restaurants business.

Salim Shaikh is the 2nd Founder

He’s is in Restaurant business and now has decided to build a company named Any Products.

He believes that the best preparation for starting your own restaurant is to first work in someone else’s establishment. While you should certainly read books and take courses, you should also plan to work in a restaurant for at least a few years, doing as many jobs as possible. Pay attention to people who are doing different jobs in the restaurant as well, so you can understand the various positions. Think of it as getting paid to learn.

Advice from Salim Shaikh to all youngsters is the path of unpredictability

“I had known I wanted to start a company for a while, but it’s difficult to walk away from a pay-check. It was a hard decision that took me longer than I would have liked.”

Meet Azeem Rana the 3rd Founder 

 He has the massive experience of sales and marketing, e-commerce and digital marketing. Nowadays, digital marketing has penetrated into every field. The primary reason behind this phenomenon is that business processes are evolving very quickly and there are a lot of experimentation and changes done in the industry. Customers are no more dependent just on content before buying a product. They make sure to read the reviews about a product on the platforms on which the product is listed.

According to the recent analysis, 37 million social media visits led to 529,000 orders approx. Out of others, Facebook helps to get more traffic to the website which leads to sales constituting average 85% of all the orders.

Grocery-store switching has typically been viewed as evidence of cherry-picking behaviour, with consumers switching stores to benefit from promotional offers. However, research reveals that it may also result from a longer-term planning process based on stable store characteristics. Even in the absence of promotions, consumers have good reasons for shopping in multiple grocery stores. There is a link between consumer motives and the way shopping trips are organised. Some consumers visit different stores on separate shopping trips, while others visit multiple stores on combined trips depending on individual cost and benefit considerations. 

Uzair Rana is the 4th Founder

Azeem Rana and Uzair Rana are brothers and have experience of sales and marketing, e-commerce and digital marketing

He said

“Digital marketing, specifically, refers to ‘Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.’ However, to be truly successful, digital techniques must be integrated with traditional media such as print, TV, and direct mail as part of multichannel marketing communications. More importantly, now more than ever, you need to be able to demonstrate the value of your work. “

So, all three friends decided to build a company. Salim and Azeem are very close friends since childhood.

They came up with the idea that when Ecom companies offers great discounts online, why can’t we set up store chain with such great discounts offline, so customers can come to store have look, touch, try and buy without risk of wrong products, late delivery, online fraud etc.

They want to give franchise of their outlets. Their directory contains an extensive list of franchise companies to help you find a business which is perfect for you. The list is divided by industry, investment, and location.

According to all four of them 

Create a mission worth spending your life on

Stay hungry and learn from anyone and anywhere. You can do this only if you are humble, and friendly with everyone you meet. There is something unique that each individual can teach you; it depends on you to learn from them.

Shop address: Any Products, Shop No. 126 and 127, 1st floor, Southwest Mall 

Sun Pharma Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, India, 390012

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