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Dr Ankit Sharma (Trichologist, FMC-Germany)

With a rich experience of around a decade, Dr Ankit Sharma brings motivation with a professional, ethical approach. He began his quest with a ‘Bald-Free India’ goal by taking small steps and has reached milestones. 

He has been associated with DermaArts (Arts Of Beauty) as a Managing Partner and Head Of Hair Transplant Department, which is a hub of various expertise treatments of skin, hair, laser advancements, weight loss surgery with a team of many senior doctors on the panel and expert technicians to deliver the best services around the town.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery, followed by a master’s degree in business administration from a renowned university. His work path did not end there. With a desire to make a difference in the world, he pursued higher education and completed Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology (FMC) from the University of Greifswald, Germany. He also took a diploma degree in Modern Applied Psychology. He holds a handful of degrees in various fields and aims to spread his expertise and knowledge worldwide.

Dr Sharma began his career by working for his family’s firm, Le Rainbow: An epitome of beauty products since he was in 7th standard. With his considerable expertise, he managed his company. He continues to introduce natural beauty products into his firm. 

Dr Sharma’s efforts and dreams did not end here. With a tremendous goal to create a “Bald-Free India,” he founded “The Hairsmith Clinic” and aimed to make the best hair transplantation service clinic in India at an affordable price. He remarked that he has seen people lose confidence in themselves and believe they are older than they are. As a result, he went on a rigorous search for baldness therapy, assuring that every bald individual leaves his clinic with hair using any form of treatment approved by the Ministry of Ayush, such as homeopathy, ayurvedic, allopathic, or Unani. He blends scientific clinical knowledge with his artistic ability to attain the desired outcome for the cosmetic procedures he conducts. He has a team of the best trichologists and technicians with over two decades of experience to give the finest result to the patients. 

Dr Sharma also worked as a Trichologist at Dr A’s Clinic for over eight years and learned the expertise from various other clinics. Finally, he came up with The State Of Art Technique known as the Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction method (AdvFUE). 

He has also worked as a Senior Medical Consultant at Healthsmith Aesthetics, where he delivers a comprehensive approach to body, skin, and hair care. In addition, since 2013, he has been a senior medical Hair Transplant Consultant in different clinics around Delhi And Mumbai.

Apart from being a doctor and trichologist, Dr Ankit is also an eminent philanthropist and started his foundation known as Ahaan Foundation during Covid-19 for providing food and other essentials to destitute and needy people in Delhi/NCR. Now, he is working on a project to offer hair transplants even to those who cannot afford it at all.

 Hairloss is not a life-threatening disease, and Hair Transplantation is a cosmetic procedure. Still, he believes that hair loss is a psychological disease that has a negative impact on a person’s mental and psychological well-being and confidence. So he is aiming to help such a person as much as he can. In this noble thought, his NGO Ahaan Foundation and team are working, and hopefully, he will start this by December 2021.

The top-notch results and working with zest and zeal towards his goals brought several accolades in his bag. He has been honoured with the Best Educationist Award from Global Triumph Foundation, Global Teacher Award 2020, National Educational Brilliance Award from NEBA.His clinic was awarded as Best Hair Transplant Clinic by actor Arbaaz Khan in 2018. He received the prestigious Seva Ratna Award for outstanding contribution to the betterment of society consecutively for three years, Award of Excellence 2021 by Actress Sonnali Sehgall, Awarded by various Cabinet Ministers of India and Delhi, including Health Minister of India Dr Kharshwardhan Jain Ji, Minister of Health, Home, PWD, Power, Water, Industries, Urban Development, Irrigation, Flood Control of Delhi Shri Satyender Jain Ji and others.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/hairsmith.in?utm_medium=copy_link Website: www.hairsmith.in

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