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Drop Of Change Publication – A Self-Publishing Platform Founded By Shubham Saxena.

Drop of Change Publication – A Self-publishing Platform Founded By Shubham Saxena

Drop Of Change Publication is a self-publishing house which was established by Shubham Saxena in April 2022 with an aim to provide quality services to their customers within a limited budget using cost effective modern techniques.They have made huge progress since then and thus, we are now leading global Book publishers with customers in every corner of the world because of our efforts to provide quality services within limited budget and the digital mode of interaction, which has helped to interact authors from all over the world.

Since they have noticed that, it was a hectic job for their authors to get their work published via traditional approach so they have used modern techniques to make our authors feel at ease with the publication work. Being book publishers, it is their duty to provide authors with all services such as Editing, Cover designing, Proof-reading, Promotions and distribution of author’s work but the unique finish they provide you will be what makes them different from other such companies. So DROP OF CHANGE promises you services which would otherwise have not been found on a single platform and in such affordable costs with variations in range.

Their mission till now was improvement of the traditional publishing practices using modern approach which they already accomplished. They are looking forward to imbibe other such approaches. They are aiming at further reaching globally isolated regions of the world in order to bring the best authors from every corner of the world which talent would otherwise remain hidden.

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