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Eliyas Johnjoseph From Chennai Made A World Record.

Eliyas Johnjoseph made a world record for being the author of the book “Already” which is the fastest book in the boxing category to become #1 Amazon best seller within 12 hours of publishing On 27th August 2023 written by an Indian author and with this he also becomes the first Indian author to create such a history in the field of literature and his name enters in the world record edition of INKZOID Book Of Records 2023.

About The Book “Already” By Eliyas Johnjoseph

The book “Already” by Eliyas Johnjoseph is a world record book for being the fastest book in the boxing category to become #1 Amazon best seller within 12 hours of publishing which deals with the journey of south Indian Paul and north Indian Rathinam, who were great friends in engineering college from different aspects to becoming enemies in the sports activities but their blood and punches revealed an eye opening truth, what can it be? This book has love, friendship, action, family, relationship, suspense and thriller.

The story aims at bringing dicipline, consistency and stability in one’s life.

About Author Eliyas Johnjoseph

Author Eliyas Johnjoseph is an Author & Innovator, who lives in Tamil Nadu and is well known for his fictitious stories, the book “Already” which brings the discipline in sports activities and motivates all to develop their sports carrier and the book”Giant in the Ocean” takes you to ocean adventures and survival and interprets the lesson to kids to. adults and this story educates to reduce water pollution and waste disposals by humans in to the ocean and his prior book “Let it be” interprets the lesson for all new youngsters in riding/driving, and his second book “Eagles soar” depicts the passion and dreams to achieve the motives. The foremost book “Always” portrays the endless love story of a mother and son’s relationship. Also been a part of many anthologies, as a co-author for 34 books and few journals. Also Author has been honored and recognized with following awards and features:

Achievements Of Eliyas Johnjoseph

•World Record Holder for his book “Already” from INKZOID Book Of Records.

•Lift Award in 2023 ( #1 winner award)

•National Book of records in 2022

•Five self made influential Personalities of india and their journey to sucess.

•A laurate Award ( Nazrul Sahitya Samman Literature Award )in 2023

•Pride of India Honor Award in 2023

•Aspiring Indian writer Award in 2023 (Spectrum India)

•Best content writer of 2023 Award (Drop of change publications)

•Best Author of the year (Asian Education leadership Summit and Awards 2023)

•INKZOID BOOK Of Records in 2023.

•Hope International World Records In 2023.

•Best Of The Best 2023 Award by INKZOID FOUNDATION.

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