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Elizabeth Akinniyi from Lagos is a Rising Star in The field of writing

Elizabeth Akinniyi is a passionate writer with a lot of dreams. She lives in Lagos Nigeria with her family.

Her writing journey is rather an exclusive tale of fate.
She started writing by motivation of cheering and liking her best friend who writes short quote that were funny and hilarious, little did she know that was her preparation into the world of writing.

Ever since she started writing has become so passionate about it and has used her writing to educate, inspire, motivate and also entertain her


She has participated in 20+ anthologies till date and over 13+ had been published and still counting. She has featured her write-up in Elysian magazine June and September edition.

She is an award winning poet and writer and her last award with elite book awards got her more recognition in international magazine.

She is grateful for all this opportunities and this stands as a motivation for her to work more harder.

She is presently compiling her anthology for TUS and Mannianest publications. She plans on writing her first book next year and is dedicated in making
that dream come true.

She loves to read, sing, dance, cook and travel to New places. She loves making new friends.
She believes in equality and treats all the same irrespective of any differences. She loves helping people and putting smiles on people face.

Family by Elizabeth Akinniyi

We are a large one but we tend to carry each other’s burden…
Growing up amongst younger siblings of 7 was fun and also tiring
Being the first child, I had to look after all my younger siblings
I was responsible for them at a young age
Because my parents left them in my care
They were always out on a business trip or always working late
So they never really were at home, I had to grow up and work with the nanny…
She was like a second mom to me, she taught me all that I knew because my
mum was never around
No hard feelings but then it was tough for me as a child…
I can’t say much about my mum when growing up, but I can say a lot about our
nanny before she passed away…
She was old but she was such an angel, full of happiness, hope loving and very
I cried my eyes out when she died, the whole essence of happiness was snatched
away from me…and I was left shattered and hollow inside.
It still hurts sometimes but I learn to live with the pain
Back to my family, am like a second mom to my siblings and they all look up to
I never let them feel the space Sarah(nanny) left, although we miss her alot but
we all live with the good memories we had with her
That’s why we all work together as one, helping each other out and always
carrying each other’s burden.
As time rolls by we grew up and became inseparable, it was so hard to let go
when I wanted to go to college, my
Siblings coiled round me at night and cried

My mum just stood and watched; she was really touched by the bond we had
And that was what changed her perception
When I look back now at my family all united as one, my younger siblings all
grown up looking beautiful and my mum and dad now correcting their mistakes
Everyone is happy
I can’t help but smile and wish Sarah was here to see this beautiful scenario.
I know she’s watching down from heaven and am grateful for all she taught

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  1. elizabeth akinniyi says

    Thank you so much for this honour,I am delighted to share my story with everyone.

    1. Shivam Madaan says


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