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Get ready for a literary spectacle like never before as UEM Kolkata proudly presents the second edition of the much-anticipated Eutopia, a carnival of literature and creativity set to unfold on January 27 and 28. This year’s theme, “সাহিত্যে রায়,” promises an immersive journey into the unparalleled contributions of literary legends Satyajit Ray and Sukumar Ray.

The University of Engineering and Management (UEM) Kolkata is a leading educational institution committed to providing high-quality education and fostering an environment of innovation and excellence.

Eutopia is UEM Kolkata’s annual literature carnival, bringing together literary enthusiasts, budding writers, and distinguished guests to celebrate the magic of words and creativity. The carnival aims to create a vibrant space for cultural exploration and intellectual exchange.

Eutopia is an exploration of the magic and power of words, celebrating the essence of literature in a vibrant tapestry. This two-day extravaganza will feature a diverse array of events, from riveting poetry slams to thought-provoking book launches, capturing the hearts and minds of book enthusiasts and wordsmiths alike.

Last year’s edition saw Eutopia graced by the presence of esteemed guests, adding glamour and depth to the literary celebration. Prominent actress Swastika Mukherjee, renowned actor Rahul Banerjee, renowned philanthropist Alokananda Roy, versatile thespian prolific Debashis Roy, whose stellar performances have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, among many other dignified guests honored the event with their presence. Their shared insights and experiences elevated the fest, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Eutopia embraced the rhythm of words with a beat boxing and rap battle, where participants turned words into beats and beats into stories, creating a symphony of literary innovation. Movie endings were turned on their heads in a gripping drama event. Participants recreated conclusions, offering fresh perspectives and infusing literary excitement into cinematic narratives.

Eutopia 2023 also witnessed a laughter-filled session with Radio Mirchi’s dynamic duo, RJ Agni and RJ Somak. Their vivacity added an extra layer of joy to the carnival, making it an interactive and engaging experience for attendees.

As we gear up for Eutopia 2024, anticipation is soaring, promising even more literary brilliance, creativity, and cultural exploration. The carnival invites participants to immerse themselves in a world where literature comes alive, fostering connections, and sparking inspiration.

Join us on January 27th and 28th for a literary journey that transcends imagination. Be part of a celebration that honors the Ray legacy, a carnival where literature takes center stage, and creativity knows no bounds.

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