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Favourite Amongst the Creators, Jatin Chonkar is Star of Digital Media – Now his name is counted amongst Celebrities

Looking at the importance of branding, media and technology, the successful serial entrepreneur from Mumbai, who is the founder of Ancient Media Technologies & it’s Sub-brand Bharat Weekly is a firm Supporter of Marketing and When it comes to small businesses and helping them grow safely and effectively, it’s all about putting the right digital media skills to use .

Jatin Chonkar is a new-age Serial Entrepreneur, one of the most active Media Personality and social media experts from Mumbai. His networks are incredible, but he also knows it is not just about business but making relationships that are deeper than working together. Jatin Chonkar is a personality of devoting all his time and effort to his prosperous career while maintaining a good reputation. Jatin Chonkar has gained quite a lot of popularity in the field of digital media because of his professionalism and honesty towards client’s in the field. He is very skilled and the biggest secret behind being such a well known Businessmen is dedication and patience.

Jatin says you must have the patience ability of learning and work Effectively. And that’s the reason he has been showing his patience and hard work to achieve his desired Plans and has been setting examples for other talents and youngsters who are eager to work in the field of digital and social media marketing.

He now has a huge number of clients out of which some are Top Youtubers and other people also he currently stands with many profiles and other clients who take management , media growth and public relation services from him. Jatin Chonkar is truly a motivational personality.

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