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Ananya’s journey as an entrepreneur and her story of overcoming personal struggles with courage, creativity and spiritual grace is the most inspiring collection you have ever read.

Ananya is the founder of Apoorva Designware Pvt. Ltd and Better Matter Foundation. She is also in the governing body of Genext Education Ltd. (Delaware USA), Genext Technology Ltd in Ghana, Mastech Educational Complex (A University College) in West Africa and her contributions are well acclaimed.

Before founding Apoorva and Better Matter Foundation, she led the Ollywood banner as a Publicity Designer. Her area of interest primarily is in Digital transformation activities, be it the Corporate or Education sector. She has also provided in-company/corporate training to senior executives in many organisations in diverse areas like Personal Branding, Digital Transformation and Digital Journalism etc.

She raised her family and her Business Empire with love, passion, and patience, managing multiple equations – never giving in or giving up. For her, ‘Success‘ means, is something only You and You can decide.

I had a lot of freedom while growing up, and this gave wings to my dreams. I thank my parents first for bringing me up to think high and to be self-made. I wish parents give this precious gift to their daughters.

She has no formal training, either in business or in Creative Content Making. But yes, she had the mentorship of India’s Top 10 Digital Business Coaches. She had no money to start the business on her own too, but that could not stop her endeavouring. She was steadfast and determined to take the plunge.

Ananya’s first attempt at entrepreneurship was way back in 2000 when she started with a Cyber Cafe cum Documentation Unit but felt it wouldn’t be a hit. Hitting the bull’s eye with a better proposition on her second attempt in 2017, when she came up with Multi-Stream Digital Business Ventures as a Serial Entrepreneur – Mompreneur.

‘Mompreneur’ is a term coined to address determined mothers who have made a professional career coming back from a mommy sabbatical. They are the ones who have given birth to ambitious business ideas while raising their babies.

2021 was a turning point in her entrepreneurial journey. Understanding the Pain points of the Customer is WHAT ELEVATES a service from Good to great. And makes it work. She added further, ‘Attending courses of Top Mentors, reading, writing, networking and observing the market scenario made a big difference. Then I thought, why can’t we (Mompreneurs) share, support, motivate and encourage each other! To learn more, to seek more and to believe more. As a free thinker or self-thinker, I started working upon the MINDSET – what the women do, what they fulfil and what they become.

FREEDOM IS THE DISCIPLINE OF MAKING GOOD MONEY! This is the tagline of her Women only Ecommerce Platform deals FEMIBIZ, which is a registered Startup of Govt. of Odisha.

Her Digital Marketing agency, IDEAZICON, is one of the best Social Media Marketing agencies. It specialises in Personal Branding, Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing. Ananya eyes 2 crore turnover by 1st quarter of 2022. Ananya’s advice to every aspiring mompreneur is that if you have the passion and purpose, just go for it! Rest will fall in place! She owned a web channel named KONARK TV, having more than 50K subscribers by now, which is completely dedicated to ENTREPRENEURSHIP storytelling.

She says it was initially hard for her to split her time between being a mom and an entrepreneur, but now she’s an expert mompreneur striking the right balance between equally important roles. Perseverance and patience are two things that we all women are naturally born with. Juggling between home and work is what makes us stronger, not stressful. She feels a good family support system is vital for mothers to take up the challenge of juggling motherhood and work.

So, if you’re pursuing a Managerial course or any Digital Marketing Courses, the art of prioritising tasks and multitasking are two skills to brush up on! If you are a budding entrepreneur pursuing any skill-based program and planning to have a baby, all you need to do is take baby steps in the right direction in your career. Small and steady progress will boost your confidence and allow you to experiment with your approach as an entrepreneur, just like her as an amazing mompreneur! More than the success, it is the ability to overcome challenges and solve everyday problems that have given Ananya the confidence to scale her venture.

It’s my passion to coach Mompreneurs to their immense potential. I help individuals (housewives), women professionals and women business owners in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful, balancing work and life.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ananya-patnaik-1041087a 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adsbbsr

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