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“Hallucinations- the new bestseller by vaibhav upadhyay”

Despite failing medical entrance examinations , not getting the college he wanted , having to deal with the nightmares and traumas that didn’t let him sleep . The hardworking 20 years old Vaibhav upadhyay never left his path . Him questioning his credibility,  having to deal with infinite number of failures and many different insecure thoughts about him even declared him to be a loser in his own eyes . But as it is said failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts , the 20yr old Vaibhav worked even harder to achieve his goals and now he is the current  CEO of wordsmith publication startup , author of the famous book hallucinations which is a chart buster and topping India’s bestselling list .

The hardworking vaibhav upadhyay  belongs to famous and religious city of ayodhya, born and brought up there . Well the city still consists of some hardworking and auspicious people. Vaibhav started writing since he was 9 years old . The budding writer indeed turned into a great author after showing such passion and diligence towards his work , coming up with being the author of three most inspiring and fantastic books , hitting the hearts of the readers with the marvelous sentences and phrases in the book . With connecting the concept of love and emotional availability with that of the universe he says that there is universe inside the mind of a poet.

Wordsmith- that is one of India’s fastest growing publishing startup , which was also created as an alternative to the traditional publishing corporates is handled by Vaibhav who is the current CEO of the startup . With him being a wonderful guide and the partnership of other teammates lead to a community of thousand of writers in the wordsmith who also have sold a thousand of books as well . The famous wordsmith also has acquired more than twenty startups varying from PR to marketing,  award houses , automation , publications ,  book stores , web development,  writing agencies and many more to come .

His grit , insecurities and failures lead him to expose his inner talent which he used with passion and mind blowing patience .

The support from his family and friends indeed helped him for good . His favorite lines from the book are – ” you never get the things you love , cause possesion is the destination of love , when you get the things you loved , the love for them ends ” . The lines also indicate his thinking and collection of thoughts towards the world in a very unique way .

 From him saying ” koi meri poems padhta hi nahi tha toh maine ek book likh daali ” to him publishing 3 top books shows his hardwork , tolerance and struggle .

The lines ” we youth are not the leaders of tomorrow,  we are the leaders of today ” by Vaibhav are indeed true.  With his promising behavior he ensures as a CEO that everybody gets an equal chance to express their views and talents .

January 29, 2022 is not only the luckiest day for the author as it marks the authors 20th birthday but is the most salient day as the hallucinations bestseller edition will be launched on this zealous day .

Hallucinations consists of some very inspiring,  entertaining fairly crafted and handpicked poetryies by the author Vaibhav upadhyay.  The author was not an expert at what he is doing , his enthusiasm lead him to become what he is today . The book hallucinations is readily available on Amazon and other online /offline bookstores . Do give it a four hour binge  read , looks promising and will inspire you to a great extent . It is surely worth a read .

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