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Hemp Seed can solve the problem of nutrition among people in the country.

Hemp seed notified in the food category

New Delhi, 10th December.

After the central government has allowed the use of hemp seed in food, now in the coming time, flour made from hemp seed and its readymade dish can come in the market. Due to the high amount of protein and omega 3 in the seed, it will be a significant change in the nutrition sector in the country. At present, the entire business of hemp in the country is about 70 to 80 crore rupees. This includes hemp leaves used in medicine. These things came to the fore in discussing a “Hemp is Food” issue here at the Press Club of India, Delhi.

According to Dr Piyush Juneja, a Certified Medical Cannabis Practitioner & Founder, indianvaidyas.com, Hemp Seeds & Hemp Seed Oil are among the best source of proteins, omega 3 & omega 6, and all other minerals, vitamins. 

In the next few years, it is expected that Hemp Industry can go up to Rs 300-400 crore, conveyed by Aarti Kumar, Founder & CEO, AKS Consultancy.

As per Rohit Chauhan of Incare Lab, who is researching the hemp sector during the discussion, hemp seed is used in food for protein and omega 3 in many countries. Its use was approved long ago in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and the US. The seeds of the hemp plant are rich in protein and omega 3. Therefore, there will be a large amount of nutrition in the dish made from it, which can fulfill the protein deficiency.

Avneesh Pandya, the co-founder of BOHECO, said that earlier we used to use it only in narcotics. After the policy that the government has made, now many consumer products can be made from it. Protein drinks can be made into hemp bread, chocolate, etc. If told, now for the first time, this sector will open for the consumers.

According to Karthikeya, CFO of Hemp Horizon, this government policy is going to bring a significant industry change. After the government brought hemp into the food category, about 15 new companies have asked us for manufacturing. Companies are making inquiries to make fresh new food products.

Vikram Bir Singh of Ananta Hemp Works said that prior to this FSSAI notification, it was illegal to use hemp seed in food. But now the notification has arrived. In the next few days, hemp seed can be used in flour, chocolate, biscuit, etc. Now it can be used as processed food. Till now, hemp was being used only in medicines and cosmetics. But now many types of food items can be made from it.

Vipul Gupta of Noigra said that people did not know what hemp is until now. But after this policy, we will be able to advertise it among people. This will make it accessible to the people. After this policy, the use of hemp in food and beverages will increase. Therefore, investment in this sector will also increase.

Hemp Food Event at the Press Club of India, Delhi was jointly organised by indianvaidyas.com (Largest Platform of Ayurveda), AKS consultancy & AyurvedIndia.com India’s First Ayurveda News Platform

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