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Indian Woman Mompreneur Awards Salutes the heroic efforts of women

On January 29, 2022, Nirgia Brand Promoters, founded by Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur, organized IWMA- Indian Woman Mompreneur Awards to laud and praise the industrious efforts of women. Nirgia Brand Promoters celebrated the great strength that women of today exhibit across all realms. The award ceremony was a virtual affair centered on the notion that “Empowered Women Empower Women.” The prizes were distributed to the registered honorees. Also, there were numerous networking events and a Talk Show where people could express and share their values among each other.

The virtual ceremony honoured the courageous mompreneurs who have defied all odds to become a renowned name in society. Assistant Professor Swati Wadhawan hosted the event, with Ayesha Shaik, an Educator and Motivational Speaker, serving as the Creative Director of IWA. Janitri, a socio-cultural volunteer organization for Mother and Child, hosted a Talk Show at the IWMA event.

The recipients and their winning categories include Sudipta Debnath for IWM Architect Award, Haripriya Pettem for IWM Art & Culture Award, Monita Dhingra for IWM Artist Award, Priyanka Joshi for IWM Blogger Award, Mrs. Sandhya Thukral and Ritu Dhawan for IWM Business Award, Tazaika Official – Radiya Adil Sayed for IWM Chef Award, Anitha S for IWM Covid Warrior Award, Isha Jain for IWM Dancer Award, Dr. Madhuri Bhatt, Dr. Manasi Pavaskar (Mulay), Dr. Rakshinda Tabassum Nasser Shaikh, Dr. Aparna Sharma, Dr. Shreyaa Sriram for IWM Doctor Award, Dr. Heena Inder Moolpani, Nupur Heda Patil, Vidhi Bhatnagar for IWM Spiritual Leader Award, Divya Johari Resu, Srividya Muthuvel for IWM Writer Award, and Prachi Shinde for IWM Yoga Instructor Award.

Apart from the names listed above, other ladies who bagged different prizes were Radhika Naikawadi, Ambica Singal- IWM Educator Award,  Nalini Sankar, Akanksha Aneja, Aastha Mehta,  Dr. Pratima Mishra, Aliya Jamil who got felicitated with IWM Educator Award. On the other side, Shalini Das, Chandni Shah, Dhanamani, Bhavani Saravanan, Kalpana Palanisamy, Mrs. Shradha J. Wardhe, Jaishri, Sneha Gavane, Inderjeet Vinky Daryani, Pallavi Garg, and Dia Vaibhav Thombre got accorded with IWM Entrepreneur Award.

The list does not end here but Mrs. Sriharini Vijay and Mahek Agarwal got commended with  IWM Fashion Award, Aparna Paul for IWM Influencer Award, Hema Dubey and Niharika Sharma for IWM Leadership Award. Moreover, Niveditha and C Brinda got accorded with IWM Make-up Artist Award, Riddhi Doshi Patel for IWM Psychologist Award, and Manisha Gothi and Dr. Sahithyaa Raghu for IWM Social Worker Award, Dr. Brahmi Pandey – IWM Doctor Award, Pragya Bhargava – IWM Educator Award, V.Merina Maju – IWM Dancer Award, Saima Pervez- IWM Researcher Award, Priyanshi Jain- IWM Blogger Award.

Other influential names that got honoured with the prestigious Super Mompreneur Award entails Bhawna Agarwal, Sharmistha Chakravarty, Neha Amogh Gurave, Mrinali Haryal, J.Uma, Mrs. Aparna Vora, Aiswarya R, Firdouse Qutb Wani, Rupinder Maliya, Sunita Jain, Deepti Gupta, Sarika Kaushal, Jayanti Gupta, Bhavana Sood, Kanika Khanna, Anagha Dosi, Tamil Aruvi, Mamta Kelshikar Vanmore, Dr. Sarannya Muguntha kumar.

The founder of Nirgia and IWA,  Harpreet Kaur says, “Women’s empowerment is defined as fostering women’s self-esteem, ability to make their own decisions, and right to affect societal change for themselves and others. Nirgia Brand Promoters has organized its virtual ceremony for Indian Women Mompreneur Awards to honour and celebrate the courageous women who are changing the world around them and inspiring other women to do the same.”

Besides trophies and certificates for all the mompreneurs, the digital honorees received over a hundred free-of-cost digital certificates. Entrepreneur and Founder  Harpreet Kaur feels that by receiving such honours, more women will get the courage and confidence to establish their mark in the industry and influence others to step out of their comfort zone and bring extraordinary results in the professional world.

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