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IndisJob Founder Ankit Mishra Says Company will reduce 80% Job Frauds In India

Nowadays, technology and artificial intelligence have occupied almost every field. But at the same time, the misuse of technology invites an enormous risk of fraud and cybercrimes. Founder Of IndisJob (Indian Startup), Ankit Mishra, says that “if we do not make proper use of today’s advanced technology, then we will fail to give anything to our upcoming generations.”

Let us tell you that IndisJob is a startup that helps you search for jobs, learn new skills, make some side income and assist small businesses, companies & corporates hire. With the help of this startup, all companies can automate their hiring process, which will save both cost and time in their hiring.

Not only this, this company will save you from all kinds of online job fraud and will help other companies and brands so that no one can do any job fraud & scams on their name and their brand reputation remains intact.

Currently, Indisjob is only working with selected users and companies for beta testing. The Government of India has registered this company on 22 October 2021. According to recent press data  Ankit Mishra leading their team as Founder, Shadab Shekh as Co-Founder, Shobhit Chand as Director Marketing and CEO, and Pramod Kumar is Working as (CTO) Chief Technical Officer.

According to the popularity & users support and the market data, this company will soon compete with big companies in the industry with their business model.

In a recent press release, Ankit Mishra shared – If we talk about the current market, all the job search companies have not taken any steps to stop the fraud and scams related to the job. In contrast, if they want, all the situation will be under control within a year, but they won’t because it seems they are also making money with it.

In today’s time, 14 thousand to 15 thousand job frauds are happening every day in India, and Many freshers are trapped in these scams.

The working model of IndisJob is very secret right now, and its founder does not want to reveal it to anyone right now. But he said that if we use machine learning, all these things can be significantly controlled.

After beta testing, the company will launch its platform for the public and then anyone can use it.

IndisJob- https://indisjob.com/

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