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INKZOID FOUNDATION Celebrated Bhai Dooj In A Special Way.

INKZOID FOUNDATION Celebrated Bhai Dooj In A Special Way.

INKZOID FOUNDATION celebrated Bhai Dooj in a special way by giving opportunities to the budding writers for dedicating write-ups to their brothers and sisters which will be published on 10 + digital medias with Google News for full free of cost.It was an initiative by the founder of INKZOID, Durlav Sarkar to make all the brothers and sisters feel special on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj because he believes that Brother and Sister bond is the purest bond one can have in the whole universe.

So These Are Some Amazing Write-ups Penned By Our Fantastic Writers

Counting The Treasured Blessing Every Day!!

Maybe it’s not a justification,
If I give to every alphabet an explanation.
Yet if I want to express myself for my Shraddha Diii,
She has always helped me to set myself and my emotions free.

The first alphabet “S” in her name stands for success,
Her personality depicts it clearly through every essence.
Then the upcoming “H” means happiness,
That’s what she is for me; My Happiness!

The next letter is “R” which goes with the adjective ravishing,
That’s what her smile is; extremely beautiful and the cutest.
The one which stands next is “A” and it calls itself as awesome,
Because my sister is amazing in everything; basically she’s The Best!

The next is “D” and that’s for her persona; that is dynamic,
She is a down-to-earth person from her heart’s core
Yet the another “D” is for her dedication,
Her eyes have that glow to learn and attain more.

The one which awaits to arrive is “H” and that’s for humbleness,
With feathers on her cap of achievements she has always been kind.
Beautifying the end comes “A” which shows how adorable she is,
I have her constant support and that helps me to avoid negative energy to enter my mind.

Yes this is how my lovely sister is; simply perfect always,
To every dark corner she is like the bright beautiful Sun rays!

Hetvi S. Patel

Brother sisters bond

The protector the helper…
the mischievous soul in the world and the craziest creature brothers who are behind us…
the bond between both is precious…
it’s sweet as well as spicy sometimes…
but still it is the strongest relationship remains in the golden times…
always to support each other and help in every situation…
brother is the reason behind every sister’s smile

My favorite person

A person close to my heart…
a person always behind my happy face..
a person always behind my back…
a person always standing infront of my life…
supporting me all time..
no one else i am talking about…
he is my brother because of whom i am here…
the beautiful world he has made of mine….
he is always there in need of mine….
my brother is my favorite person of life

Samiksha Zodape

Relation Between A Brother and A Sister

The relationship between brother and sister is so strong that no one can even break this bond. Sister are like god gifted for brother. Sister doesn’t tie rakhi in your hand to ask for the return gift. She tie rakhi with a hope that her brother will protect her from the negative people. Sister it’s very hard to live in this world. It’s too hard to live without hurting anyone. No one is perfect but for me you are perfect. You’ve made my childhood more beautiful. Talking with the people you love . Gossiping with me . Laughing with them. Spending time with them is really good. I really wanted this things to be happen in future .

I don’t know what is going to be happen in the future. But in the present I will spend time with you. Gossip with you. Laugh with you. I just wanted to be a good brother. Who actually cares about his sister. I want to do all the things which will make you feel better and make you feel happy. I wanted to give you all the happiness of the world. I wanted to provide you all the things need that you need before telling me . I just wanted to see you happy all the time . I am not living with you and I am your brother from another mother. I respect you and your feelings. Every day I pray God to bless you with all happiness.

One thing that always stuck in mind that keep you happy always. There should be no sign of sadness . What is going to be happen in the future I can’t change? But I can make the change. I don’t know whether i will remember to you or not in the future. That time we all are going to be busy with some works. But when I will get free time I will see your pic in my phone. And with a smile face I will tell that wherever you are there just stay happy my sister. I don’t know when I will meet you. But I will be eagerly waiting for that day to come .

That will be my last wish to come true. I have completed all my wishes . This last one is left. With this I’m ending up my writing. This can put a smile on your face.Sister thank you for being there everytime. Whenever I felt down, you were always their to make me stand. Thank you sister for all those lovely hugs.

Siddharth Mishra

हृदय के प्रेम भाव का,
स्नेह के फूल का हार है,
भाई बहन के रिश्तों का,
ये पावन त्यौहार है।

Sunil Maheshwari

भाई-बहनों का ये अवसर हर साल ख़ास हो,
हर भाई के साथ बहन और हर बहन के साथ भाई हो।
खुशियों से भरा ये त्यौहार हो,
भाई सगा हों या मु बोला,
रिश्ता हर वक्त खून का रहे ये ज़रूरी ना हो।
मिले हर बहन को भाई और भाई को बहन,
रिश्ता हर भाई-बहन का सलामत रहे।
भाई-बहनों का ये अवसर हर साल ख़ास हो,
हर भाई के साथ बहन और हर बहन के साथ भाई हो।

Shekh Mazida Khatun

Not just safeguarding angels but the ones who keep us happy , emotionally stable and make us feel responsible ;B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S.! A bond which is beautiful yet sometimes simple and sometimes complex but is full of adventures and learnings . Happy bhaidooj !

Divya Rashmi Dudia

Siblings love

Brother and Sister relationship is like Tom and Jerry. They tease each other, irritate each other, knock each other down, but can’t live without reach other.. Sisters and brothers are the truest, purest forms of love, family and friendship, knowing when to hold you and when to challenge you, but always being a part of you.


Rangeesh Chandrasekar
Insta: rangeeshc_1410

My significant part of life

The world looks very small and trivial to me,
The life seems boring and monotonous to me,
If the most salient and essential person to me,
Is not by my side to help and support me.

He is the crown of my joy and happiness,
The companion to stay for my anxiety and sadness,
The over protective one to safe guard me from dangers,
The one as a guardian to confront with the strangers.

The wise and sagacious friend to help me come out from severe situations,
The trustworthy one to share with my deep secrets and emotions,
The kind and soft hearted person to love and care for me,
The one and only soul who adores and idolizes me.

Who lives to me as a friend, supporter and brother,
I wish that we may stick like a strong glue together,
And never get separated but be for each other,

© Sattwika Chatterjee

मेरा भाई!

कभी कैरी सा खटा़ मीठा…
कभी मिर्ची सा तीखा है…
माँ का दुलारा और पिता की परछाई है…
कभी- कभी मुझे रुला देता है…
लड़-झगड़ के मुझे मना लेता है…
भाई तो हर गम में मुस्कान ला देता है…
पहला दोस्त भी वो है…
मेरे हर खिलौने पे उसका सबसे ज्यादा हक्क है…
वो रुठ जाएँ तो मनाना मुझे भी आता है…
मेरी चोट़ी खिचकर हमेशा चिड़ता, रुलता है…
थोडा़सा शरारती है लेकिन उसमे भी उसका प्यार है…
मेरे लिए कुछ भी करने के लिए मना नहीं करता है…
जैसा भी है मेरा भाई मेरे लिए खास है…!!

Pranali Bhinge


No comparisons, forever existing,
Such is their bond, a lovely feeling.
Excitement, love, melodious yet spicy,
Their fights,gossips and moments of ecstasy.
Childhood promises,grown up responsibilities,
Those days are great, loving and caring,
Laughter days with jolly mood,
In this era of competitions, we recall those days which were really good.
Nothing and no one can replace ,
Together they are priceless at life’s every stage.

Payal Chowdhury

A word to My brother

Hey! Buddy. I am your sister oops! Actually I’m your enemy , irritating sister, crime partner, annoying friend and your fighting partner. You merely are my second Father, my soulmate, may care taker, my guide, my protector and a teacher too. You bully me many times. You irritate me a lot when we be together and only a person gets scolding from Mother is only me always. We fight a lot , bully a lot, I’ll be a kid always and you’ll be a elder one always and sometimes I’ll become your guardian and you’ll not be having any option to get escaped from my eyes.
As I be your saviour always wants to protect you and save you from everything. When you loose your hope I’ll boost you up and Cheer your back. When I gets any annoying words from anyone ull be a devil insight and protect me like anything. You’ll always be my role model and be lucky charm .
So, stop irritating me and get some blessings from me too as I’ll be your protector from Mother and father if you do anything wrong. Stop annoying me and let’s only enjoy the good time together and make our parents feel proud. Whatever comes let it come we can face together with a big smile. Cheers to our bond and let you take birth as my brother always. Thank you for being with me and be grateful to get a sister like me too.

~Usha Kale

मुझसे पहले, मेरा हर कदम वो परख लेता है
मैं कहीं लड़खड़ाने लगूं तो मेरा हाथ थाम लेता है
उम्र में भले ही छोटा है मुझसे,
मगर भाई की जिम्मेदारी बड़े हक से लेता है।

Komal Thukral

Bhai Dooj By Mayaa SH

Bhai Dooj is a festival, which is celebrated by all sisters to protect her brother ,it is celebrated by all sections of the Hindu community with great enthusiasm. On this festival, where sisters pray for their brother’s life, longevity and happiness her brother, then brothers also do not miss to give something as a gift to their sister in the form of a good sign or fortune. This festival is celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. Festivals have special significance for family strength, cultural values and mutual harmony all over the world and specially in the Indian subcontinent. Bhaiya Dooj is not just a tradition of applying tilak and giving gifts. Therefore ,today there is a great need to respect the Bhaiya Dooj festival bound by obligations. Bhai Dooj is not just a tradition of applying tilak and giving gifts. There is no value of love in the tradition of transaction. Rather, where there is a tradition of transaction, love cannot survive. Today brothers are protecting the country by risking their lives not only at home but on the border, sisters should pray for the well being of those brothers, only then this festival of Bhai Dooj will become meaningful and brother and sister’s love Eternal and Pervasive.

Dear Siddharth and Aryan ,
Human life is priceless, here the value of that one is judged, who has some knowledge.May you both ascend to greater heights as life is invaluable and the most valuable knowledge in it is the one who has the knowledge to handle any situation and take challenges as great opportunities to be converted to success in life . You are both like Lord Krisna and Lord Balrama. Bala refers to “spiritual strength” in addition to bodily strength. Rama signifies “abode of limitless spiritual bliss.” Krish stands for satta. That means there is nothing in this Jagat/universe except of Krishna’s Sat Amsh. Sat means existence. There is nothing but Krishna everywhere and everything is Krishna. In order to attain perfection in self realization one needs spiritual strength.The brotherly love of Balarama and Krishna was wonderful. In today’s time, the brotherly love of Krishna Balaram will inspire the youth that how the relations of brothers are maintained. May you both be Supreme in service of mankind and humanity through the miraculous power of creativity and intellect. May you both carry a pen which is mightier than the sword, the reason for which is to cultivate the hearts of many so that it becomes fertile and suitable for the seed of Compassion and Humility to grow nicely. Being on the path of inspiring many through your work , may you both guide everybody on their path of enlightenment so that they can go back to deep reflection of knowing the power of who they are within themselves first . We are born in a state of slumber , later learn the ways of our mind, but still our true nature remains deep within us like an undercurrent :-
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu, Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||
May all be happy, may all be free from all diseases. may all see goodness and auspiciousness in every thing, may none be unhappy or distressed.

-© Mayaa SH


है ये त्योहार भाई-बहन का,
इन्तेज़ार करते भाई-बहन कबसे भाई-बहन दूज आने का ।
इसलिए तो आते ही भाई पूछती है बहने– बताओ लाए हो क्या तौफा हमारे हिस्से का ?

बहेने होती है भाईओ की बड़ी लाडली,
बड़ी शान से तिलक करती है ये भाईओ की सोचकर ये की करेंगे उनके भाईओ मुसीबतो मे उनकी रखवाली।

ना जाने काजु बर्फी, लड्डू के साथ मिलते है कितने तरह तरह की मिठाईया खाने को ,
आखिर एक बहेन ही तो है जो खुशियो से भर देति हे सबको ।

भाई-बहन का रिश्ता होता है बहोत आनमोल,
भाईओ का कोहिनूर होती है बहेने इसलिए तो कोई भी चीज़ चुका ही नही सकती उनका मोल ।

है ये त्योहार भाई-बहन का,
मिलन हो सभी बिछरे हुए भाई-बहनो का
क्यूंकी सबसे खूबसूरत सा प्यारा रिश्ता होता हे एक भाई ओर एक बहन का ।। ।।

Sukanya Mondal

सुनो। भाई-बहन तो होते हैं, एक दूसरे की जान।
किसी एक के हो तकलीफ, तो दोनों होते हैं परेशान।।

भाई-बहन भी तो हैं, डोर के दो कोने।
अगर साथ न हो, तो लगते है रोने।।

लारी फरहान, भाई-बहन एक दूसरे से, करते हैं लड़ाई।
मगर साथ में ही हँसते, खेलते, खाते और करते पढ़ाई।।

वो बचपन में भाई-बहनों का, हर वक़्त का साथ।
बड़े होने पर क्यूँ? छोड़ देते, एक-दूसरे का हाथ।।

बस रब से हमेशा यही, दुआ करते है हम।
भाई-बहन का ये प्यार, कभी न हो कम।।

Mohd. Farhan Alam Lari


Brothers are a real hero for every girl

Who behave like a Mother-in-law but care their sister more than her father

Brother, is not just a word… it’s an Emotion, Feeling of entire relationship between siblings

Brother, who protects when no one is there to support and annoys when no one is around to hear

Brother is the one who loves immensely but never pretend or show

Brothers can play many roles together for their sisters like investigator, protector, second father and a care-taker etc at the same time

Brothers are like a blessing for every sister

Brothers are the one who get ready to help/save immediately without blinking their eyes when they hear their sister is in trouble whether created by her or any other person

Brothers are the assets of not only father and mother but for sisters too

Brothers are saviour, precious and a true gem for every girl and family

Having a Elder brother is an inspiration, direction of paths and a Safe-Guard
Having a Younger brother is care, love pills and a True-Supporter

Brothers, we feel lucky to have you as a gift of God in our life and feel safe just because of your existence

This bond is precious, if any misunderstanding occurs sort it out but never try to bitter the pure relation of Brother and sister

Happy Bhai Dooj to all the brothers and sisters out there
May your relation always stay sweet and stronger…!!

Sehar Gupta

My Siddharth Bhaiya

I know Siddharth Bhaiya since one year. I haven’t. Seen a person like him who is always ready to help everyone whenever needed. He is a very helpful guy. He is very caring, loving and a beloved brother of mine. He is very talented, he is a good writer the words he uses in his writing is just amazing. He can sing, he can cook even well. Our bond is very special and antique full of fun, laughter sometimes we fight; sometimes we even do many naughty and funny things. We talk almost all day, in his daily routine he struggles a lot, he looks after his family, his mother and his brother.

He is a very responsible son who wants to make his mother smile; even I haven’t seen such person in today’s scenario. Siddharth Bhaiya is a man with pure hearts. He motivates me; he encourages me. I used to cry that I have no brother… I used to see my friends talking to their brothers plating with them that time I used to feel alone, but then the moment bhaiya entered my life my life changed. After my parents the most important person in my life his Siddharth bhaiya. He is just not just my brother but my own brother. Blood relation doesn’t matter , what matters is humanity and a pure heart. He is a pure hearted boy with a pure soul. He is my soulmate brother . We discuss new ideas with each other about how to succeed how to be successful in our work both in the field of writing and education too. Currently he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy , and he is maintaining both writing , managing publication and even college i am just impressed by his balance. The person whom I love the most is my parents and my bhaiya. He is a diamond to me. He is a wonderful photographer and also an artist . He sketches wonderful portraits . And one day while talking I told him to open an instagram page for photography, he opened and the page is running well. I want him to reach the top of the world. We both have given nicknames to each other. It may sound funny but that is love. He calls me doaremi and I call him jerry. The most special thing in my life is that on my birthday he dedicated to me “Debanjali Adhikary the future scientist “. When the clock struck 12 I saw that surprise I was very emotional and delighted that somebody made my day special. I am dedicating this book to him so that this book remains as a symbol of love of our brother and sister. I feel that he is my own brother. My life is incomplete without my Siddharth bhaiya. He is my moonlight. He is the shining star of my life, he is my everything, I can do anything for him, I can give away anything to make him smile and happy.

Debanjali Adhikary


ভাই ছাড়া লাগে বড্ড একা
দাদা ছাড়া জীবন অন্ধকার,
মোর ‘দাদাভাই’ সেই ব্যক্তি
তার নাম দুর্লভ সরকার।

সবাই চলে যাবে তোমায় একলা ছেড়ে
কিন্তু পাশে থাকবে তোমার ‘দাদাভাই’,
কচি হাত দুটি ধরবে তোমার
মনোবল যোগাবে সেই মানুষটাই।

আমার ‘দাদাভাই’ আমার অতি প্রিয়
চলেনা তাকে ছাড়া একদিন,
‘দাদাভাই’ তুই থাকিস পাশে
ছেড়ে যাসনা কোনদিন।

‘দাদাভাই’ শুধু শব্দ নয়
এটা স্নেহ, আবেগ ও ভালোবাসা,
রক্ত নয় কিন্তু হৃদয় দ্বারা নির্মাণ
আমাদের এই ‘দাদা-বোন’-এর বন্ধনটা।

Asmi Barman


Aaye meri zindagi
Mein ajnabi bankar!
Ab rahte ho
Meri zindagi mein
Jaan se badhkar!
Mein khud ko
Bahut kush naseeb
Manti huin aapke
Jesai bhai paane
Khud ko kabhi
Akela mat samjhna,
Mein zindagi bhar
Tumare sath rahungi!
I love you Jaan
And wish you
A very lovely
Bhai Dhooj!

©️Misha Writes

Manisha Venkatesan

Someone is there for you,
At times when no one holds you,
Serving a roof of protection,
Without using actions or words.

The bond that fills emptiness,
The bond that needs no definition,
The bond that serves compassion,
Is the bond of brother and sister.

The love that fights and roasts,
Where no boundaries are seen.
The enormous sibling’s love,
That lasts beyond death.

Thank You
– Srija Shwetangi

Mera Bhai

Mera Bhai Meri jaan hai
Me Bhai ke Bina kuch nahi
Bhai meri takat hai
Bhai meri Duniya he
Bhai ke Bina to Ek bahena adhuri hai
Ek Bahena ko pata hai uske Bhai ka pyaar
Ladhta hai jhagadata hai
Par pyaar karta he
Dikhata nahi par bahot mahsus karta hai
Mere bhai ki me sehzadi hu

Thank you

Mishti Biswas


My brother
Is a true warrior.
He is best of all,
With loving soul.

My brother
Is well know to other.
He is bravest of all,
With soft nature like wool.

My brother
Is best compared to other.
He is an inspiration to all,
Even though he is small.

My brother
Always care me like mother.
He taught me everything and all,
With pure understanding soul.

My brother
Is always first in order.
He is smart and brilliant of all,
With joy and playful…

Rahul B R

Bhai dooj is a Hindu celebration celebrated following two days of Deepawali in Vikram Samvat Kartik month. The celebration honors the power of profound devotion among siblings and is praised with ceremonies like that of Raksha Bandhan.

The celebration of Bhai Dooj is commended contrastingly in various pieces of the nation; however, the normal custom includes the worship of siblings by their sisters. Young ladies set up a love plate with kumkum, sweet and an earthen diya. They perform aarti of their siblings and proposition them lavish feast in return of their assurance. The celebration means the affection for sister for her sibling and furthermore the commitment of the sibling to safeguard his sister.

On this day, sisters make their sibling’s number one dishes and welcome them in their home for the dinner. Siblings, who are far away and can’t come, get the endowments of their sisters, send through Moon God. For this, the sister plays out the aarti of the Moon and petitions God for her sibling’s health and life span.

In Nepal the celebration is called Bhai Tika. Sisters welcome siblings to their home for a feast. Before the feast, a custom is performed where the sisters apply a tika of seven tones to the brow of their siblings and petition God for their life span.

Adarsh Kumar

Are you sad,
Or really mad,
for days gone bad?
or loosing a dad,
a mother,
a brother,
a sister
to a heinous monster
fledging as a master
claiming to heal and minister
but unleashing disasters
in ways so sinister
to create
a State…

Your state,
of late,
is a measure
of due pressure
from a new culture
of puncture and torture
dwelling in a nature
drawn from blind vultures,
rare to find
with gory bind
of a kind…

Your kind,
with mind
do not understand
the ‘new peace brand’
of bullets and fire in the land,
tears and bloodbath in sands,
unstitched hearts in hands,
and splattered pituitary glands

© Shrishail Bhurke

A letter to my Tom

Dear brother,
I am always care for you not for you are my brother for you are my crazy tom.
I miss that terrace where we talk for a while
The glory of our story is a mysterious.

Srivally Pasupuleti

From a Brother to his Sister

I may poke and laugh when you puke;
Might live like a king, but I ain’t a duke;
I know what you feel because I don’t need to look;
I can pierce darkness because you’re like luke;

If I’m some poem, then you are my rhyming;
If I’m some beat, then you have me in-sync;
If I’m some engine, then you push and burn me;
If I’m some stones, then you launch and spin me;
If I’m some interest, then you have me yield in;
If I’m some brick, then you are the building;
If I’m some plant, then you are the seedling;
If I’m some eggs, then you are the hatchling;

It isn’t dislike, I just try to piss off the stress;
Deep within we know, our pair is the best;
Rest that I want to say, you already have it guessed;
You smile like a dead fish, but still I love you sis;

You know what, I have always been a trier, a liar, extensive fire, exclusive attire, dare to be drier, but a motivational driver;
For you –> I care, just and fair; In this world of lair, truth doesn’t prevail, goes in vain; Obstacles, no freeway, we’re full of stain;
I’m a brother gonna bother, gonna reach out; Though like a feather yet we fight one another, freak out; My versatility, I won’t say anything; Universality of a thing, do I gotta prove that to you Miss Lady Bean;
You know, I love you, no matter howsoever is your mind, being; I got that Cadillac Fly and Bee Sting; That’s why, I’m able to protect you from any stink; Get that shit sink; No matter whosoever is the kingpin; Nothing is powerful than my ink, then;
It’s just a funny skit, don’t get angry sis;

I don’t know how to express, cuss, diss and disrespect are the aspects, which I always address and I had this, not flowing in excess but my mind access, I mean every syllable that my text says and the facts states –

It’s a bond that no one is abide by the bounds and it runs in those veins which draws all the goods for all of the hoods which overlooks all the shadows as they all have that care though it seems as a kettle that’s hot outside but soothing as it sits there and includes all the quarrels with the love that never settled even with that thread designed with some specials;

I know I just buff it ain’t bluffing but I’m serving sweet stuffing and murdering tough linking by splitting my personal thinking it’s a total different meaning as I never be demeaning ’cause I motivate the heinous who thinks to be genius but I’m like a strict test who has the sickest questions that hit this like a sneak diss but for you I’m the softest and sugary like honey or jiggling jelly on your dish;
You’re like heaven and I’m a hell slate;
Me and you just gel like cell-mates;
World’s a jail, but we’ll hail and raise;
No one can hurt my heart, it got a bandage;
You are wrapped around it like a black sage;
As I keep you, you keep my heart safe;
It’s a hard stage, but we’re inseparable;
Solid and stable like electrifying cable;
You are the Maple, I’m horrible for hurdles;

Starrus Xanthis

ओ प्यारे भाई मेरे
तुझ पर तो ये जान भी कुर्बान है,

कितना सेहता है तू, तकलीफ केवल मेरे लिए
तेरे लिए अब हाज़िर मेरे अरमान हैं,

इस राखी के अवसर पर तु मेरी नहीं
मैं तेरी रक्षा करने का प्रण लेती हूँ,

माँ-बाबा के बाद मेरी
एक तू ही जग-जहान है,

बस मेरी एक बात तू मान ना सदा
चाहे ज़िन्दगी में तेरे कोई भी आए,

माँ-बाबा की कहने के बाद
तू मेरा कहना मान ना सदा।

Guneet Malik

भाई-दूज का पावन अवसर

द्वितीय तिथी का ये पर्व बड़ा सुहाना,
जिसे भाई दूज के नाम से जग ने जाना।
टीका रोली चावल का तिलक लगा,
मैनें तेरी दीर्घायू का वरदान भाईया!
माँ यमुना से है इस जनम मांगा।
हर जन्म में मुझे मिले तुमसा भाई,
प्यार लाड़ स्नेह की मिठास से
इस रिश्ते को हमनें संहारा।

जब-जब इस पावन अवसर पर,
तुम जाते हो दूर ओ मेरे भाईया तब
मेरी हर दुआएं तुम्हारे काम आती है।
कभी कभी दूर होकर भी हम इस दिन
पाटा पर बना भाई का चित्र
भाई दूज की पूजा कर हमसब
बहनें तेरी बालाएं उतारती हैं ।

मेरे प्यारे भाई वो तेरी बहन है,
जो ताउम्र तुझे संवारती है।
माना की हर बात पर झगड़ती है वो,
पर बड़ी नादान मासूम सी,
भोली-भाली लगती है वो।
भाई यूं तो कहने को हजार,
रिश्तें हैं तेरी झोली में।
पर एक बहन हैं जो हर रिश्तें,
की कमी को पूरी करती है वो।।

Shubhanjali Nishad

अनोखा बंधन : भाई बहन का प्यार

अनोखा बंधन है ये हमारा तुम्हारा,
जिसे भाई बहन के नाम से सब ने जाना,

मस्तक पर तिलक लगाकर,
बहन करें अपने भाई की दीर्घायु कामना,

वो घर भी वीरान लगे,
जिस घर में ना हो भाई बहन का रिश्ता ,

देखा जब तुम्हें पहली नज़र मैंने,
लगा जैसे रब ने मेरे लिए एक प्यारा सा फरिश्ता भेजा,

प्यारा सा है ये बंधन लगे न्यारा,
तुम हो तो डर किस बात का,

दुआ है मेरी रब से तुम यूँहीं मुस्कुराते रहना,
संग हो तुम मेरे तो दुनियां से ना कोई लेना ना देना ।।

Antara Choudhury

भाई दूज का पर्व है आया
धनतेरस के बाद
पांचवे दिन बहना ने भाई
को तिलक लगाया

रोली धुप दीप से पूजा करके
बहना ने भाई को मनाया
भाई दूज पर बहना ने
भाई की लम्बी उम्रः के लिए
भगवान को श्रद्दापूर्वक मनाया

भाई ने बहिन का प्यार देखकर
सर उसके चरणों में नवाया
बहना ने भाई को लम्बी उम्रः का
आशीर्वाद देकर
भाई दूज का पर्व मनाया

दोनों ने मिलकर इस पर्व को खूब सजाया
बना रहे बहिन भाई का प्यार
भाई दूज का पर्व, हजारों खुशियाँ लेकर आया
बना रहे भाई बहिन का प्यार
भाई दूज का पर्व हजारो खुशिया लेकर आया

Malaya Kumar Panigrahi

भाई- दुज

करके नरकासुरा का वद
भगवान श्री कृष्ण मिले
बहन सुभद्रा से किया
सवागत सुभद्रा ने माथे
पर तिलक लगा के सदा
बना रहे भाई- बहन का
पयार आज यही प्रार्थना
ईश्वर से है जिरोगी काया
और लंबी आयु सारे
भाइयों की हो और
हर भाई को मिले एक बहन
पयार सी जो महकादे पुरा
घर अपनी मुसकराहट और
मासूम शरारतों से हर साल
आए यह तयोहार बार -बार
सब भाई- बहनों को मुबारक
भाई- दुज का तयोहार

Kadambari Gupta

कल तक जिससे लड़ता था
आज वही सबसे प्यारी हो गई
कल तक जिसे नाम से बुलाया था
आज वही मेरे लिए दीदी हो गई

यूं ही नहीं बड़े हो गए हम
कुछ खुशियां देखी कुछ देखे गम
आज चारो ओर देखो खुशियां सी हरियाली हो गई
कल तक तुझे दुश्मन मानता था
आज मेरे लिए तुम कितनी कीमती हो गई

आज का दिन हम सबके लिए खास है
तेरे छोटे भाई के तेरे लिए कुछ अल्फाज है
पापा मम्मी की गुड़िया कब तू बड़ी हो गई
कल तक जो मुझसे लड़ती झगड़ती थी
कब वो मेरी हर मुश्किल मे खड़ी हो गई

कितना पिटवाया है मम्मी पापा से मुझे
हर बदले का हिसाब लेना था तुझसे
इतना साथ दिया आपने की मलहम दवाई हो गई
कल तक जिसे डांट दिलानी थी
कब वो मेरी परछाईं हो गए

अब आपने कितने नये ख्वाबो को बुन लिया
खुशियाँ पिरोने निकले थे एक पक्का धागा चुन लिया
अब ये रुकमणि – शाम की प्रेमी हो गई
कितना प्यार करता हूँ
लिखते हुए लफ़्ज़ों की कमी हो गई

Akshay Bansal

A brother is a friend who is blessed by GOD and gifted to me.
My brother is a hero for me always from my childhood.

You & I are like Doremon & Nobita fighting and giggling all day long.
No matter how old we grow, we will still keep the madness alive in our relationship till the death of our life and in other generation also. How far you are from me now, my love and care for you will never be stop .
Brother we make the best team together we laughed together, fight, for your protection and support , sharing my dreams, always being my side, gossiping, we cried sharing all secrets together.
All those were the best moments of our life together brother. Our Cherish time of our childhood is passed , we have grown in to adults , much mature with the time but we’ll always remain same and together forever.
A brother is a gift to the heart , a friend to the spirit.
Cheer and success too and showered all blessings especially for me and you.

Happy Bhai Dooj

Tabassum Rozy

A special bond

Some relationships are always a special one in our lives which plays an important part.One certain relationship is the sibblings bond.It is a bond where we will have tremendous fights for silly things.No sharing will be there.From morning till night we will fight as much as possible for every small worthless things.Eventhough,the fight has certain love which is unexplainable.One day if our sibblings get absent,we will miss them a lot.All the fights we had with them,will make us cry by reminiscene it.Of course,we will not share a bit of chocolate while they are our side, at the same time we will not and never give up them to others.That is the specilaity of this bond.More than brothers,a bond between a brother and a sister, two sisters they will have lot of missings,once the girl get’s married.That is the day the other one will feel that from this day they are going to witness a real separation in their lives.That is why in many marriages you can witness that there will be definitely a cry between the two.It’s something a phenomenal bond.At the same time,if it is maintained good,none can surpass it’s bliss.On the other hand,if it get’s break due to some reasons,then it can’t br reunited.So,it all lies in our hands,maintaining it or detaching it.Beyond everything,it is a pure bond where we can feel the real happiness,so live with the pure bond and cherish it if you have and don’t miss it for any cause.Because the souls who are a solitude child will know the value of it’s bond.

-by J.Martina
Insta id: confluentthoughts


Voh din bhai mujhse ladti bhi hai
Voh galti karne pe daatati bhi hai
Voh shaitaniyon mein saath bhi deti hai
Voh papa ke daat se bhi bachati hai
Voh din bhar chidhati bhi hai
Haa voh bohot eehem hisaa hai mere jeevan ka
Haa Voh meri didi hai

Raunak Agrawal


Every moment make special and caring with some emotional feelings….

Mohammed Sohail

भाई दूज

रोली ,चंदन ,अक्षत ,आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों में थाल
मेरे जीवन के हो तुम रक्षक
तुम बिन मेरा मन है बेहाल
रोली ,चंदन ,अक्षत ,आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों मे थाल
सावन राखी सिसक रही है
होली दूज न आये भैया
मन व्याकुल हो बरसे नैना
सूख रहा है फूलों का हार
रोली,चँदन ,अक्षत,आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों में थाल
माना की मै नही सहोदर
मेरे और नहीं है भाई दूजा
तुम से ही मेरी डोर बँधी है
आत्मा से करती मैं तेरी पूजा
मैं द्रौपदी तू ही मेरा कान्हा
पुकार रही मैं हो बेहाल
रोली ,चँदन, अक्षत,आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों मे थाल
भैया मेरे जल्दी से आ जाना
करना नहीं तुम कोई बहाना
नहीं माँगती कोई उपहार भैया
तुम ही मेरे अनमोल खजाना
खुशियों से भर जायेगी झोली
जब टीका करूंगी तेरे भाल
रोली,चँदन, अक्षत, आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों मे थाल
जब मुझ पर आये मुसीबत
आकर तुम मेरी रक्षा करना
जान निछावर कर दूँगी भैया
मौत से भी नहीं मुझको डरना
सीना तान लड. जाऊँगी भैया
सन्मुख होगा जब तेरे काल
रोली,चँदन, अक्षत, आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों मे थाल
भाई बहन का ये पावन रिश्ता
अक्षुण्ण अनुपम प्यारा दुलारा
ये पावन रिश्ता टूट न पाये
सूरज चँदा सा तूं लागे प्यारा
तेरा जैसा नहीं कोई जग में
बहना दे आशीष जियो हजारों साल
रोली ,चंदन, अक्षत ,आरती
बहन खडी़ ले हाथों में थाल.!

Dr Daksha Udhani

तुझे देखती हूं दिन भर,
और लड़ते रहते हैं हम हर पल,
जो ना देखू तुझे एक पल भी,
ठहर सा जाता है मेरा वक्त,
तू भाई नहीं मेरी जान है,
तुझे जो मुस्कुराता देखू,
रूह में उतर जाता वो पल है,
तेरी हर खुशी पूरी करने में,
बीत जाता मेरा हर कल है,
तू शायद जनता नहीं,
कितनी अकेली हूं मैं तेरे बिन,
तुझसे लडना, तेरी हर चीज पर हक जताना,
इन सबके बिना अधूरी हूं,
तेरे बिन अकेली हूं मैं…

Gunwanti Harish Thanvi

Brothers and Sisters are best friends

Brothers and Sisters are best friends, It’s a feeling and an emotion we shared,To be a brother or Sister,one doesn’t need a blood relation,it’s all about heart connection.The most precious and pure bond,I have Loving and caring Brothers and Sisters,I am super Lucky to have them,I have seen my younger brother to be a protective one,Sometimes he behave like a little baby,and sometimes as my elder,I feel secure with my brother and elder sister,The Global World also gave me beautiful brothers and sisters,I find happiness in them,Whenever I am feeling low I call them or message them and their little things ended my sadness into laugh,They love me the way i am and I think this is the best thing in this bond,I admire my brothers They are so cute and my sisters are so beautiful and pretty.After a time,I realized that I shared my all things with my brother and Sister and they are my best buddies,We enjoy so much together.

Brother-A brother is everything for me,He is my best friend,My safe zone,My healer,My happiness, whenever I am sad I know he is always there to make me laugh.Even the video calls with my brother is enjoyful I never got a feeling that i never met him in real,I hope I will meet them soon,and the ones with whom I am staying is the funniest one,I hug my brother 100times in a day and I feel happy,relaxed, My happy zone,If I cry he made a fun of that, then I have to fight with him and I just enjoy,they way he want me to take care of him, and he always calls me the whole day,I enjoyed every bit of time,I have seen many bro-sis bond where they didn’t even talk regularly ,So I always tried to be a part of his all life pages and I am there,He shared everything with me,not only one actually all my brother shared with me their life things and I feel lucky about that, It’s really needed to have that bond of sharing and to be free with each other,because Bro-Sis bond is precious and special.

Sister- I have one elder sister and She is the best for me,We grown up like twins having only one year age gap,She’s fully opposite to me,And I think that’s why I feel her the best,she cares me and treats me as I am or u want,Sister are Second mother and it’s true I say,She’s pretty,beautiful and so talented, brave.I love to share everything with her and love to be with her,my loving cousins and my my all girlfriend’s treats me with love as like a sister and I am happy about that,I love them all and I adore them,Sisters are God gifted,I got beautiful Sisters from online and they love me so much,They sent me gifts and always take care of me in my bad times,Elder and younger sister they are always with me,Thankful to God for this beautiful body and god-gifted brothers and Sisters.
Love you all my brother’s and sisters ,wishing you all a happy and prosperous life,keep smiling and shining,Thankyou for everything.

Trishna Chakraborty


दो साल हो गए हमे मिले,
शब्द कम पड़ जाते है इस सफर को बयां करने में,
खुदा जाने हम कैसे टकरा गए,
एक नए सवेरे हम दोनो मिल गए,
हँसते साथ थे, रोते साथ थे,
एक दूसरे को हम समझने लगे थे,
जो किसीको नही कह पाते,
हम वो एक दूसरे से ज़ाहिर किया करते थे,
धीरे-धीरे बातें कम होने लगी,
ना जाने क्यों हम लड़ने लगे थे,
एक रोज़ सब खत्म सा हो गया,
कैसे मैंने आपसे जुदाई का आलम महसूस किया था,
हर लम्हा मैंने आपको याद किया था,
एक दिन फिर से हम मिले थे,
गीले-शिक़वे सब दूर किए थे,
फिर से रोज़ बातें होने लगी थी,
मुझे आपकी आदत होने लगी थी,
मगर खुदा को यह मंज़ूर ना था,
कुछ वक्त में हम फिर बिछड़े थे,
यह तक़दीर में ना जाने क्या लिखा था,
बिछड़ना-मिलना अब दर्द देता था,
हर रोज़ दुआ करते थे आपसे मिलने की,
खुदा ने शायद हमारी सुन ली,
मिल गए थे हम दोनों कभी ना बिछड़ने के लिए।।

Dr.Rida Fatima

Bhai I miss u a lot….
Instead of u I really think it would had been better if I had died…
If I knew about anything I would hve saved you….
I love u alot…wherever u are plz be happy take care….
I love u and miss u more than anything….

Anushka Chatterjee

अनमोल रिश्ता

वह रिश्ता जिसे भगवान बनाता है,
माता पिता के बाद जीवन में सबसे जरुरी हो जाता है,
कभी बचपन के शरारतों में साथ रखता है,
कभी बड़े होने पर सही राह पर चलना सिखाता है।

बहुत अनमोल है ये रिश्ता,
जो भाई बहन के बीच बंध जाता है,
जब पढ़ने जाना हो हाथ,
तो हाथ पकड़ कर साथ ले जाता है ।

दोस्त तंग करें तो उनसे बचाता है,
शिक्षक के नज़रों में ना गिरे इसके लिए पढ़ना सिखाता है ,
कुछ ऐसा ही है रिश्ता ,
जो भाई बहन के नाम से जाना जाता है।

कभी लगता है की दूसरा ही इंसान जरुरी है ,
सबके लिए तब प्यार से समझता है,
खुद तो लड़ाई करता है मगर दुनियां में कोई कुछ ना बोल सके ऐसा रिश्ता निभाता है ।

खुद संभाल नहीं सकते मगर भाईदूज पर सँभालने का वचन दे आते है,
ऐसा कुछ रिश्ता है जो भगवान बनाते है,
बहुत अच्छे कर्म हो और भाग्य हो ,
तभी भगवान भाई बहन का रिश्ते में जोड़ा करते है ।।

देवेन्द्र राजपूत
(Devendra Rajput)

भाई वो है

जो बहन को सबसे ज्यादा परेशान करता है
पर उससे ज्यादा प्यार भी कोई नहीं कर सकता
सबसे ज्यादा मारता है
पर अगर उसकी बहन को छोटी सी चोट भी लगे
तो बर्दाश्त नहीं कर सकता
जरूरी नहीं कि भाई बड़ा हो
तो ही वो ध्यान रखता है
छोटा भाई भी अपनी बहन की हिफाजत
बड़ों की तरह ही करता है
जब साथ हो भाई तो सुकून सा लगता है
जैसे मां के बिना घर अधूरा है
वैसे भाई के बिना घर में खुशियां अधूरी है

Gajal Tayal

Young silhouette
With father’s shadow,
A movable wall
That protects me from all odd,
Cosmos is filled with million down
But my brother guides me
So that I can be free from all lows,
Gratitude would be fragile word for me
To describe you
As you denotes heavenly connotation in my heart.

Fehmina Siddiqui


Growing up as Young adults we were blessed To have come from a loving home Parents that guided and loved us And never did us wrong. We had a beautiful childhood. Many Beautiful golden Memories we all hold. We’ve always had that sibling bond That’s more precious than gold. Mom and Dad had it hard Raising children way back then But we never went hungry or unclothed And their love was Heaven sent. I’m thankful that we were loved. Something money could never buy. This was the richness that filled our hearts Because Mom and Dad always tried. Now as I’m getting older I’ve learnt to appreciate things much more. I’m thankful we loved each other And each one of you I adore. Today I want to say to each of you I Love You with my heart I’ll Love You beyond this lifetime And my love will never stop.

A Sibling Bond is an Unforgettable and irreplaceable and most precious bond between brothers/sisters/cousins etc. A bond shared between siblings is most important and beautiful always forever.
Me and My elder sister and I learned music together and in the end they realised we needed each other always forever. We share an amazing Special bond when we are together and I was interested in learning music because I liked to sing bollywood songs. So I learnt to sing and play guitar also. My sister always supported me in everything. I learned to sing some Bollywood music songs and I play guitar, which is amazing and I also enjoy doing this hobby. I participated in many events for the singing performance and won many awards also. I learnt music with feelings and emotions in the open heart and enjoyed music with love and joy always.

My Sister who sacrificed Everything for me and supported me forever. We learned and grew together in my life and realised that we both need each other then nothing can stop us. We are united then everything is possible in life. We stood by each other in the most difficult times and supported each other always forever. I decided to give my sister a beautiful present showing my love and she loved it very much. My sister and I had made beautiful happy memories of our life by learning music and everything. We realised that we both are united and together then nobody can stop us from achieving our goals. My sister is my support system. I have Many Cousins but my sister is my best friend, role model, mentor and everything. She is my Everything. I love my sister so much.



We didn’t came to earth on same day
We didn’t stayed together all the days
Sometimes we miss eachother
Sometimes we fight like we are nothing to eachother
Everytime we realise not be apart from eachother
We still want to be together forever
Our emotions are not constant
It changes according to the situations
Our thoughts maybe differ when it comes to keep thoughts together
Sometimes it will be hectic to understand eachother
Sometimes we fought for ourselves to hold it.
We love eachother We care eachother but never express it thoroughly to eachother.
We didn’t stayed together when we are hardtimes but still we listen to everyone pain when they share.
We will try to make happy ourselves.
We have fun together eat together
Our anger drains like sunsets
My sister and brother are like sun and moon on the earth they gives light no matter how they struggle in dark
I’m glad to be one of them
God bless with two sweethearts with lots of love There is no need of words.
Golden ducks of my world
Love you guys..

Bollarapu Mercy

जन्म लिया जिसने मेरी
ही माँ की कोक से,
हाँ, वो भाई हैं मेरा,
प्यार किया जिसे मैंने
सबसे ज्यादा,
हाँ, वो भाई हैं मेरा,
राखी बाँधी जिसकी
कलाई पे हर साल,
हाँ, वो भाई हैं मेरा,
दुआ की जिसकी लंबी
उम्र के लिए दिन-रात,
हाँ, वो भाई हैं मेरा,
माँ की डाँट से जिसे
मैंने हमेशा बचाया,
हाँ, वो भाई हैं मेरा,
खुद की खुशी को त्याग,
जिसको सब कुछ दिया,
हाँ, वो भाई हैं मेरा,

मेरा भाई,
मेरी जान है,
लेकिन क्या यह बहन,
अपने भाई को बचा पाई,
नहीं, बचा पाई यह बहन,
अपने छोटे से भाई को,
जीवन का एक ऐसा
मुकाम आया,
जहाँ इस भाई अपनी
जान पर खेलकर,
अपनी बहन को बचाकर,
अपनी राखी की
लाज रख ली,
वो लाज, वो वादा,
जो हर भाई अपनी बहन
से करता है, की
हाँ, मैं तुम्हारी रक्षा करूंगा।

आज सच में एक बहन की
दुआ हार गई,
आज यह दसवाँ साल है,
जब यह बहन,
अपनी भाई की फोटो को
राखी बाँध, उसकी आत्मा की
शांति की दुआ माँगती हैं……..



Just because I do fake smile,
Doesn’t mean I’m happy.
Trust me… I’m dieing from inside,
Today I’ve got many things to hide.
But I expected you to understand everything
Just by looking in my eyes, but you couldn’t
Still it’s not your fault,
This is what depression feels like…
I want to say everything to you,
But words can never express my pain
And trust me this thing really hurts me again and again!

Anjali Jha

For my brother

We fight together, we laugh together,
There are thousands of bright moment we spent together!
There are many problems of mine,
But you always made everything fine!
Wishing you a very happy brother’s day,
May happiness comes in your way!

Anjali Vikas Jha

हमारी सिस्टर.

वो छोटी सी है घर की प्यारी और पापा की परी हैं वो घर की जान हैं वो नौटंकी और सुलझी हुयी भी हैं वो भाई की जान एसी हैं हमारी सिस्टर. ..

सिस्टर. ..
वो नादानी भी करती हैं वो दिल की बहुत अच्छी हैं वो हर काम में बेस्ट हैं वो टॉपर भी हैं ऐसी हैं हमारी सिस्टर. ..

Dedicated To me (By Suman Thakur/Mri Pyri Nahini si Jaan/Pyri Bacchi)
Wo mere bhaiyu to hai mjhse chote toh hai lekin badha Bhai hone ke pura Farz nibhate hai , Kabhi dhaate toh hai to kabhi hasate hai to kabhi pyar karte hai or care toh hamesha se hi karte aa rahe hai . Mere bhaiyu senti se to hai lekin unki nahini si jaan use apne pagalpan dikhana ni chorti hamesha harkate karti rahti hai . Bhaiyu ki toh shurwat bhi nahini si jaan ko good morning bole ke hoti hai. Or din khatam bhi good night bol ke hoti hai…


Note : All The Write-ups Were Arranged In The Sequence Of Their Submission(Which Means The Person Who Submitted First Was Taken As The First Entry In The List And Then It Goes On Like That).

INKZOID FOUNDATION thanks all the writers for submitting their write-ups on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj.

Therefore, INKZOID FOUNDATION celebrated Bhai Dooj in a special way by giving opportunities to the budding writers by dedicating write-ups to their brothers and sisters which will be published on 10 + Digital medias with Google News for full free of cost.It was an initiative by the founder of INKZOID, Durlav Sarkar to make all the brothers and sisters feel special on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj because he believes that Brother and Sister bond is the purest bond one can have in the whole universe.

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