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Internationally recognised Sexologist Dr Sankalp Jain breaks Taboo.

Talking about sex is still taboo. Talking about sex publicly makes you shameless and disregarded human beings. Dr Sankalp Jain is an MBBS, FNR, PGDID, and a well-known sexologist at the international level. He has worked as an intern and served as a Junior Resident at King George Medical University and Hospital. He has years of experience with particular expertise in sexology and sexual counselling. 

Sex is a lesser talked-about topic, especially in India, and people usually don’t want to talk about it. Even if they want to, they’re taken aback. The issues such as size, premature ejaculation, satisfaction, pleasure, foreplay, and frequency are various pillars that are vital and are to be talked about. In a happy marriage, Sex plays an important role, and facts like Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility are extremely important to be talked about. “There is no shame or guilt to talk about these because all of these are treatable.” Says Dr Sankalp Jain. The latest technology, techniques, and equipment are very beneficial for the patient’s diagnosis.

The sexual issues are just like other health issues are to be taken care of. If they’re avoided or ignored, they can prove to be fatal. He is working as a Sex Counsellor, making people aware of the topic and letting them know that it is necessary and okay to talk about sex-related things. Partner’s intimation goes along in the marriage, and sexual dissatisfaction can cause difficulties in the marriage. “People should be ashamed or embarrassed to take professional care in such matters,” remarks Dr Sankalp. He continues to provide his services in this field as an expert and helps couples with their problems.

Dr Sankalp’s father is also a renowned doctor, Dr AK Jain, his mentor, and has been a source of continuous and great motivation for his establishment as a sexologist. Dr Sankalp has a genuine interest in Ayurveda science. That is where his roots are attached from. In the modern world, where people are aware of absolutely everything and anything, they still feel not so confident to share whatever they are going through. Dr Sankalp has a YouTube channel as well where he talks about all the problems that one faces, from sexless marriage to erectile dysfunction, IVF, and fertility. These are all things in society but are not spoken aloud. 

Dr Sankalp Jain is working hard on this subject and offers various services online, offline, or via YouTube. There are various scenarios where he has helped people save a marriage, bringing joy and happiness back into their lives with just his guidance and advice. People have seen results, and throughout the journey Dr Sankalp is supportive. Dr Sankalp is a firm believer that this is nothing to be sad or bad, sexual intercourse is a way to bring a new life into this world, and everyone should know how to deal with it.

Dr Sankalp also says, “This can affect the mental health of the person as well and cause unwanted stress which is unnecessary.” True that, and being an expert in the field, he is always giving well-researched ways and means to restore sexual well-being in your life. His “Dr A. K. Jain Clinic” is located in Lucknow, and patients can visit anytime.

You can learn more about Dr Sankalp and his work via the following details:

Dial 7379999994 to book a session.



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