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Introducing the VLC Multi-Utility Token

The Cryptocurrency sector has had a terrific performance in the last year. Crypto coins such as Binance Coin (BNB) gained close to 1300% in value, making massive profits for investors. Likewise, ether and bitcoin gained 408% and 65% value, respectively. The financial world is at long last recognizing the potential within these digital assets, with blue-chip BTC outperforming old school investment assets such as equities and gold.

That said, the dark cloud of regulation has been hovering on the horizon, significantly affecting the overall performance of the crypto industry. As it stands, China has outlawed crypto trading and commercial bitcoin mining. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), on the other hand, is leaning towards a complete ban on digital currencies.

The RBI officials have named legal, volatility, identity, valuation, and transaction tracking challenges as motivation to their anti-crypto stance. Elsewhere, The Bank of England has called cryptocurrency growth ‘a potential threat’ to its financial network in its Financial Stability Report.

Additionally, there is a protracted ongoing crypto regulation battle in the US, with cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance receiving a ban in 2019. The world’s largest crypto exchange has since launched Binance US to comply with the US’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network regulations and the US finance industry laws. 

The Vulture Coin project solution

The anti-crypto sentiment and the resultant crypto regulation movement is heating up. There is a danger that this strict regulatory stance will deprive the public of the digital currency’s sector benefits of user autonomy, peer-to-peer transactions, affordable and convenient transactions, security, and high mobility.

Digital currencies have shorter settlement times than the traditional financial industry’s payment gateway remittances. On top of that, they have a tremendous promise of exponential industry growth plus outsized returns. Blockchain-based currencies will build a truly inclusive financial system.

For this reason, the Vulture Coin (VLC) project has built the VLC coin multi-utility token. VLC coins are not your ordinary digital currencies. Instead, they are utility tokens with diverse use cases. They will enable the Web 3.0 era, giving their holders benefits, including governance of the Vulture Coin (VLC) project and payment facilitation.

As an illustration, the project has protocols that support travel package booking and purchase. So use your VLC multi-utility token to travel and earn juicy incentives and massive discounts on travel packages. To this end, Vulture Coin is launching a traveling website that will, amongst other features, have a casino.

The beauty of multi-utility tokens such as VLC is that their benefits extend beyond financial gains. Utility tokens function like “golden tickets,” endowing their holders with preferential treatment when accessing certain services.

About VLC

They are promotional tools, and their operations are safe from regulatory scrutiny. Multi-utility tokens are safe and rewarding and have multi forms of utility. Vulture Coin (VLC) is a Binance Smart Chain project.

VLC is, therefore, a BEP-20 token. The Binance Smart Chain has a 3 seconds per block speed, and despite its rather young age, is already giving the Ethereum network a run for its money regarding on-chain active addresses metrics.

BSC’s benefits include low fees and faster confirmation speeds. The VLC token has a 1,000,000,000,000 supply. 50% of these tokens will be locked, while the rest will list on CoinGecko, PancakeSwap, and CoinmarketCap. The project has five major launch phases and aims to amass 500,000 holders by its Q2 launch phase and 1,000,000 holders by its Q3 launch phase.

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