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Madhurima Guruju talks about Musings and Memories and a lot more

Madhurima Guruju is cherishing her milestones and accolades for her work on “Musings and Memories” which had been published under spotwrite publication few months ago in an e-book version.

‘Musings and Memories’ is a poetry book comprising poems about love towards every part of nature. Madhurima is currently working on her novel “When Love lasts” which will mark her debut non-fictional work. She had been releasing several glimpses on instagram, generating curiosity amongst readers.

One cannot deny the fact of excitement raging after witnessing her illustrations. Including renowned poets like Megha Rao even acknowledged her drawings that are part of a novel.
“I was shocked beyond my belief knowing that Megha Rao acknowledged. It’s a dream and I am still not able to process it. As for the novel, it’s a love story and I know how I am building up curiosity that clearly reflects on my messenger from readers with flooding questions about its release. I am working on it. I am like a snail, cause I have become too conscious on delivering the quality work rather rushing up for unnecessary fame” she admits.

Writing has been always a first love for Madhurima. However, she couldn’t find enough guidance and support when an initial thought of publishing gave birth to her soul.
“I had planned for projects to publish but didn’t find enough mentors to guide me through. But now I can safely admit that social media has introduced me to the writing community where I got my wolf pack here, cheering me and propelling me to accept challenges. Thanks to these communities, I even got an opportunity to expose and publish my content”.

Considering her love towards poetry and stories, it surely becomes evident how astonishingly her poems have touched a plethora of souls. Her writing always induces hope in notion to sooth agony. But writing journey wasn’t a smooth sailing for her as several publishers have gambled and even tried crushing her work by plagiarism.
“I am not a traditional published author yet. Cause I didn’t acquire much confidence to approach this process. Self publishing sure did some wonders but let me warn you it has few downsides, if we aren’t aware of the process. I lost a lot of money for a ghosting result. There are some publishers still out there sabotaging the writing decorum but proper research can save you from these consequences. As of now, I am happy that I healed post lessons served. I am now focusing on my work in peace” she quips.

While her first novel yet to surface, in the meantime she had acquired another non- fictional project to work which is also a love story as reports to be believed.
Nevertheless, we wish her all the success for her upcoming projects.

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