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Meet Dr. Rosie Patangia, the famous bilingual poet of Assam

Dr. Rosie Patangia is bilingual poet, a co-author of many anthologies, and an Assistant Professor and Head in the Department of English, Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati, Assam, India. 

Dr. Rosie Patangia

She has done her Ph.D from the Department of Folklore Research, Gauhati University. Her area of interest is literature and folklore. 

Dr. Rosie Patangia is a bilingual poet and has co-authored a number of poetry Anthologies. Her poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines and translated into Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati. She has published her first solo book titled “200 LIFE CHANGING QUOTES”

She has a number of publications in books, research journals, peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes on literature and Folklore. She has received Certificate of Appreciation, Teacher Innovation Award from Sri Aurobindo Society (ZIIEI) in 2019 for Sustainable Efforts towards promoting joyful and Experiential teaching. She has received 5th Position in All India National Level Creative Writing Contest organised by Knight Riders in February 2022. She is the lifelong member of All India Association for Educational Research, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage and Assam Sahitya Sabha. Besides, she loves travelling and painting. 

‘A Real Friend’ by Dr. Rosie Patangia 

The world is full of charismatic and true friends,

They will do everything to help you or mend;

They will stand by you like your shadow,

And guide you like a lamp every morrow.

 A real friend is like a diamond,

 Full of love and excitement;

 A real friend will take you across a river that is fathoms deep,

 And never let you cry or weep.

A real friend is like a distant star,

Though he remains far he show his profound care;

A real friend is like the sun,

He will shine on you and have lots of fun.

My real friend is a walking encyclopaedia,

I love to speak volumes of her prolific idea;

She is my friend in my weal and woe,

She is as pretty as a rainbow.

At times we agree to differ,

We are mostly like sisters and know the inns and outs of our daily affair;

Once we went out for lunch but I had to foot the bill,

At times we both fight tooth and nail. 

When I beg her forgiveness she  puts her foot down,

She always stands her ground;

But we always keep in touch with one another,

We are affable friends forever.

We work on our Herculean tasks by burning the midnight oil together for hours,

And amazing ideas discover;

Today i want to thank my dearest friend,

She is as good as her word.

I love my real friend with my heart and soul,

We have decided to continue our life’s journey by spending time together at a stretch and carry out our future goals.

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