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Megavarthini The Pride Of Salem Makes Multiple World Records.


‘Grand Master’ Megavarthini.R The Pride Of Salem(Kannan kuruchi) made multiple world records for writing a 20 T-liner poem where all the starting letters of each line is ‘T’ as ‘T’ is the 20th letter of the English alphabetical order for and for compiling an anthology named “The Stories Of 10 Colours” which has been written by different authors and received ‘Grand Master’ title as her name entered in multiple books of world record which includes INKZOID and Glorious Book Of Records.

Who Is Author Megavarthini.R?

Author Megavarthini.R, a 19 year old teenage girl, daughter of Raja and Tamil Selvi from Salem, being a multiple world record holder and receiving the Grand Master title she is a creative short story writer and also a poet. She completed her schooling at Sri Sarada Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Girls, Salem. She is an Arts student pursuing B.A English from Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem. She is a disciplined person with very high self-confidence, and hard working in achieving her goals. She is very caring and knows how to treat a person with respect and equality.

What Are Author Megavarthini’s Interest?


Megavarthini.R is interested in Arts, Mehandi designing, pencil sketch, cooking, stitching and sports and doing make over for others.

About Megavarthini’s short story “A Brother’s Gift”

Megavarthini.R’s short story “A Brother’s Gift” was published in an Anthology named, “The stories of 10 colours” by Inkzoid Publications. Her short story speaks about a brother’s love towards her sister even she didn’t like him. This story was imagined to happen in a Kingdom. It shows her skills in fantasy story writing with moral value.

About Megavarthini’s book “The Stories Of 10 Colours”


Megavarthini.R’s book “The Stories Of 10 Colours” has been written by different authors who wants to pull down to their world where the different characters live. The authors have put all their creativity and let the characters to speak. The characters will show you the love, sacrifice and some terrible strategy. It will get you to some thrilling experience, friendship, love, family and some horrors. It will promote you to write your own whimsical stories.

Some Of The Quotes Written By Megavarthini.R

•“Art is a treasure as well as pleasure; We will find more when we search deep inside our thoughts”

•“Sun shines in morning, Moon in night. We too have the time to shine wait until that.”

•“Don’t be a participant in your own life. Be a successful competitor.”

•“People may laugh at you or reject you, but when you succeed, they didn’t have even one word to say.”

Follow her in Instagram @megavarthini.r for more quotes.

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