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Mekha Pradeep’s latest music release Legendary Of Arts in collaboration with Author Abhishek Kapoor crosses 3000 streams on Spotify in just 2 days

The most awaited music release Legendary of Arts by Mekha Pradeep and Author Abhishek Kapoor is out now. The song has been written and performed by Mekha Pradeep and music is by Author Abhishek Kapoor. The collaboration music was released worldwide under the label Digital Golgappa.

The reception has been amazing as the music crossed 3000 streams on Spotify in just 2-3 days. Mekha Pradeep is now a verified artist on Spotify. Her voice is amazing and the overall composition has been liked by one and all. People have gone on to widely use this track on their Instagram and Facebook stories. Many more Reels are expected in future.

You can listen to the song here:




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About Mekha Pradeep aka Mekha Pradeep Artist aka Mekha P Nair aka June aks Mekha Pradeep Nair

Mekha Pradeep aka Mekha.P.Nair,Artist Mekha Pradeep Nair,Artist Mekha Pradeep,June is a ingenious Multi-color Artist who won millions of hearts with her aesthetic artworks believes that art is life.She is the first “Youngest Indian  Multicolor Artist” who uses the label as official.

Starting out as a newbie with no background in painting, she developed her craft by practicing a lot. She believes that making many mistakes and seeking help from others were integral parts of her learning process.Mekha started sharing her artworks on instagram as a way to document her improvement. She has since been fortunate enough to connect with other artists, both experienced and newbies alike, through this platform.

Mekha’s passion has been teaching and sharing what she has learned. She hopes to inspire more people’s in her art journey.

About Abhishek Kapoor aka Author Abhishek Kapoor

Abhishek Kapoor aka Author Abhishek Kapoor is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and one of India’s best international bestselling authors. He is known for books like The Pride of t20 Cricket, and The Selfish Betrayals. He is also known for numerous achievements in various fields and his humble and down to earth attitude.

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