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Mohammed Hasnain AKA EHAAN Made A World Record.


EHAAN is a world record holder from the inkzoid book of records with being able to solve any riddle related to space within fraction of seconds and being able to solve multiplications extremely fast.
EHAAN has been given the title of Jr.galileo galeili. Galileo Galili is a renowned astronomer.

EHAAN is just 8 years old and has achieved a world record in such a young age as such having great knowledge and interest towards the space and planets.

EHAAN can only speak one language even though he is born and brought up in hyderabad which is english even though his mother tongue is urdu.


He has also lived in malaysia for few years since his dad used to work there as a software engineer.

His family always communicated to him in english ever since he started speaking which made english his first and only language to speak. He also started learning French in his school and he is passionate about learning a lot.

EHAAN has the skills of a quick learner.
EHAAN is passionate about planets and space studies and also wants to make machines

Schooling: Grade 2, Edify School Attapur Hyderabad.

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