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Mr. Pandia Raj – The Best Cinematographer Of India.

Mr. Pandia Raj – The Best Cinematographer Of India

Mr. Pandia Raj is a professional cinematographer and a renowned film maker not only this but he’s an amazing journalist too.His page name is Anjan production. He is the covai mail weekly newspaper spl correspondent along with that he studied B.sc visual communication and mfi Cinematographer Rajiv Menon sir is his guru.

Pandia Raj studied in mindscreen film institute and also the RICH FOUNDER OF ANJAN COMPANY

He’s the founder of ANJAN COMPANY and for visiting his brilliant page, go the link and tap for his instagram page

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Mr. Pandia Raj – The Best Cinematographer Of India

Mr. Pandia Raj is working as AD cinematographer in bhuddhanin siripu film.His mother’s name is Jayaprakash jayarani and he belongs to Middle class family along with that his dad is Tamilnadu’s transport bus mechanic.

However, now he’s well settled and rich and he loves film making.

Who Are Mr. Pandia Raj’s Inspiration?

Ashok Mehta and Roger deakins, Rajiv Menon are Mr. Pandia Raj’s inspiration along with that he loves film making and ad film making and wrote abouts 150 film celebrity interviews in the covai mail weekly newspaper Coimbatore city.

Visit his incredible Facebook, here is the link


Some Facts About Mr. Pandia Raj

Mr. Pandia Raj – The Best Cinematographer Of India

•He loves driving, his vintage cars and his pet name is Pandikhan.

•He has an excellent and mind-blowing personality.

•He’s one of the best cinematographer of India.

•His works are brilliant, exquisite and praiseworthy.

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