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Musical Tribute To The Pride Of Nation

Maris Vijay, music director, and composer of “Jai Ho Kalam,” is setting records for his enthusiastic tribute. This youthful song is released by honourable A. R. Raihanah, sister of A. R. Rahman. It is one of the beautiful and unique compositions. This veteran knows the taste of the audience.

It is no less than a brilliant masterpiece that is made interesting from all angles. The singer, the vocals, the thoughtful animation, and acoustics as well. The sophisticated lyrics made this song differ from any other tribute.

Savaniee Ravindrra blesses the ears with her refined and flawless singing. Her voice is evocative and smooth. The ode to Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam stands out from the repository of other patriotic music. Remembering him and his selfless deeds to the country make us vow to him. That’s why he is known as The Pride Of The Nation.

Jai Ho Kalam” is beautifully sung by 67th National Award Winner Savaniee Ravindrra. She added more perfection to the track as she has such a euphoric voice.

This track discusses the peace and growth of the nation. It takes a pledge to serve the country selflessly, just like Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He is the role model of millions.

As Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam promised, the proud citizens of this country will be worthy for the country’s sake, and they have always been. In addition to paying tribute, it leads to a sense of responsibility. As a result of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s vast dedication to his people, everyone strives to achieve greatness by bringing positive change. The goal should be to grow regardless of the hardships. 

The richness of this track can be seen in the audience’s involvement since the release of the trailer and audio. Don’t miss the recording-breaking musical tribute by Maris Vijay to the great Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam always believed in selfless humanity and always served his nation. This tribute is inspiring the youth for the hard work for a better future for the nation. This motivational lyricist song tells us about the love for the country. 

M-Muzik presents this blissful track at a world-class Trinity Wave Studio. The music composition vocals are all given by the multilingual artist Maris Vijay. Other than this brilliant track, he is working on his lineup of Hollywood projects.

The encyclopedia of different languages, Maris Vijay, released this song in Hindi and Tamil languages considering the whole Nation.

Muse by Maris Vijay shows the unstoppable dedication and growth towards the dreams of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

M- Muzik not only released this brilliant track but is also home to many independent artists. Maris Vijay created the platform to showcase the talent of youth. 

Maris Vijay has been nominated for his best music at Cinefest Malaysia 2019 for Villavan. For the first time, an Indian musician was nominated for this award. He also bags the best music programmer award from the United Kingdom for Saambavi Saranam.

In this album, Maris worked with lyricist Vaibhav Joshi who is a master himself. Vaibhav is well known for his ongoing shows like Irshaad and Saboticha Karar. The ambient music behind Jai Ho Kalam is peace to the ears.

The amazing ode brings out love and pride for the Nation. The show hall provides visionary animations. The efforts of every individual made this track a polished texture.

A musical tribute cannot be more beautiful than this. A must listen to track is contributed wholeheartedly by youth.

Maris Vijay : https://marisvijay.com/ M-Muzik: https://m-muzik.com/

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