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Nilanjana Sarkar From Alipurduar Makes A World Record By Writing 365 Quotes.

Nilanjana Sarkar

Nilanjana Sarkar From Alipurduar, West Bengal makes a world record for writing 365 quotes in 3 hours for her solo book “365 Talks Of Nilanjana” and creating ‘Unique 3 Hou-early Record’ and her name successfully enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records.

About Record Holder Nilanjana Sarkar

Nilanjana Sarkar hails from West Bengal, Alipurduar and currently she’s pursuing BBA LLB HONS from Adamas University, Kolkata and worked as a head of the Publication in WYIMUN on based on the three committee WHO, UNHRC and UNDP. She’s also running her own Publication named as THE QUIDDITCH INK PUBLICATION. SHE IS A SENIOR EDITOR OF MT. KENYA TIMES FROM INDIA/ASIA, and working as a manager and editor of RED CARPET VOGUE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE.

What Are The Achievements Of Nilanjana Sarkar?

Nilanjana Sarkar

Author Nilanjana Sarkar’s achievements includes that she has been awarded as ACE AWARD 2021 by rising stars and Extraordinary talent award on 2020 by Star and Genius book of record and worriers of change 2021 from award Arc, She is a World record holder too for her book named as 365 days of Nilanjana, which has been a record as 365 four liners in 3 hours and published in 2021, and the world record has approved by Inkzoid book of world records, She has been featured in TRIDESTA Community magazine of Opus Coliseum in September edition of 2021, her article had also get published and features over realpreneur.com, dailyhunt, The weekly mails, times bulletin, timesof Malwa as a celebrity Author. she had also featured in web story India, dailyhunt news, Republic News India, Flipboard magazine, The Indian Bulletin, RD Times, Hindustan Saga, Abhyuday Times, Let India Shine, Times of Malwa Hindi, Times of Malwa English, Indian Stardom News, Google news, live journal, Medium Shorts, Tumblr News, Indian Sentinel, Indian Scoops, Rkd Live, prevalent India, Online News X, National Age, outlook news, times bulletin, the national reader, the Fortune India, India Thrive, Bharat Herald News, Youth News express, vibgyor times, samay news, news steam live, pioneer news, Indian influencive, the medium news, India news 24, press journal, The Telegraph, News mint 24, country first news, Hubpages News, bloglovin, Avalanches World news, youth ki awaz news, medium, pix story news, Dailyhunt shorts, the newswaale(RSS Feed), Tribune news, metrocity news and many more.

What Does Nilanjana Sarkar Loves To Do?

Being a very hardworking and passionate girl Nilanjana Sarkar loves to do creativity through her writing, she mostly writes on erotics stuffs as well as on many topics which helps her to explore her more and more. She is a public speaker as well as a motivational speaker. She is an impulsive writer who oozes out her emotions and feelings and thoughts via writing.

What Does Nilanjana Sarkar Believes?

Nilanjana Sarkar

Nilanjana Sarkar believes and feel as per her experience in life is that life was never supposed to be ease. Life is a test, life is a trial and trials are never easy. It’s a journey full of obstacles and problems, but by the end of the day if we choose NOT TO GIVE UP is what defines us.

So, whatever you’ve in your life all the miseries, sorrows just embrace it with all your heart and soul and always remember that you’re blessed. The person who is not bitter is a person who’s always grateful to what he has. So be grateful for what you’ve and you’ll always end up having more.

What Did Nilanjana Sarkar Learn?

Nilanjana Sarkar learned that with all these changes you become a better person every single day. What some people did to her does not define me but what she became in return regardless of all the hurt and turmoil and adversity defines me WHO SHE’S TODAY and with a heart full of contentment, she’s blessed to WHERE SHE’S TODAY.

What Is Success According To Nilanjana Sarkar?

According To Nilanjana Sarkar The day when you’ll start dreaming of SUCCESS, when you’re addicted to SUCCESS, that day you’ll truly earn yourself for being the better version in your life. It’s The Life which screws us up the most but also it’s The Life which makes us beautiful. This is the power of life, who can rebuild us again with many things. And it’s the people who makes things complicated be demoralizing themselves.

What Is Nilanjana Sarkar’s Message To The Society?

Nilanjana Sarkar’s message to the society is that “We must always stay consistent on our work with always positive vibes whatever may tte thing’s comes in life forget it always be with a positive state of mind, it will nourish you, nurture you and will help in rebuilding. Their should be leadership with unique creativity for the upgrade generation. Think for the future, work with the experience from the past and action it on the present and be consistent to it.”

Join her on Instagram:- _nilanjanaaa Or thequidditchink@gmail.com.

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