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No more trips to flourmills, Sit back and relax with Flourpicker

One always craves healthy food. In the modern lifestyle, it is essential to have healthier eating habits that reap benefits in the future. To help you get premium-quality flour and make sure that your diet is full of nutrients— Flourpicker is at your service!

Flourpicker is a Pune-based e-commerce start-up that provides you quality and choice flour at your doorstep in a flash of an eye. It was established in the year 2019 and has served during the pandemic, and has also developed from the same front. To provide safe, affordable, and accessible products, Flourpicker’s flour is multi-beneficial. The flour is made under an expert’s supervision, ensuring that high standards of hygiene and quality are followed. Producing flour from farm-fresh grains sourced from farmers is free from adulteration to ensure that the nutrients remain intact. With this initiative, Flourpicker serves the best quality to their customers, but they also aid the producers by directly purchasing from them and involving them in the process.

The stone-grinding process is followed at Flourpicker to ensure that the nutritional value remains intact. Throughout the process of producing flour, norms set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) are strictly followed and adhered to. The aata that is produced at Flourpicker is fresh; this is ensured by the process that is followed at the company. The company says, “We start grinding the flour only when the order is placed, processed, and confirmed.” This ensures that the customers receive quality only at their doorstep.

The highly professional team that is working at Flourpicker assists their customers 24/7. They aid them in the selection of the correct type of flour for them. Flour can be ordered either from their website or from their application available at the Play Store app. Customers are provided with features that help them to buy wheat flour and other healthy food grain fresh atta. Flourpicker provides on-time doorstep delivery following all the protocols.

The various food grain flours and other products that are offered by Flourpicker include;

Wheat FlourKhapli Wheat Flour
Bajra FlourMoong Dal Flour
Jowar FlourKala Chana Flour
Maize FlourRock Sugar Powder
Rice FlourBhajani Flours and Besan
Millets (Ragi, Rajgeera, Varai)All Masala
Multigrain FlourCustomized multigrain Flour

And the list goes on and on. More details about the prices and flour can be browsed on Flourpicker’s official website. The grinding types are defined as Fine, Medium, and Coarse, where

Fine means the flour whose texture is a bit coarser than Maida. Medium signifies the flour that can be used daily, and Coarse is a bit higher in texture like Punjabi atta.

Over the period since its establishment, Flourpicker has gained unique recognition for its quality. Because of its quality, it has built a consumer base of satisfied customers. Let us have a look at what their customers have to say about their services.

Smita More writes, 

I am using Flourpicker products like Nachni, Bajara, Makka, Multigrain atta & Khapali wheat atta since the past few months and my experience is very good. Since I am a health-conscious person, I am very picky while selecting eatables and Flourpicker is the best option. No artificial integrates and every atta is clean and fresh like homemade.”

Tushar writes,

Great experience, very nice quality of products I tried and service is prompt. They follow utmost safety precautions while delivering at home. Apps functions are also user friendly.”

Vaishali Shah shares and writes, 

Good service, Order received in a short period The product was too good and it was ground as it was being said, the most impressive thing is they have the option of making our own recipe which makes one try it. Also, they included the time selecting facility of delivering the product.”

The Flourpicker app helps you order the choice of your flour at any time, any day, and from wherever you want to. It also allows you to select the time & date of delivery according to your wish, and you can even reschedule your delivery date and time.

The company is known for its customized and multigrain aata. Customers have the freedom to select, change or alter something or anything according to their requirements and needs. This allows the consumer to choose what is best for their health in less than ten seconds. Choosing your own grain providing your own customized recipe is Flourpicker’s unique feature.

Bringing local, healthy, and flavorful flour to your doorstep has made Flourpicker a need of modern life. Produced after order confirmation without any preservatives Flourpicker is best for your health; fresh flour is directly brought from the farms to your kitchen. 

Flourpicker has boosted its presence by manufacturing all types of flours, spices (masala), Bhajani Flour, etc. The company also offers frequent discounts and sales for their customers.

To learn more about Flour Picker, visit: https://flourpicker.com/

Write us on email: info@flourpicker.com

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