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“Ocean of thoughts” Compiled By Divya Trivedi And Rajasekhar TMK.

“Ocean of thoughts” Compiled By Divya Trivedi And Rajasekhar TMK.

“Ocean of thoughts” compiled by Divya Trivedi and Rajasekhar TMK states that thinking is the greatest power of mankind. It help us to evolve and develop. Each and every thought we get may become another step forward for not only us but for mankind. What’s more is that, thought is a mental process in which beings form psychological association and models of the world. And writer’s thoughts are very special. Those thoughts help us to feel many situations without even experiencing them. This book is the collection of such beautiful thoughts which will never get settled, just like an ocean.

Let’s start by introducing our co-authors

  1. Preekha

She is an artist, writer and a reader.

  1. Meetu Chopra

She is Meetu Chopra,Daughter of B.S.Chopra and Late. Kiran Chopra,who lives in Madhya
Pradesh(Jabalpur ). She is 26 years old She is also popular by the word ‘Topper’ in school time. She loves to write poetries. She had completed her B.C.A from St.Aloysius’ College and Msc Cs from Aloysius’ College

  1. Dr. Gunjan Arya

Dr.Gunjan arya from Uttarakhand doctor ,writer and model and published author believes that learning never ending process

  1. Muskan Bhalla

Her name is Muskan Bhalla from jalandhar ,punjab . Recently, she completed her graduation. She loves to poetries, short stories, and many more things. Also, part of other book as a co author

  1. Shubham Jha
  2. Samarth Nagpal

Samarth Nagpal , currently pursuing BBA from JIMS Vasant kunj. He’s a theater artist and an influencer. He’s also serving as the president of placement cell of his college. You can reach him at Instagram @samarth.nagpal

  1. Nishtha Trivedi

She is a proud daughter of Mr Nitin Trivedi and Mrs Arti Trivedi. She loves to sing, dance but writing is her passion which makes her feel blessed and she wants to win millions of hearts by her poetry and her emotions she puts in it.

Instagram id:


  1. Ananya Rai
  2. Til Kumari Sharma
  3. Megavarthini R

Megavarthini is a creative short story writer and also a poet. Her name was entered in the “INKZOID Book of Records” for compiling an anthology. Her name was entered in the multiple book of world records for writing a 20 T-liner poem and she got ‘Grand Master’ title for that record.
You can follow her
@megavarthini.r on Instagram.

  1. Akshika Aggarwal

Akshika Aggarwal is the first child of Mr. Anand and Mrs. Ranjana Aggarwal, she has two siblings,she is living with a medical condition called cerebral palsy due to which she is wheelchair-bound since birth. Despite being on a wheelchair she has done masters in English and have authored two books pyaar ke rang and Dosti hi zindagi hai which are available on Flipkart. She has participated in 75 anthologies. She aims to be a famous writer.

  1. Raghavi Raghu
  2. Manik Gupta

He is 24 years old. He is from Shamli(UP) and currently working in Gurgaon. He has already worked as a co-author in 50+ anthologies. He loves to write and writing has become his passion.

  1. Anjali jain
  2. Ankit Sengar

Ankit Sengar
Son Ram Avtar Singh & Asha Sengar from Orai (U.P.) also known as “Mahil Nagari”. Also founder of #kavyakahani. You can visit and get every type of quotes realated to your day to day life.
follow on Instagram @kavyakahani

  1. Athira A.

Athira A. is a young poetess from Ernakulam, Kerala state. She has completed her bachelors in science stream from St.Teresa’s college, Ernakulam. She has been writing poems for 15 years as her passion. Athira is the compiler of anthologies ‘Camaraderie’, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Saregama’. Book reading and reviewing is also her major hobby.

  1. Piyush Modanwal
  2. Prakash Halduchaur
  3. Jennifer okoro Chioma
  4. Ibrahim hamza shaaba

Ibrahim hamza shaaba is a poet and quote writer from Nigeria.He was born 16 December 2003. He is an inspiring writer. He believe that poetry and quote is a perspective of new thought. He has participated in many anthology as a coauthor.

  1. Love Gupta

Child of Mr. Ram Paltan Gupta and Mrs. Kabootara Devi is an Intermediate pass. He wrote books like Womanism(Belief in intellectual equality), The concious world, Army(The pride of nation), Charismatic love and many more books that touched the heart of people.

  1. Soundarya
  2. Sunita Bajaj
  3. S. Keerthika

S.Keerthika is a budding writer. She is more fascinated in writing poems and quotes. She expresses her thoughts and feelings in her writing. She thinks that literature is a most beautiful thing in the world, which made herself to be so special.

  1. Shiv Singh
  2. Syedah Hafiza Rabia Iqbal

Syedah Hafiza Rabia Iqbal, Pakistani published writer, by profession she’s a teacher and co-author of 500+ anthologies, poetry is her favorite genre. She’s an artist and animal lover too.

  1. Deep
  2. Arpita saxena
  3. S. V. Harshini Priyaa

S. V. Harshini Priyaa
Harshini is an amateur blogger, poetess, and a youtuber. She started to pen down her thoughts at the age of 10 and now is a published author. She is a co-author of 50+ anthologies and compiler of 5 books. Her book “The Land Of Horrible Nightmares”, got published online and it has crossed many views. Harshini aspires to become a famous writer.

  1. Phanendrapasumarthy

He is an upcoming writer from Hyderabad. HR by profession, editor, writer. He is an Astrophile.

  1. Naira Kafil

Naira Kafil is a post graduate in English Literature from Aligarh Muslim University. Formerly been author and co-compiler of “Wild Heartz” and a successful co-author in around 30+ anthologies(including several as record holders).

  1. Tisha Ahuja

TISHA AHUJA, currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies; Pitampura, hails from New Delhi,India. She is a talented girl and a budding debater who strongly believes in inspiring people through her words .She is a very introverted person but when she starts to write,nothing stands in the way.
You can reach her at ahuja.tisha30@gmail.com for any references or via instagram: tisha_ahuja02,  inkingg_the_emotions

  1. Saba Abdullah

She is a teenager and studing at college.She is a kind-hearted and devoted girl. She had also worked in various anthologies. Apart from writing she enjoys doing painting , drawing, photography and everything which gives aesthetic pleasure.

  1. Navya Maheshwari

Navya Maheshwari, currently pursuing BBA from JIMS Vasant Kunj. She’s a theatre artist, photographer and a budding writer too. You can reach her at instagram @navyyaaaa_07

  1. Archana Ashokkumar

ARCHANA ASHOKKUMAR, daughter of Ashokkumar Adhilingam and Premavathi Ashokkumar. She is an author, officially her write-ups got published in an anthology and now this is her second anthology. She is always grateful to her parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and teachers. She is a bold girl and never breaks down for simple things, she hates tears immensely and she itself never cries for silly things. Her inspiration and her first love are her family, sisters and brothers.

  1. Piyush Goel

Piyush Goel, Mech Engg, Motivator, Mirror Image Writer, Writer of 17 Books with hand and 7 books have been published nd 4 in row, Three Mathematics papers have been published in International Research Journal nd writer of World First Hand Write Needle Book.

  1. Parag Kabara

This is Parag Kabara..
A student of Class 10th, residing in Karnataka, India. He is good at his writings and also is good at his academics and character. Well known for his achievements in the field of writing and music.

  1. Sangeeta Kumari

This is Sangeeta Kumari. She is a faculty of Political Science by Profession and Writer, classical Kathak Dancer, Artist,Compiler by Passion.
You can follow her on Instagram @nsangeetakumari.

  1. Poetry Khakholia Mundra

She is Poetry Khakholia Mundra from Guwahati, Assam is a housewife and a freelance Bilingual Writer who has written 5 solo books, 1 compilation and around 300 anthologies. She loves tea and music and her motto in life is
Live and let live
Love and let love

  1. Rahul Chaudhary
  2. Ms. Hetvi S Patel

She is an 19 year old girl from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is Best Seller Author, Multiple World Record Holder, Author of 2 Solo Books, 1 Duo Book, Project Head of 3 Anthologies, member of Nagpur Student Parliament, Member of MUN, Co-Author of 80+ Anthologies and Regular content writer in Newspapers columns.

  1. Komal Arora

She is komal Arora of Sriganganagar ( Rajasthan).Till date she had coauthored 40+ anthologies and started compiling, nationally and internationally. By passion she is writer and by profession she is pedagogue for more than six years. She is national level champion in English speaking. Not only this but she is multiple world record holder.

  1. Sai Manognya

Sai Manognya is current studying in 11th grade. Her passion for writing is never ending. She loves editing and has worked as a Graphic Designer too.

  1. Nishkarsh Maheshwari

Nishkarsh Maheshwari, 18 year old romanticizing life. He has recently completed his schooling from Bal Bhawan Public School. He’s a passionate dancer and a theatre artist. He writes poetry that mimics his thoughts as life goes by and his peotry can be described as soulful, sometimes putting pain in words and sometimes inspiring the soul to seek self-emancipation.

We SGSH Publications is so blessed to have you in our journey. Keep Shining and participating.

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