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Pintu Rathi The Man Who Establish His Own Media Group At The Age of 23

About Pintu Rathi: Pintu Rathi belongs from a small place but he always evocated toward his business goal. He is born into the Rathi family on 19 April 1997 in Bikaner, Rajasthan. His upbringing and qualification were completed in Bikaner. He started focusing on the advertising business before completion of university. As the result, he started his own Advertising Agency in 2015. Now, he is the top player in the category of Hoarding Advertising Agencies in the Bikaner. And still trying to keep going onward to build his biggest empire of advertising agency over the country. This is not a small thing to achieve that much success at this age. But his attention and business strategy made him popular during recent years.

Work:   Owner of RS Media Group and Kishan Associates at the age of 23.

Example for Young Entrepreneurs, Do you know what the big thing in this is?  He is from a business background Rathi Family but still shows courage & chosed his own out of The League Business. He is living in a joint family and everyone in his family doing family business but he wants something different in his life. That’s why he selected his professional career differs from his family. His family business is all about Wholesalers & Super stockists of Departmental & grocery items. But he selects advertising work. He chooses this to make something new in his family and he proves it if self-motivation holds you and you will continue doing work for your goal then no one will stop you to do more. 

He set an example for millions of peoplewho want to set up their own business and want to be entrepreneurs but could not do this Just because of lack of confidence and overthinking about future success in the chosen field. But they forgot failure gives you success. If success is important then failure is also too important for the enhancement of knowledge and experiences. He set the biggest example for young entrepreneurs that it is not necessary if your family business is growing so your chosen work will not work in the future. Dedications toward your work prove success in the chosen field.

Business Overview:  What did you think, how business gets success or which factor made the business grow? All the answers to this question were successfully given by the Pintu Rathi. He set the example through his business that every small and big business unit needs time, customer positive attraction, and quality product. If your customers are not satisfied then large capital also would not help your business to let down. His advertising agency RS Media Group is getting successful because of his attention toward customer complaints and product quality. They provide customer support services just because of his belief is to customer satisfaction as important as products and services. His attention toward his business made him make his company big. As a result, his business dominated over the Bikaner and surrounding areas. Now, their vision to make the company big it gets successful.

His attitude toward society and economic development:   According to modern tradition it is important to keep going with recent technology. Mr. Pintu Rathi says that the development of technology is not in our hands but developing our mindset with present time will be benefited on a long time. A positive attitude toward the social and economic environment helps him to maintain the real-time value of the product. He contributed their efforts to society development too but his economic development things are too different by casual people. He tries to maximize ideas of improving motivation, innovation, and productivity. At this age, most of the searching ides to grow up but he develop ideas to expand his business among other areas. After listening to his advice about the business I am sure if anyone keeps patience and will do continuous work for their business then at the time come when your business is also seeing the top of the tower.

Words of Pintu Rathi: Making blueprints of a project would not work if its implementation is not succeeding. Whatever will the outcome comes matters is the inputs should be put at initial and then makes analyses on project results. You will get the point of loopholes in the project after that make it correct according to customers’ needs or wants and your capital present at that time. Many times money fewer matters less in front of you and your consumer satisfaction. If once you build your brand value then money will automatically go toward yourself. Mr. Pintu Rathi is the biggest example of it. Always try to keep consistency and patience with your work and passion once the result will come according to your perspective but till then wait more and more for a positive result and improve your skills of targeted goal. These words of him help your goal soon. How to Contact:  If you are visiting a first-time Bikaner and want to know an accurate location then this hint will help you to go through them easily and soon. Old Gajner Road, Outside Jassusar Gate, Near Sitaram Gate, Bikaner, Rajasthan. But still, confused about it then make a Call: Pintu Rathi +91-9033355444 agency for asking direction.

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