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“Real Life Doraemon – Asmi Barman” Is A Book Dedicated To Asmi Barman.

Asmi Barman

“Real Life Doraemon – Asmi Barman” is a book dedicated To Asmi Barman by the whole team of Sian Publication (Unit Of INKZOID) & INKZOID FOUNDATION to make her birthday more special.This book was compiled by Siddharth Mishra & Nilanjana Sarkar and it was an initiative by Durlav Sarkar(Founder Of INKZOID) to surprise his sister in the best way he can there fore this book is a symbolism of love towards Asmi Barman by the whole team of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

What Is The Book “Real Life Doraemon – Asmi Barman”?

Real Life Doraemon – Asmi Barman is an anthology compiled by Siddharth Mishra and Nilanjana Sarkar which is an initiative by the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION, Durlav Sarkar to publish it under Sian Publication(A Unit Of INKZOID FOUNDATION).Twenty co-authors penned their wonderful thoughts on theme ”birthday” in this anthology. This anthology is written using simple and easily understandable words.

What Does The Book “Real Life Doraemon – Asmi Barman” Depicts?

The book “Real Life Doraemon – Asmi Barman” depicts that Asmi Barman is the real life doraemon and she is always ready to help his friends and colleagues.So this book is a masterpiece from Siddharth Mishra and Nilanjana Sarkar which is an initiative by Durlav Sarkar (Founder Of INKZOID) to their cute little sister who’s the doraemon of their life Asmi Barman on her birthday which is published under Sian Publication .Those words in paper are not just write up it’s an emotions!!

About Asmi Barman

Asmi Barman

Asmi Barman from Malda is a quad world record holder for drawing 20mini drawings (10portraits and 10 conceptual drawing) in just 12 hrs, inverted portrait (in 78mins) and tiniest portrait (22.5)cm of Durlav Sarkar, 13liner poetry in 1hr 30mins( topic and starting is with 13th letter) and hat-trick of tinnest mandala(22.5)cm and successfully enters her name in Inkzoid, glorious and OMG book of records and glorious book of records. She is from Malda, West Bengal.Everyone use to call her as ‘Asu’. She is currently studying in class 11 in The St. Xavier’s School, Malda.

She likes to represent her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions through her drawings and writtings too.She is a passionate artist.Actually drawing is her passion her first love .She has won more than 50 prizes in drawing.

She is also a writer and a co-author and INKZOID wonder head of ‘Inkzoid Foundation[the best publication founded by her brother from another mother n also her inspiration Durlav Sarkar (World record holder)]’, she is also the Challenging head of’ Bleed Your Ink'(a community under Inkzoid foundation) , Founder of Inkzoid Artist(A unit under Inkzoid Foundation) and also co-founder of Subhas Chandra Bose Community (a community under Inkzoid foundation) and Photographer’s spot(a page for photographers).

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