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Rising Star Aryan Raj – Actor From Farmer’s Family.

Rising Star Aryan Raj – Actor From Farmer’s Family

Rising Star Aryan Raj is an actor who was born in a beautiful family of farmers in Madhya Pradesh.He has done his graduation degree in BCA from RIMT college.He says nothing comes easily unless you take the first step.Being a member of a farmer’s family it was difficult for him to choose such passions like modeling, acting and representing himself to the world as an artist.

After the completion of his graduation he confronted his family that he wanted to become an actor but his father wasn’t able to digest this thought and asked him to go MBA and focus on jobs.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

-Allen Saunders

First, it was easier for him to get great jobs through MBA but he chose his passion and struggle over that. He chose to drop out from college and took his first step, which was shifting to Mumbai.

Initial days he lived in a dormitory with 15 to 20 people. He didn’t have any prior links or contacts in showbiz. Luckily, He found some of his friends who guided him greatly. He started going for auditions but couldn’t be selected for any. And soon he ran out of money.
Difficult and quite expensive to travel from one casting agency to another. He sold his laptop for the arrangement of money. Soon he Realized that he needed a job to fulfill his passion, to pay his rent, for traveling and more. Was not in the condition to help him financially angry for what he was doing. Job in a Life care center and did it for more than half a year but he wasn’t getting that spark and left the job. Started to go for more auditions.
Then his new life started and now he has done many print shoots for music albums with Faiz Anwar sir and have done many TV serials for Balaji productions. He has worked in many web series. He has also done short films “Ajnabi ek Raat” and “Not again”.
In his cover story, he says, “there are many people in Bollywood who are talented and doing great as an actor. But for me it was John Abraham sir. The first time I saw him was in a film magazine when I was in school. He is powerful, confident and a very good actor. He has carved his own journey and marked his present in Bollywood. He loves action so do I. He started off as a model, I did the same. So when it comes to body and physique I also love to work on my body. He is both my inspiration and motivation”.

Rising Star Aryan Raj – Actor From Farmer’s Family

Aryan is concentrated in his physique and acting the most. He goes to the gym and follows his diet strictly. He plays football which keeps him alert and active. He tries to keep himself happy, healthy and positive all the time. He always desires to have a happy diet for physical and mental appetite. He read books of both acting techniques and fiction. He also focuses on voice exercises. He watches good films and practices different scenes at home. He loves watching theater shows which helps him entirely with his acting skills.
He believes that every character is special and he puts all his efforts into whatever character he is playing. He does every part and role with full dedication,heart and soul. He says, “if I am given a choice then I would love to play a villian character. Villains are the new heroes. What matters most to me is the team. Sometimes great scripts don’t work. Even great acting doesn’t work but a good team is always a great learning.”
For online auditions and OTT platforms he says,” online auditioning is very good because you get enough time to rehearse your lines and scenes. It is a self test so you can try it for a couple of times if you don’t feel satisfied with the performance. But when you go to casting directors for auditioning it all depends on him. If he says it’s okay then it’s okay. Sometimes you don’t even get to watch it work for once. Online auditions are good . OTT’s have global reach. They have given a wider range of audience and your opportunities.”
Aryan have faced many struggles and also learned a lot from them. He learnt how important it is to be financially strong for an acting career. He learnt how to cherish his talent. He got to learn the real face of an acting career in Bollywood. He is hardworking and prefers hard work over rest. He says,”if you give me a chance to change one thing in Bollywood then I would like to create some fresh platform and opportunities for new in upcoming talent. Where they can showcase their skills and talent full stop sometimes it takes so long to get a single opportunity everyone deserves the chance. One thing is if we can remove politics and manipulation from cinema it will grow faster.”

When he was asked about what kind of roles he is looking forward to? He answered beautifully, I am looking for a good opportunity where I can use my scale and talent at best and where I can show my strength as an actor in front of the nation.

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