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Sarthak Juneja – Inspiring story from a Racer to an Entrepreneur

Former National Formula Car racer Sarthak Juneja coined made in India platform ‘The Virtual Kart’ with a mission to provide eco-friendly products in the category of fashion, Beauty products, Stationery and office products, and lifestyle products at reasonable cost.

Virtual kart is an Indian e-commerce company headquartered in New Delhi, India that deals with range of Made in India Products only. The measure has been brought in as a step to promote made in India initiative.

25 year old Sarthak was always inclined towards entrepreneurship since a very young age. However, due to financial constraints somehow he could not give a start to it. As a matter of fact, e-Commerce was already bringing change in our lives even before coronavirus had weathered a storm in the economy and Sarthak had identified its future in India to be enormous and will only add impetus to the growth. Hailing from a business family it was Sarthak’s true dedication to establish e-commerce platform and offer products at a reduced cost compared to the prevalent market rates.

Sarthak’ father always had his back and he credits his success to his father. His father has been his mentor and taught him to live by a set of business principles that he still follow. Though he was an average student during his school days but he never left any stone unturned in acquiring knowledge apart from school books. He is a voracious reader and was always lookout for new ways to start a business and watching case studies of successful businessmen and this triggered him to start with his own e-commerce company. He believes that to be a successful entrepreneur one must fill a gap, solve problems and provide such products that can ease the life of a customer, that’s how Virtual Kart came into being.

In the words of Sarthak “when I used to travel with my father I used to observe a huge spike in the price of the product with low percentage profit. The huge distribution system between manufacture (M)- wholesale(W)-retailer(R)-customer(C) or M-Advertisement-marketing cost-etc-W-R-C are making a huge difference in cost of products. So I decided to come with a business model of E-commerce where products are directly sold from Manufacture to Customer or wholesaler to customer”

The products at Virtual Kart are directly brought from manufacturer and delivered to customer. Being a customer centric organization they concentrate on providing the world class high quality products at lowest price to the customers. The products at Virtual Kart are admired and cherished in market due to its top performance, low maintenance, well-built construction, long lasting, worldwide industry standards and reasonable prices. The products at Virtual Kart are manufactured as per the industry norms and guidelines and this makes Virtual Kart stand apart from the noise. Virtual Kart is gearing up to expand its wings worldwide in the near future.

Virtual Kart understands its customers’ needs and caters to them with wide variety of products over various Indian category of brands under its aegis that includes Homemade or handcrafted beauty products that are all vegan and organic and without any TOXINS  with exclusive suppliers who are the only seller on the platform. (https://www.seasandskies.in). Reputed Women Clothing brand IGYNE, whose products comes at 120 INR just for cleaning products without compromising on the quality. However, the cost of the products comes around 600-700 INR

Virtual Kart work at 0-2% commission where initially 2% commission will be charged when seller panel will be released and 0% commission will be charged when advertising panel will be released. However right now it is charging 15-20% commission currently as they are procuring single piece of products at wholesale price due to reasonable margin at specific products. It is going to launch another e-commerce platform very soon with an aim to provide top notch products at equally low rates.

Virtual kart has claimed to be the best platform in India for customize T-shirt printing and design with the best transfer printing techniques to deliver the most unique products. The design platform enables you to use your Images or Text to customize and design your products that has become most popular these days and carries out a fashion statement in recent days. No doubt, personalized clothing is always the best and eye-catching, Virtual Kart in India is coming soon with a wonderful opportunity to stay unique with the individually designed products for male as well as female to be released by next year.

Virtual Kart offers the convenience of delivering right at your doorstep. It is the perfect platform where you get the product as per your need and within budget. The Customers can use Couponzguru to redeem coupons – https://www.couponzguru.com/virtualkart-coupons/.

Shop now at – www.thevirtualkart.com

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