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“Se Ki Re !?” – A Film By Sobjanta Oshikkhito

“Se Ki Re !?” – A Film By Sobjanta Oshikkhito

“Se ki Re !?” is a film by Sobjanta Oshikkhito Production. Se Ki Re is a paranoid film scripted and Directed by Sreejit. Sampa Chakraborty is the producer and Pradipta Bagchi is the Co-Producer of this film.

Story Of “Se Ki Re !?” Film

This story of “Se ki Re !?” film is about Sagnik who’s a addict. He always gets hallucinated and dreams of a different situation of the same time. He wished to get rid of it , but….. and this short film is streaming in different digital platforms.

Caste Of “Se ki Re !?” Movie

“Se Ki Re !?” – A Film By Sobjanta Oshikkhito

The caste Of “Se ki Re !?” movie are Rounik Sarkar , Agnibho Mitra , Ratul Chatterjee , Sanu Das were the lead figures of this film. Susmita Ghosh & Abriti Banerjee had a screen too.

Crew Of “Se ki Re !?” Movie

The crew Of “Se ki Re !?” movie are Sreejit Chakraborty was the director. Agnibho Mitra was the Assistant Director for Se Ki Re !?. Pradipta Bagchi was the DOP. Rahul Roy was the Music Director. Athena Neogi was the makeup artist. Alekhya Bandyopadhyay was the Editor. Babusona Naskar was the camera operator.

Promotional Partner Of “Se ki Re !?” Movie

“Se Ki Re !?” – A Film By Sobjanta Oshikkhito

INKZOID FOUNDATION took the initiative to be the Promotional Partner of this movie “Se Ki Re !?” and powered this film in support of the founder, Durlav Sarkar.

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