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Shivangi Shrivastava – The young girl with countless expertise in public speaking

“Age has nothing to do with expertise.” Shivangi Shrivastava, a 23-year-old empowered and self-developed girl who finds joy in teaching the less fortunate, has proven this statement to be true. She has honed her public speaking skills and is determined to put them to good use for the greater good. She teaches people how to speak in public, perform well in interviews, and excel at soft skills. She has been a professional speaker and has talked at several prestigious organisations and educational institutions for the past seven years.

The pinnacle she has reached today, and her success was not accomplished in a single day on a smooth road. It took a long time, and there were numerous obstacles along the way. Despite the setbacks, the decision she made that day was firm, and she stood firm. Her interest in learning grammar and performing on stage dates back to her school days. She claims that this sparked her interest in participating in various activities and sharpening her skills day by day. Other students made fun of her when she raised her hand in class or uttered or stammered on stage. She had to deal with a lot of criticism and comments that she wasn’t good enough. But, can we reach our goal in the success journey if we take a break in the middle? The answer is a big NO, we cannot, and Shivangi didn’t stop. Despite all these, she still used every opportunity in the best possible way to showcase her skills and express her ideas and opinions.

Her college years gave her a huge boost; she was given numerous opportunities to host sessions for multiple clients, anchor programs to host, and demonstrate her ability to handle large-scale events. That allowed her to host the ICIREMPS international conference in 2019, which drew people from all over the world to present their thesis and research ideas.

It is widely known that in order to perform well in interviews, one must be fluent and communicate one’s intentions. Shivangi was the first one from her college to be placed, having developed these skills since her school days. Her success reverberated throughout her college, establishing her as a pioneer in the eyes of all of the college’s top faculty and essential staff. She has attended numerous interviews due to her success, and she has a track record of being selected in all of them. She was never turned down, not even once. This didn’t make her feel particularly proud, but she realised that her abilities could benefit many other students, and that knowledge must be shared. She began producing content about career and interview preparation tips in the form of videos, audio podcasts, and blog posts.

Even after starting the job, she continued to devote some time to teaching and assisting others. She has trained over 1400 people, including experienced and highly educated professionals such as CEOs of major corporations, doctors, engineers, and scientists, who have sought her advice and attended soft skills sessions. She continues to dedicate her weekends to teaching the underprivileged and those in need of a good education. In 2019, she was also honoured with the title of Youth Icon. Her graduates have gone on to work for TCS, HCL, and Cognizant, among others.

She had to deal with a lot of criticism during her journey. People would make fun of her behind her back, claiming that she was overconfident and lacked the talent to do what she was doing. In the beginning days of her career, when she approached organisations, they used to judge her on the basis of her age. They doubted that whether can this young girl guide and train older and experienced people? She says that this is biggest obstacle she has to cross and she soon proved them wrong. Even though Shivangi persevered in the face of adversity, there are many talented people who are discouraged and unable to shine. Let us encourage and assist our friends in continuing their journey, exposing their talents, and ensuring that they are deserving and capable. She uses Instagram and YouTube to share basic career advice such as resume preparation, how to handle interviews, and how to write effective and formal emails. Shivangi taught many people through online platforms even during the most critical and difficult times of the Coronavirus outbreak.

She has assisted them in obtaining temporary jobs and internships, allowing them to earn a living during the crisis. Her advice to aspiring experts is to concentrate on learning and improving and no one can stop them from becoming experts.

Contact details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shivangi.shrivastava2/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShivangiShrivastava

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