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Shruti Tripathi becomes a household name as the movie was released internationally!

As they say, do not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree! Shruti always lagged academically but took a keen interest in art and culture. Being a shy, reserved girl in school, she never thought that her fate would see her as an actress in an international film. But, never say never! Growing up in a city with fewer resources for performing arts, the celluloid dream was a far-fetched dream but little did she know!

She says, “I come from a family background of hustlers. My father, grandfather, are self-made, and I had only seen the most important people of my life working and making it with hard work! My biggest inspiration and supporter are my mother. As I am a momma’s girl, she never gives up. My Papa and Ma always taught me to practice so much that it becomes a habit, and people start calling it your talent!”

She says, “I was 20 years old when my results of b.com final year came out, and the result said I had failed. Failed in a subject, I had taught my friends.

 It aggravated me, but now when I look back, that was the year when I tried different things, tried banking, tried photography, cinematography and then started working in a production house which gave me a lot of experience. And in fact, I feel all the things and basics I came to understand thoroughly were because of Prajakt Sir. Well, the journey had just started, and I feel very thankful to the people who have given me an opportunity and supported me throughout!”

People in the city know Shruti Tripathi for being an Emcee, and she is one of the best too. I am not saying this because I am her PR manager, but I started working with her because she is an artist at her core! She has many a times told me this is something that has healed me from my chronic depression. I never had an idea that one could get paid so much to talk, and for the first time in my life, people wanted to listen to me. The story goes like this. She was pursuing M.A. in English Literature and working part-time with Ashish Motwani Sir. They were working on the production of different events, and maybe that is where Ashish sir saw the spark in her and gave her the start of her carrier, and Emcee Shruti Tripathi skyrocketed her carrier! But as the reality of life comes first hand, people started testing one and putting a growing talent down! Well, it’s a story for some other day now. 

I have seen Shruti work through different projects, and I always felt she deserved more than she was getting. There were different projects that she was working on acting was never left behind. She would meet me or call me every time there was a project for a film or an advertisement, and I sometimes wondered for the day to come and her league to change! 

One of those projects was “Yun hua toh” she had left a huge chuck of money behind to do this project as it was the Navratri’s. One thing I love about her is her zeal, she takes her own time to decide, but when she does, she gives it her 100%. The shooting had started, and it was the first time she was facing the camera after eight months straight! Her safe place has been her mentor Anshul Solanki, who taught her how to work on the art of acting. She was shaky, but Anshul came to her rescue. A few things are world offensive for people, but artists understand metaphors better than anyone. He told her, “Shruti, just close your eyes and imagine you aren’t wearing anything. What can scare you more than not having a piece of cloth on you in between 30-40 people?”

And that hit her different, and here the movie is on now on Amazon prime UK, US & Canada! She believes a lot of people mend our stories. We learn from our family, friends and teachers!

The journey has just started, our city girl has made all of us Nagpurians very proud, and there is so much more to come!

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