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With Dehradun evolving at a rapid rate, many local businessmen have come out as a massive influence for the young generation.

You need to grow out to make things work. People might not accept change at once as it might take time to adjust. What you need to do, and what you can do is consistent efforts. This is what Prashil marked as his success mantra. Prashil is a well-known entrepreneur based somewhere between the mountain ranges of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This makes him super close to mother earth and Mother Nature. He is young, enthusiastic, and highly passionate about his entrepreneurship in the hospitality sector which is the reason why he inspires the youth.

Q- Prashil, you are in your 30’s. You are young and a significant part of the hospitality industry. Is there something that keeps you motivated and focused so well? You see the youth today being distracted over multiple things. How do you cope with things?

A: Being in my 30’s is the age I enjoy the most as I have reached my age of maturity. I perceive things better, and I can make more informed decisions. I feel fortunate to have achieved something that many of my generation aspire to. The biggest motivator for someone is the person himself, and it is the same for me. Your willingness to work is developed when you have captured a profession you are interested in, which embarks enthusiasm and innovation. My father, Mr. Jaswant Singh Rawat, is the owner of JSR Group, and I, along with my brother, Tarun Rawat, set up the JSR Group of Hotels. Under the brand’s umbrella. We launched Hotel JSR Continental, JSR Farm & Hotel JSR Inn. The only reason for distraction is lack of interest. You try to escape out from certain situations through different kinds of distractions. When you have your actual interest in work, nothing can distract you because it is when your job becomes a way of worship for you.

Q- Prashil can you elaborate a little about the JSR Group to our audience. JSR is a popular name, yet our readers would love to know more through your words.

A: JSR is a renowned enterprise name owned by my father, Jaswant Singh Rawat. It is a hospitality service provider with a long-running chain of hotels in Dehradun city of Uttarakhand. Also, we have our production house for providing opportunities and a platform to young and creative artists from all around.

In particular, JSR consists of Hotel JSR Continental, Hotel JSR Inn, JSR farms, and JSR production house. Our other ventures include JSR Developers and JSR Law Consultancy.

JSR Continental Hotel is a high-end restaurant with a Rico Red Bar, musical-themed for weekend parties, events, etc. It is a 5-star amenity with a lavish banquet on its 5th floor for wedding purposes and other ceremonies. It is also charmed with an exotic Mussoorie View decorated and well furnished premium Italian rooms and retro-theme rooms. At the same time, JSR Inn is specially designed for nature lovers and travelers who cherish nature and environmental surroundings, one who travels to find themselves and to know themselves a little more. JSR Inn has a favorite spot for its people, the authentically designed lavish Coffee House serving the best local coffee to its visitors. It is a luxury 5-star resort with premium English-style cottages and other rooms.

JSR Farms is a perfect destination wedding spot located amidst the mesmerizing hills.

Q- According to you, what makes JSR so close to people, so loved, and so popular?

A: For every industry to flourish, you must first understand what people expect and require. If this mystery is tangled, then you just have to work accordingly. Understanding people’s needs are like drawing a route map to success. The hospitality and tourism industry is more important as we interact directly with people of all kinds. Different people have different needs and requirements. It becomes a prime responsibility to keep them entertained and satisfied with our services in the right manner. This is what JSR has done. We provide an exotic, supreme, and luxurious experience to our visitors who enjoy the comfort of our services. This is what makes us so special and so loved.

“Cut the cage, get colours of all kinds. Craft a rainbow of your own colors, breaking all the stereotypes!”

-Prashil Rawat

Being unique and being available is what matters the most in the hospitality sector, Prashil has successfully proved it. Are you ready to be the next hospitality prodigy to revolutionize the industry and give tourists what they truly deserve to have?

Reference Links:-

1) Prashil Rawat- www.prashilrawat.com

2) Hotel Website:- http://hoteljsrcontinental.com/

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