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Success story of two hardworking friends

Rahul Prasad, the founder of RSTech Softwares, belongs to Uttar Pradesh. He started RSTech Softwares as a mere 2nd year B.Tech. student at Jamia Hamdard with his best friend and roommate, Nazeer Kamran. 

RSTech Softwares is an IT firm that provides all IT solutions such as website and application development, marketing, video editing, graphic design, animation etc. Besides the leading IT services they provide, RSTech Softwares also has a school management product with unique features that are not provided even by industry leaders in this space. Rahul started this company with his co-founder Nazeer as he knew the problems he would face and how a helping hand, especially one of his best friends, would help him succeed in no time. Through sweat and tears, Nazeer and Rahul have built this company from scratch. Without Nazeer, the success that RSTech Softwares has seen today would not have been guaranteed.

Rahul didn’t come out with flying colours in his 12th-grade exams in 2015. He says that he got into Jamia Hamdard purely on luck. According to him, all the students at Jamia were highly competitive and had cracked exams such as JEE and JEE Advanced, which made him very unsure of his academic success in college. Rahul always says, “Be afraid only of the fear of trying and not of failure”. So with this motivation, he worked hard, and by the end of his first year in college, he taught himself to make a mobile application. To test his coding skills and help someone solve a problem, he went to a marketplace near his home and did a small survey to get to know the issues small business owners faced. He soon realized that many shopkeepers had problems managing their stock and calculating Goods and Services Tax, which was relatively new back then. So, he decided to make several applications to help them with these problems and give them free of cost. He made a stock inventory and GST calculator and kept making changes and improvements to these with the help of feedback given by the shopkeepers for over a year. After his work, out of many, one shopkeeper decided to pay him INR 5000 for the hard work he had done for them, and this made him extremely happy as this was his first salary. 

Rahul then decided to start working as a freelancer and took up many building websites and apps for business owners. With the money he got through this, Rahul began to pay for his fees and daily expenses and relieved his parents of paying for his education which made them very proud. 

During the final year of his college, Rahul got placed in Walmart US with a package of 65 LPA and had six months before joining. During this period, he decided to fully dedicate himself to building a company with his friend Nazeer which he had been running alone as a freelancer for all those years. They both registered RSTech Softwares in June of 2019 and hired some interns, and got to work. They faced a lot of challenges in the beginning as they had no experience of running a business. They barely got any projects in the first few months and were slowly but surely slipping into debt. During this period, Rahul and Nazeer made many significant changes in their lives to gather enough money to keep the business running. They shifted to a small 1 BHK apartment, started to walk to their office and sometimes even skipped meals so they could invest all the money they had solely into their business. He sees only the motivation and dedication he had to build a sustainable and profitable company and could help other deserving and like-minded people get employed. 

In January 2020, RSTech Softwares made its first profit, the company started growing, and the rest is history. RSTech Softwares now has completed over 100 projects and is growing month on month in terms of revenue and the services they provide. Rahul was also nominated for Padma Shri from Uttar Pradesh under education and literacy. He always felt that no matter what career decision a person makes, having basic technical knowledge is always important and can help boost your career. He taught several underprivileged kids about computers and technology and visited slums during the weekends to train voluntarily. Rahul has always aimed at uplifting all those around him and plans to do so with each growing step of RSTech Softwares.

www.rstechsoftwares.com www.linkedin.com/company/rstechsoftwares/

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