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Sukhminder Singh Khalsa Got awarded With Incredible Indian Award.

Sukhminder Singh Khalsa

Sukhminder Singh Khalsa is a writer who was born in Agra and brought up in Delhi. He got his school education from New Green Fields School,Saket,NewDelhi. He Graduated from Khalsa Evening College under Delhi University,Devnagar Karoonga,New Delhi in B.COM(PASS).


Apart from school college he has done GNIIT,NIS,DOEACC A LEVEL Computer Course also.
After this he persuaded BLIB from IGNOU IN2004 and got degree in 2006. He worked as librarian for Kalka Public School,kalyani Delhi for some 3months.
This is all about his education.

From very tender age of 4years he use to see his parental grand father Lt.SHER SINGH organizing kavi darbar and discussion session about Sikhism and watching all that he started writing at age 10 in class 5th.

His first song written was “rastr k parmarthi sab so gaye”.
His first stage performance at school was for song
Hamko man ki shakti dena and
Itni shkti hame dena data

For which he got award in school and that award is kept in his school till date.
He started writing poem, short stories, gazal, nazam and songs, bhajans, shabads etc at teen age of 14 in class 8th.

Then after he started writing social on social media since 2010.He has written many poems short write-ups and song which has been used also.

About 1699 CREATIONS

He started his own venture on JULY 2021 by name of 1699 CREATIONS. He has Facebook page, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram id and You tube channel by name

He is linked with many poetic groups and writes collectivly around thirty poems,write-up,short stories on daily basis.

He regularly post his write-ups on facebook and instagram. His write-up are being posted by sharat ink publication and kavyanjli group on there wall as well.

About writing anthologies
Drop ink publication’s RISHIRAJ KESRI monitored his write-up on facebook and gave him first chance to write for there anthology WAQT E MUSAFIR which was accepted by SUKHMINDER SINGH KHALSA IN JUNE 2021 AND THIS BOOK WAS PUBL8SHED IN OCTOBER 2021 Which made him an reputed ISBN and PUBLISHED WRITER. It Was this person RISHIRAJ KESRI who asked him to have a pen name
His ELDER SON JASMINDER SINGH gave him name 1699 CREATIONS which he kept for further use.

After this anthology he started getting offer to write for anthologies by various publisher which he readily accepted and now as per present date he has around 100 anthologies published which are available on Amazon ,Kindle, Google,Instagram etc.
He also participated in OPEN MIC PERFORMANCES AS WELL.
He has won around more then 100 certificates for his write up with in a spane of last one year(Febuary2021-till date).

About being thankful

Sukhminder Singh Khalsa

He is thankful to RISHIRAJ KESRI for giving him first chance to write professionly.

He is thankful to SURIENDER KAMBHOJ of Chandigarh and co participant of HINDI POETRY GROUP for appreciating his write-up on regular basis to boost up his confidence in writing.

He is thankful to PANKAJ TRIPATHI for making him learn hindi typing for writing his write up and now he is into habit of writing all his write-up in hindi.

About award functions

In NOVEMER 2021 ON Invitation of DIRECTOR SURAJ TIWARI HE participated in Third GLOBAL INTERNATINAL TAJ FESTIVAL Where he presented award to some sahityik people on intvitation of organizers.

He has also been awarded by INCERDIBLE INDIAN AWARDS AS



He on recommendation of Line Producer SATYA PRAKASH SHUKLA of SASURAL SIMAR KA 2 fame applied for SCREEN WRITER ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP,Which he got on 18/6/2021,with membership id as52584.

After this he participated in three day workshop organized by SCREEN WRITER ASSOCIATION IN JULY CONDUCTED BY CRIME PETROL CID FAME WRITER VINOD RANGNATHAN and got participating certificate for that workshop as well.

He was given first chance to write script by DIRECTOR CLAP FILM PRAVEEN CHAHAR,for whom he is presently having around 5 script under process.

About being RELIGIOUS

He started going to GURDWARA SINCE 1988 when he was in 6th class and started listing to shabads written in GURU GRANTH SAHIB Which put such impact on his writing that is reflected in his writings as well.

This put such impact on him that he took baptism and became an AMRIT DHARI SINGH KHALSA since 1997 when he was on second year of college.

Since then he is following all rules relating to this.
As far as writing is concerned he before started writing any writeup bow his head to BAHI GURDAS AND HANSRAM KAVI and then write his daily write up.

He always and daily thank his GURUS and RELIGION to have given him an inspiration of writing.

This is all about him as if now.He want himself to be established as renowned writer remembered even when he is gone from this world.

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