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Swastha Clinic: Counselling and Mental Wellness Clinic.

We recently interviewed Ms. Sakshi Jain & Mr. Tushar Parmar the Founders of Swastha Clinic. Swastha Clinic is a Mental Health Clinic that has been helping people understand and get help for their mental health issues. Ms. Sakshi Jain is a highly qualified Clinical Psychologist and Mr. Tushar Parmar holds prestigious degree in Marketing and Advertising

Swastha Clinic is a Counselling and Mental Health Wellness Clinic where individuals can find an answer to their problems via Counselling. Their name reflects their motto- Good Health at Swastha, their main aim is achieving and maintaining a balance between your emotional, mental and physical self. It is very important to create a balance between the three as the balance can be disrupted by various stressors and other issues. They are a mental health clinic that helps individuals get access to affordable counselling services provided by their professional therapist.

Their team consists of qualified Clinical Psychologists that have great experience with handling Mental Health issues and are equipped with the knowledge of various therapies such as CBT, REBT, Gestalt Therapy etc.

During the interview, we asked Tushar and Sakshi (the Founders of Swastha Clinic) about what inspired them to start a Mental Health Clinic. To this they replied, “We founded Swastha Clinic as mental health in India is not recognized as an important part of wellbeing and is still spoken about as a taboo”. According to them, adolescents as well as the young adults of our nation are constantly under pressure and stress to evolve and become a better version of themselves. They feel that the fast-paced world has engulfed people so much that they don’t pay attention to their mental health. They believe they can spread Mental Health Awareness and also help people seeking help get the best help available so that we as a society can grow. They state “Your comfortability is our utmost priority!”

On being asked why Swastha Clinic is different from others, the Founders explained that they aim at providing Online Counselling, In-Person Counselling as well as Counselling via Phone Call and Text Messaging. Their motive is to provide the client the utmost comfort anytime anywhere.  Their one counselling session normally is between 45 mins to an hour.

Swastha Clinic focuses on helping individuals who suffer from stress, trauma and various mental health related problems and anyone suffering from any such issue can contact Swastha Clinic as they provide a wide range of services that will help eliminate and resolve these issues. Their services are as follows:

·         Counselling (Individual, Family, Child, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship)

·         Anger Management

·         Psychotherapy

·         Psychometric Testing

          Employee Assistance Program

·         Management Workshops

They deliver best results by qualified therapists.

Their Future plans revolve around making counselling affordable as well as comfortable so as to reach out to all those individuals who cannot seek help physically. Hence, to make their counselling sessions more comfortable and discreet, they provide counselling online as well as via phone calls and text messages.

They also plan on creating awareness about Mental Health by conducting workshops and various seminars that are held by the Co-Founders and the team. Their purpose is to bring out the best in you by resolving your problems and helping you evolve mentally, emotionally as well as physically. Ms.Sakshi (founder) states that they are keen on getting corporate tie-ups in near future as the stress in the corporate world is increasing and with the WFH (work from home) culture increasing, the mental health of everyone is deteriorating. Mr.Tushar (founder) also shares plans on getting Swastha App for Android and iOS platforms so that help is easily accessible to anyone and everyone in need.

You can find them on Instagram: @swastha_clinic or you can visit their website https://swasthaaclinic.com/ to know more.

They say-

You can Thrive, We can Help!

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