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The book SABU gets published by Locksley Hall Publications

New Delhi [India], February 5 (ANI/TPT): Recently Locksley Hall Publications has published a book SABU- The Remarkable Story of India’s First Actor in Hollywood. The book has been written by author Debleena Majumdar and was represented by the literary agency, The Book Bakers, helmed by Suhail Mathur. The book is further stated to be adapted for the screen, by Prabhleen Kaur of Almighty Motion Picture.
SABU is an inspirational story of a young orphan boy’s journey from the stables of Mysore to the heights of Hollywood. It is a journey full of miraculous moments of joy and equally momentous moments of despair. Sabu not only learned a new language, English, and showed a natural screen presence early in life but also experienced multiple facets and careers from working as a businessperson, conducting a circus act, and even joining as an ariel gunner in World War II on behalf of his adopted country, United States.
Sunil Bohra, the noted Bollywood producer shared, “Sabu was one of the earliest Indians to make a mark in Hollywood and yet, so little is known about him today. That prompted us to think about this and given the cinematic arc of his real life, a screen adaptation seemed like a natural choice to show the larger-than-life journey he went through.”
Adding to that, the publisher at Locksley Hall shared, “We are always on the lookout for well-researched and deeply insightful works of non-fiction. The story of Sabu and the many learnings that we are sure readers can take away from this book seemed to be a good addition to our book list. We hope more people read the engaging story.”
A key role in enabling the idea to take its final shape was played by Suhail who and his team have represented numerous authors over the years. “The book will appeal to those who love movies from the era of 1930s to 1940s. Shooting with live animals, shooting in technicolor, there are many interesting insights the book details out. Not just that, the book will be enjoyed by those who love an inspirational story of a man trying to build his life through dramatic moments. And finally, it will appeal to history lovers.” He explained.
Adding to the historical aspect of the book author Debleena Majumdar shared, “I love researching on history. The story of Sabu unfolded against the backdrop of two life-changing historical events – India’s fight for independence and the Second World War. I found it fascinating to delve into the multiple historical aspects while deep-diving into how some of these shaped and impacted Sabu’s story and his choices. Meanwhile, the journey of Sabu also had a lot of lessons for me, personally. One big one being, how to keep trying to reinvent oneself without feeling a sense of entitlement.”
The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Pustak Mandi and is a short, introspective read.
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