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The Top 17 Influential Authors Of The Year 2023.

The top 17 influential authors of the year 2023 are Srijana Subba, Ashwinee Subba, Nikita Mahajan, Dr Arvinder (ND), Sheel Ratna Bhaskar, Mayur Kalbag, Lopamudra Pal, Diptendu Chakraborty, Lokesh Makhijani, Rashmi Shukla, Bulty Ghosh, Assistant Professor Swamini Ruikar, Sharveshwar, Hawabi Mohammed Ali, Sabita Dakua, Meet Mehta & Arun V Deshpande.

Poetic Souls Publications takes an initiative to felicitate the deserving talents and tried to support the upcoming budding talents because they believe everyone has a talent thay just need to find and execute it at the correct time.


Srijana Subba (born 15 December 1980) is a poet, writer and translator .The daughter of teachers Phipraj Subba and Santosh Mani Subba, Srijana was born and brought up in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling. She is an avid reader and a traveller who often goes places representing Darjeeling Hills in various literary events. She has published her poetry anthologies‘Fragments‘(2011);’Fossils’(2015);’Fuchsia Dreams’(2020);travelogue ‘Reminiscence of Aizwal ‘(2014).She has a biography of the Gorkha freedom fighter titled ‘The Forgotten Hero :INA CAPTAIN DAL BAHADUR THAPA ‘(2020 )to her credit. She also undertakes translation projects of Nepali texts into English, ‘Pristine Stroke’(2015)and ‘The Forlorn Trees ‘(2020 published by Sahitya Akademi ). A teacher by profession, she focus to ensure every child gets access to books so she has started ‘The Book Thief Open Library ‘at her garage in her village exclusively for children. She has been felicitated in Myanmar and different places of India for her contribution towards literature and society. She was facilitated with Sahitya Akademi Authors ‘ Travel Grant in 2014.


Ashwinee Subba,author of the book ‘Weal and Woe’born to the parents Late Santosh Mani Subba and Mr.Phipraj Subba who were both teachers raised her to be a fiercely independent woman who is not afraid to put her feet in many ventures.She holds double master’s degree (Mass communication and English) with a B.Ed degree and was awarded silver medal in Masters in Mass Communication. She worked in various media houses on and beyond the camera.She taught Mass Communication in Southfield College .At present she is a volunteer teacher and an entrepreneur who runs home bakery by the name Petal Bakes.She is also a Bharatnatyam exponent ,an artist who does graffiti as her hobby.She is a fitness fanatic who bagged the title Mrs.Talented in beauty pageant Mrs.Siliguri. Besides, composing more than 100 poems in English and Nepali she loves performance poetry too which she has been doing since her school days….


Ms Nikita, born in the Pathankot district of Punjab, is a published author, PhD Scholar at CT University and Sr. Content Writer & Teacher of English Communication & Soft skills. She proudly announces the launch of her latest collection of poems, Caged Memories (2020). Writing under the pseudonym Inky Niks, Caged Memories is a poetic exploration of life’s mysterious journey and the memories that shape it. The success of “Caged Memories” has been followed by the release of The Shamanic Flame (2021). This collection dives into the depths of love and grief, life & death, and the tangible and intangible aspects of our realities. She intends to encourage readers to think deeply and engage in pertinent discourse and acknowledge the importance of soul connection and the power of knowledge. She toiled on her upcoming book, “Passionate Life”, to help readers overcome life’s trials and pursue their goals, & dreams; this book draws on the experiences of real people to guide developing a moral and virtuous outlook on life. Nikita is committed to encouraging readers to seek their true potential and embrace every possibility within themselves. She believes that everyone can live a life of joy and purpose.


A multifaceted creative humble lady. A Lion member empowering woman since 30 years.Psychodynamic Psychotherapist Counselor Tarot Reader shortstory writer poet Published 9 books, won National & International Medals Certificates & awards.


मेरा नाम शील रत्न भास्कर है मेरा दिल्ली में हुआ था। मैंने अपनी शिक्षा दिल्ली मे प्राप्त की है और अपनी सरकारी नौकरी वर्ष 1987 मे BIFR, Ministry of Finance से शुरू की थी। नौकरी मे रहते हुए MBA (HR) से किया है और फिलहाल TRAI मे कार्यरत है। वर्ष 1987 से लिखने का शौक है। मेरे द्वारा स्वय रचित शायरी की तीन पुस्तके अब तक छपवाई है। जिसमे से एक पुस्तक फोटो पर शायरी लिख कर एक नई तरीके की पुस्तक बनाई है जो अपने आप मे एक उद्धरण है। जो की विभिन माध्यमों जैसे Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle and Kobo पर उपलब्ध है फिलहाल अभी ये कुछ नई शायरी प्रस्तुत है यह पुस्तके मैंने अपनी कल्पना के आधार पर स्वयं रचित शायरी के रूप में लिखी है। जिंदगी एक यादों का सफ़र है। कुछ यादें जिंदगी का अटूटे हिस्सा बन जाती है, जो वक़्त-वक़्त पर यादों के बादल के रूप मे जहन के आसमाँन पर छाई रहती है। कभी इन यादों के बादल गरजते है कभी दर्द बनकर बरसते है, तो कभी कुछ यादें सुबह की धूप की तरह इन यादों के बादलों से खिलखिलाती हुई निकलती है। इन यादों का कारवाँ ,जीवन के इस सफ़र मे खुशी, गम, दर्द, प्यार इन सभी अहसासों के रूप मे विध्यमान रहता है। ये यादें जीवन की पूंजी है। इन्ही यादों के कारवाँ से कुछ शब्दों को लिखने का प्रयास रही है मेरी पुस्तके।


A motivational speaker, leadership coach and behavioral trainer by profession, Mayur’s hobby of writing poetry and prose evolved into a serious and an inspired avocation fifteen years ago. He has written two books of poetry titled, ‘Smile at Stress’ and ‘Rising Waterfall’ three books of prose namely, ‘The Whistling Witch’ and his most recent best seller, ‘Aghori an Untold Story’ & ‘Adventures of Poorna’ is his third and latest book of prose .The evolution from writing poetry to weaving this particular adventure story happened upon his return from a spiritual sojourn to the Kailas & Manasarovar Lake in the Himalayas, in the year 2001, along with his revered Guru, Swami Sadyojat Shankarashram.Apart from this Mayur is a passionate painter/artist and has made his mark in the abstract and contemporary genre with art exhibitions in India and Switzerland. An adventurer at heart, Mayur is an avid trekker and rock climber.However, apart from all this his true passion is imagining, exploring and then articulating new realms of philosophical fiction and spiritualism through writing and painting.


Insta Id-lopamudrapal27
M.Sc.(Botany), E.C.C.Ed, B.Ed.
Lopamudra Pal ( MSc. B.ed) hails from Mumbai.
She is a teacher by profession, artist and writer by heart with emotions. Happy to go lucky person.
Enthusiast writer, painter and vlogger. Love to learn new things. Received many testimonials from different writers communities. A published author of five solo hindi poetry books-
Aurat ki Tasveer,Daastaan mere Ehsaasoan ki,Jeevanmukhi Tarang , Aesthetics of my life ( English),Divinity of Heart ( English ),Meri kalam aur Tum,Guftgu ( in collaboration with Santosh Kumar Sabat)A published co-author in 230 anthologies and received many winning testimonials from different writing communities.She was awarded as ” Author of the book” for the anthology ” Eternal bond of sisters” & “Writer of the book ” for the book ” Affinity- The Epic Endeavours-3″ and ” Affinity- the Epic Endeavours-4″.She is Social media head & Community head in Ink Zone publication, Haryana.
She writes in Odia, Hindi & English.


He is a writer by passion and is a published author of the novel “3@ a time” which was hugely appreciated by everyone. Almost 20,000 copies were sold during its inception. He has penned numerous poems and short stories for anthologies, online and offline magazines as a co-author and guest writer.
His second novel titled “You are being watched” a murder mystery was released this year by Poetic souls publishing house under Thriller and Suspense category at Amazon. Its already declared a best seller at Amazon.in under this category and it is being considered for web series for a popular OTT channel soon.His books are displayed at various book fairs like The kolkata Book fair, The Delhi Book fair, The Goa book fair etc. He never wanted to be considered a writer of a particular genre so with every new book he keeps experimenting with a new genre which is his forte as a writer.Apart from writing he has a penchant for travelling which takes him to various abstract locations across India which can be viewed from his Instagram profile.He can be reached on Instagram @authordiptenduchakraborty on facebook @authordiptenduchakraborty and on mail @diptendusekharchakraborty80884@gmail.com


A small town boy lokesh makhijani from ajmer rajasthan son of let shree keshav makhijani and let shree manisha makhijani. And he also lives a world of his own …the world of imagination. He did his schooling from local school bijainagar . After which he entered in the field of BSc. and completed it from the Graduation shree paragya college of . He is a person with high dreams and has an amazing writing skill which we notice in his works which can be found on your quote .In childhood his habit of imagination didn’t work in his studies but the same habit inspired him to do something new.
As per say IMAGINATION IS THE BEGINNING OF CREATION. he has created a story that will make you think of something new…Something that starts with you…That will make you excited for your future.
He likes to keep reading books so that he can improve some things in his books by learning from those books and can give a good content to his readers.yah kitaab usakee pahalee best seling buk hai. This book is his first best selling book….


Rashmi Shukla, who is born in Jamshedpur, steel city of India. Later, she was brought up in travelling all across, beautiful cities in Maharashtra, is presently a Human Resources Freelancer Professional at Mumbai.She has an ardent love for creativity and composition. Above all she has highest admiration for both English and Hindi Literature.“BE YOU” and Live Life to its fullest is her sole belief to live life. Apart from managing her occupation, she loves travelling and exploring places that are unexplored. But her love for composing both poetries and stories overrules her heart. Her travelling experiences are imbibed as shades in some of her creations. Narrating emotions and feelings give her the strongest kicks to keep herself going. She started writing many years ago but never ever imagined to be a published author. Presently, she is writing on various platforms and blogging sites. She is also a very active blogger where she expresses her views and thoughts with different perspectives.As, they all say destiny has some other plans and here she is with her writings and compositions. Her Solo composition- “Marichi Ki Doriyan” is out and released online at various platforms!! By God’s grace, she began her journey towards fulfilling her wishes and dreams.


Kumari Bulty Ghosh daughter of Tapan Kumar Ghosh and Mamta Ghosh .she is a young girl of charming personality.who belongs from a small city of dhanbad (Jharkhand ).she did her B.A in English literature from BBMK university and after that she completed her Masters from IGNOU university. Although being a student of English medium, she likes Bengali since her childhood which is her mother tongue .she writes poems in three languages English, Bengali and Hindi. some of her poems were published in the format of books.she also worked on few short films as a female actress, and her first short film was released on 2017.which is known as “APNI MANAVTA” if we talk about her nature, she is very kind hearted, friendly and love to help others .Her dream is to be a successful writer.


She is from Nashik Maharashtra. In today’s date whatever she is..!! Is just because of her mother, family Nd friends who believe in swamini.that she can do anything…!She completed her Bachelor’s degree from K.S.K.W.College,Nashik, Maharashtra with 2nd rank.She completed her Master’s in Microbiology at 2021 from K.T.H.M college,Nashik With good academics marks.In her college. Her one of the biggest achievement that she is awarded by MANIKARNIKA award. Now.,Currently Swamini working as a Assistant Professor at GARTI Institute,
So besides the academics and carrier ..she has a passion about reading and writing a poems , stories .
She writes a poems in various anthologies book..her first poem was “Unforgettable college life.”.Then she wrote about her travelling experience with her cousins..She also wrote a love-story. Nd much more poems like “Tumhari pehli mohabbat” .also the”Dost se dosti nahi rahi”Her latest poem is dedicated to her mother that..”MOM : sea of happiness nd shaddow of sun…”She is very Talkative..Being happy and spread the happiness every where that Was a tag line of her life…. Because there is only one life to live ..so how u want live it’s depends on your thinking..So according to her there is always 2 option LIVE or LEAVE.


Sharveshwar is basically from south side Tamil Nadu and spent his childhood in Kil Kundah village in The Nilgiris .He is from from BADUGA community. They are 3 in their family and he is the only son to his parents. He completed his primary schooling from Sister Alphonsa School which is in Kundah and secondary schoolings in St. Joseph School and done B.Tech in Biotechnology from Adhiyamaan College of Engineering in Hosur from 2014-2018. He is an average middle bench student from middle class. After 2 months he joined in corporate company and by July he will turning to 26. It’s been 4% yrs for him in working. Since after the graduation he became a book nerd and satisfies his timing by reading and writing on his legible time. He love reading and writing. He has written many poems and looking forward to publish those as well. He is a solitary person and he doesn’t have much friend circle. He like to spend his time with his family, books and gym. He had written his short story novel FIRST MURDER during COVID however due to his commitments he was not able to publish it. He is very thankful to the WFH where, his inner talent came out. Now he is proud author at the age of 25 and he is staying with his parents in Bangalore.

HAWABI Mohammed Ali

She Is The Author of the book” SHE/SENORITA, A BROWN LADY WITH HER BLOOMING THOUGHTS”. It’s a collection of poems based on Female thinking. She was born on 16 January 2000 in Vatanappally, Thrissur, the Land of Colourful Festivals, Kerala. She is the second daughter of Mr.Mohammed Ali (AWAZ) and Mrs.Rajeena Mohammed Ali. Sister of Hajara & Hannath. She is a lyrical poet. She has completed her graduation in English Language & Literature. She is doing her post-graduation in English Literature at Carmel College, Mala. She worked as an English as well as a Social Science teacher. She has published her first poem “NIGHTMARE ” in a magazine named “AKSHARAKOOT”. She tries to communicate her thoughts through her verses. Most of her poems mainly focus on female thoughts. Still, her works are trucking behind the feelings of women.


Ms. Sabita Dakua lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has completed master’s in Business administration. She is pursuing her psychology studies and compiled 7 books which are as follows: “Life Multiplies, Incident Reflects, Build up thoughts, Restless Night, Scary Turn in Life, Role Model in Life and Long Journey.” She has also written 4Solo book write-ups as author- “Relationship Dilemma, Alguien Enamorado, Shades of Career and Nuclear Family War book.” She has taken part in 80+ books as co-author. She has taken part in international books and written Google articles. Recently she has also done ghost writing and an internship in psychological studies. She likes initiative-taking through multiple skills and still seeking knowledge to groom herself. In her free time, she likes to visit unfamiliar places, design clothes, sing, eat, act and learn languages.
Follow for more learnings at Instagram ID
Insta id- @words_clubbed_


Meet Mehta – Full time Accountant Part time writer is a man of many skills
He is simple in his writing and deep in his thoughts coming out with his very first book A Baby A Man and The Monkey under pen name Shane Mehra this February is definitely an Author to look out for in the coming years !


Born in the year 1951 on 8th August..now at the age of 72 years ,he settled inCity- Pune-(Maharashtra).
Well known as Arun V.Deshpande, अरुण वि.देशपांडे, writer-poet since last 40 years.He belongs to Parbhani city – Marathwada Region – a prominant part of Maharashtra State.He completed his 33 years of service (1973-to 2006) in earstwhile State Bank of Hyderabad ..now meeged in State Bank of India.He started his writing in Marathi , his mother tounge, and his writting jouney isstill very active in Marathi and Hindi Language. He equilly busy writer- poet on the literature platforms in Print and Internet midia..upto 2022 His Total Books Published are:
1.Print Books- 43, E- Books -31
Total Books = 74.
He is well aclaimed writer-poet on all prominant e-literature platforms.

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