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The Top 27 Best Personalities Of The Year 2022

The Top 27 Best Personalities Of The Year 2022

The Top 27 Best Personalities Of The Year 2022 are Mayaa SH, Amruta Makode, Ruchi Rachit Singla, Asila Jaques, Mohammed Niyaz, Aishwarya Tripathi, Shaili Jain, Chandni Baid, Dr Aditi Dev, Sayeli Ghosh, Salma Khatoon, Srivally Pasupuleti, Keerthana, Janki Bhanushali, Sabita Dakua, Diptendu Chakraborty, Mayur kalbag, Rashmi Shukla, Jeetal Shah, Krishna kumar, Ashtha khandelwal, Jayesh Vora, Swati charan Pahari, Shivam Singh, Rohit katam, Vishakha Verma, KA Parinasri.

DSquare Digital and founder, Dev Bhavsar who is recently awarded as India’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs & Youngest CEO & Founder of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, appreciate their talent by taking an initiative to felicitate the deserving Top 27 Best Personalities Of The Year 2022

Mayaa SH
Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary Literature and is a multi National Award Winner and a triple World Recorder. Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist .She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism .Her work depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than hundred plus anthologies and has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejasvi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international magazines. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. Mayaa navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a therapy to combat stress and fear . Being an absolute homebody at heart ,yet extroverted, she often fantasies herself as a TEDx Speaker inspiring millions of women all across the globe to live their dreams. She is often referred as Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Audio SH , Mayaa Di, Pushpa The Fire , Padma Of The East , Lady Gandhi .She has collaborated with more than 55 plus publication houses.

Amruta Makode
She hails from city of Lakes ,Bhopal. She has won 100+ awards for her creative and literary work.She is the winner of Business Innovation Award by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Young Indians.As a Soft Skills Trainer has trained 2000+ trainees across India. Recognised by Star Book of World Records 2022.Featured amongst Top 25 Ambitious Talents across the globe 2022 and honoured by the Writers Alliance.
Tagore Award Awardee 2022 by Literoma in association with Government of Bengal.Winner of International Women’s Award 2022 by MRS Films and Events.Winner of Inspiration Awards 2022 by HER Story Times and Rashtriya Prerna Awards.2022. Also an awardee of Woman of Literature Award by the Crazy Tales.Multiple National Level Award Winner for her dancing skills.Awarded for her photography skills both at International and National level platforms.Her exclusive Interview was broadcasted on All India Radio.Featured by Pradesh Today newspaper.She has also
co authored various anthologies.Her articles have been published by The Times Of India. She is an active participant at various open misc events as a Story Teller. She is also a renowned Motivational Speaker.She has a flair for writing,dancing, public speaking,anchoring, photography, traveling and story telling.

Ruchi Rachit Singla
Ruchi Rachit Singla hails from Hisar, Haryana, India. She completed her Masters in Pharmacy from Hindu College of Pharmacy, Haryana. Currently, she is staying in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Her keen interest in research led her to choose R&D as her profession. She is currently working as a Research Scientist for a leading pharmaceutical company with more than a decade of experience.

She has a passion for writing. She got it in her genes from her mother.She loves writing motivational poems, articles, and quotes.

She has compiled eight anthologies so far (Jindagi ek paheli, Season of colours, Bachpan, Umeed, Sweet memories, Udane do mujhe, Way to happiness and Wings of motivation). Her poetry focuses on unsaid heartfelt words which connect her with her readers.

She is also co-author of a poetry book – “Baatein Kuch Unkhai si”.

She loves to spend time with her family.

She created world record by writing 11 liner poem in which every line starts with alphabet “L”.

You can explore her write-up and quotes on Instagram @ ruchi_singla_7.

Asila Jaques
Asila Jaques aged 15 years D/o Francisco X. Jaques and Sinforosa L. Rebelo from Goa – India, born on 5th December 2006 is a multi- talented – extraordinary All rounder child, a poet, a writer Co- author in 10+ anthologies, compiler of fly the top anthology and currently a project head. She have written a book named 101 : SONGS OF THE POETIC HEART at a very young age. She have achieved many awards and prizes at state, national and international level. She have achieved 600+ certificates. She Is 1 time selected and 3 times awarded the International diamond artist award, once as International gold artist award and is 2 times noble book of world record holder. She is one of the Top 25 ambitious talents of the globe, top 17 glorious talents of the globe and top 18 write-ups of the year.
She’s Appreciated by India star book of records. she’s officially appointed as a international peace ambassador in the year 2020. Responsible citizen award , India star independent award 2022, and SSIF global peace award 2022 and many more. She have won many awards such as kala Ratna, Kala gaurav National kalarang, India Star Golden Award 2022 and bhartiya kala samman 2021 At national level. And winner of international peace matrix poster contest, etc.

Mohammed Niyaz
Mohammed Niyaz hails from Mumbai – The City Of Dreams. He rose to fame on facebook with his timely poetry headlines “Shayar Ki Shayari And Do Lafz Shayari Ke” since 2013 with more than 1500+ shayaris over a decade, later he continued with Instagram and then with “your quote” crossing 1300+ quotes.

His official debut as an published writer was back in “2020” anthology titled “Orange Hues” under “Flairs And Glairs Publications”.

Following which he then starred in countless anthologies with a total numberings of 700+ as an co-author. He then played a front foot role for over 70+ anthologies as an compiler.

His recent published dual solos are “The Ink They Shared Through The Words”, “The Collaborate Authors”, “The Mutual Convo’s” meanwhile his first solo dedication ever as an author “The Cinnemattic Heartthrob” a dedication book dedicated to “Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan” was published under “Phase 3 Publications”.

Mohammed currently holds “2 Forever Star World Records” for being the “fastest anthology compiler – Wish You Were My Better Half” and secondly for “Record Based Anthology – Scribbling Zone” as an co-author, An official participant of World Record Largest Online Event Christmas Competition, Co-Author In World Record Winning Anthology “The Literary Bridge” Both under “Inkzoid Foundation”.

His works has been published in Pratibha Magazine, Sparkling Corn Media’s Magazine, RK Magazine, participant of Namaste India International Magazine in which he serves as an “National Honorary Member” of the same.

Being google featured on “The Top 13 India’s Upcoming Stars” With “Indian Stardom News”, “Live Journal”, “Tumblr News”, “Pix Story”, “Medium News”, “Webstory India”, “Avalanches”, “Daily Hunt News”, Five Established Personalities In India 2022 With “TheUpdateIndia.com”,”TheEntrepreneurBytes.com”, DigitalScoopIndia.com”, Thefilmybeat.com”, “Indianflux.com”, “Bharatexclusive.com”, “Xpresstimes.in”, “Indian-xpress.com”, “WebstoriesIndia.com”,”Bestofhindustan.com”, “Medium.com”, “Prolific Magazine”, a regular participant of “The Mount Kenya Times Newspaper” and much more.

He was twicely awarded with “Writer Of The Book Award” for “The Dreams With Wings”, Few books have been dedicated to him titled “Challenge Your Limits” and “Krishna – A Bond”.

He gave his voice over to a poem titled “Yeh Kaisi Ghadi Aa Gayi” based on the real incidents of “COVID-19 pandemic” which was written – edited – narrated by himself, released on his youtube channel on May 2020 which received positive responses from the respective viewers.

Facebook.com/Mohammed Niyaz
Instagram – @niyazsks

Aishwarya Tripathi
Second girl child to her parents, Aishwarya Tripathi is Law student and comes from a historic town of Kushinagar. Aishwarya is a dreamer and believer. A world record holder for being one of the authors of “100 SAINOS” first book ever written entirely based on SAINO, she has been part of 90 anthologies as co-author, she worked as author in 3 books and has compiled 9 anthologies many more are in the line.
She believes that best deed is to help those in need, and so she worked with the team of ‘Galgotias University’ ‘TWOTH’ and ‘Jaunpur’ as “Covid Volunteer” during the deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic in India.

Always seeing her mother trying and getting better in things and not giving up, Aishwarya has always been fond of getting knowledge about everything and explore every field, and so she has successfully completed a 5 months content writing internship at “markSPORT”. She has also worked in a writing foundation called “Peaceful Writers International(PWI)” as ‘Social Media Manager’ of their Photography Unit named ‘PWI Lenshot’ and ‘Community Head’ of one of their Writing Communities named ‘PWI Miraquill’.
She has also given her service to Acadio as their ‘Writing Ambassador’.

Aishwarya believes it when her father says that success must be in commas and not in full stops, so she is waiting for more to come her way. She is currently pursuing law and waiting to leave her mark in the field.
This was a long-short introduction of Aishwarya Tripathi in which she wishes to add much more commas.

You can catch her via her Instagram handel @aishwarya.838

Shaili Jain
Shaili Jain is an ambitious, simple, and loving girl, living in a small village, Barodia Kalan, Sagar (Madhya Pradesh). She has co-authored 100+ compilations till date and she compiled books like “Lafzon Ka Khel”, Rakhi Prem Ka Dhaaga, Fake Smile, Moody Foodie, and Black Rose. “Agra to Delhi” is her first novel. A year ago, she promoted her writing skills. She loves to write stories and poems. Her poems often express her feelings.

G-mail – writershailijain@gmail.com
Instagram Id: @writer_shaili_jain

Chandni Baid
The author name is Chandni Baid. Her pen and writings are all about connecting the feelings with each reader heart, and to make readers feel like home. She writes, what she feels, experiences and emotions she lives. The pain and the happiness in the respective writings is completely about universal thoughts and pinch of realistic imagination created by her mind and pen. She describes her mind to magnet which can automatically attract and connects to world’s emotions and can pen it into words . She has penned her writing in more than 100 anthologies. !!

Dr. Aditi Dev
She is Dr. Aditi Dev, from Faridabad. She is mother of 2 kids. She is Homeopathic Practitioner & has done MBA in Hospital Administration. She is working in a Multispeciality Hospital. She is not a professional writer, but loves to share her thoughts in the form of writing.She is compiler of The Oasis Anthology and The shining in the dark have got title of Compiler by these anthologies. She has done collaboration in more than 500+ Anthologies, also she is participant in World Record Anthology for fastest compilation “Words that Heal Pain”. Won many daily n weekly challenges on different platform.She was in Top 10 & achieved Special Mention for Christmas Compitition & it was an World Record too.She is also interested in singing, traveling & drawing.

Sayeli Ghosh
“Your freedom is your own asset.
Others opinion won’t ever decide it.”

Sayeli Ghosh is a girl from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. She is a peaceful girl and a student who loves loneliness. She has completed her 10th from Mount Carmel School,Dhanbad and her 12th from Delhi Public School, Dhanbad. Currently she is a college student and completing her Btech from Asansol Engineering College. She has worked as co-author in many other anthologies of different publications.

She loves the nature more and the humans less. Dance and writing is her life. One little girl who brings out positivity out of the most negative things. Her dream is to pen down her thoughts to spread positivity and bring smile onto those pretty faces. She loves to motivate others to gear up their life towards a beautiful journey. She hopes to be an Electrical Engineer soon.

Recently she worked as a compiler in the books NADAN DIL and UNKNOWN FEELINGS and designed the manuscript for the books HEROES OF BORDERS and ADHURI ASHIQUI.
Main Instagram id : sweet_drea.75
Write up id: wordsofrayna
Email id : sayeli75ghosh@gmail.com

Salma Khatoon
In this chaotic world she is the serinity you will crave for. Most probably Salma Khatoon hails from the City of Joy , Kolkata.
She is from West Bengal.
She is from a Muslim family but belives in humanity.
Her birthday is on 5th of June.
Being a teenage she is the the Founder of S K PUBLICATION.
She is also honoured as the ‘TOP 22 SENSATIONAL WRITERS OF INDIA’ in the biggest platform of Google.
She is also considered as the ‘PRIDE OF KOLKATA’.
She did her primary study in PANCHASAYAR SISHU NIKETAN
Later she did her secondary study in PANCHASAYAR SIKSHA NIKETAN.
She is too talkative and a good listener too.
Beside this though she is too talkative but she is so introvert.
She also wrote a solo book named ‘GOOD TIME WITH POCKET PARTNER’ which is also available in Amazon.
She is a writer, dancer, 3rd year drawing artist, compiler , Co-compiler, project head, founder, a social worker.
By profession and passion she is also a graphics designer.
She had participated in more than 200+ anthologies as a co-author.
Till now she has penned down more than 500+ pieces of her ink.
She loves to express her feelings through writing because she feels that pen and paper are her best friends.

Thank you so much for reading.
Email:- s.k.publication2610@gmail.com

Srivally Pasupuleti
Srivally pasupuleti, founder of Ashlin Publications,unit of inkzoid foundation , certified by MSME. which is started in 2022.

She was started her journey in publishing when she was 17 years old. Her first co author book is Tales of hearts from dj publications. Her first solo book is My imaginary poems. Her books were already live in amazon. In three languages she published books ( English, Hindi, Tamil).


: Featured in webstory of India by inkzoid foundation on independence day celebrations.
: Top 26 incredible Talents of India awardee ,featured in 50 websites.
: Solo Featured in Google.
: Featured in 10 websites In Bhai dooj special article
:Top 29 amazing talents of the globe awardee
You can contact her through,
E- mail:- srivallypasupuleti@gmail.com
Instagram:- @srivally_pasupuleti

If you want to contact publications
Email:- ashlinpublications@gmail.com
Instagram:- @ashlin_publications

Keerthana is a sophomore pursuing Computer Science & Business Systems at Sri Sairam Engineering College. A Poetess, Compiler, TedX Speaker, Published Author, An Ardent reader & A World Record Holder.

A girl of nineteen running towards her dream, full of hope, finding her happiness in the smallest things. Keerthana has co-authored around 50+ anthologies including world record anthologies & authored The Man Of My Universe, holding a world record for the fastest dedicational book under Inkzoid book of records. She has won many accolades for her endless contribution to the field of literature.
She has participated in numerous poetry and speech competitions , bagged up many honors. She has received numerous prestigious awards in the field of writing,
such as the All India Best Writer Award, Indestructible Writer Award, Writer’s Ink Awards, Sparkling Scribbler Award, Meritorious Star Award, and Jackhi’s Gold Star Award.
She is also awarded as one of the Top 100 global child prodigies for her commendable contribution.

Janki Bhanushali
Janki Bhanushali – “Life is bed of roses”
Janki Bhanushali the gujju girl is a well known writer who has been certified as an Indian Writer recently. She loves to write on self motivation, Love stories, the wait for the loved one, long distanced relationships, Content writing, Shayri, Poem, Ghazal, Motivation etc. From last 5 years she is serving the services like; Anchoring without any payments, Craft work, Dance, Artistic healing specially for relationships, digital works,etc in a very great way. She is also an “ASPIRANT” who is working hard to achieve her dream! Since 6 Months her speech on particular topic, public speaking, her writing material has been picked up very seriously and positively in a very short span of time & now she is also practising for the politics in her Community. Last year she was also the part of ABVP – Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad which is student’s world’s largest Organization, she had leaded it in a good way. Her biggest dream is to work socially and help society for its growth & development with her whole heart. She always believes in the cycle of “Sincerity, Sacrifice, Achievement”. Soon she’ll start posting motivational & inspirational videos on her ig i.e. @janki.bhanushali_ do follow her and give lots of blessings & love!

Sabita Dakua
Sabita Dakua resides at Mumbai, Maharashtra and has completed masters in Business administration. She is persuing her psychology studies as well as compiler of 5books- Life Multiplies, Incident Reflects, Build up thoughts, Restless Night and Scary Turn in Life. 3Solo book write-ups as author- Relationship Dilemma, Alguien Enamorado and Shades of Career. She has participated in 80+ books as co-author. She has participated in international books and also written Google articles. She is highly motivated with many multi skills and still seeking knowledge to groom self. In her free time she likes to visit new new places, design clothes, singing, foodie, acting and learning languages.
Follow for more learnings at Instagram ID
Insta id- @words_clubbed_

Diptendu Chakraborty
Diptendu sekhar chakraborty is a writer by passion and is a published author of the novel “3@ a time” which was hugely appreciated by everyone. Almost 20,000 copies were sold during its inception.
His second novel titled “You are being watched” a murder mystery will be released this year by Poetic souls publishing house. This novel will be available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press platforms under the thriller genre.
He has penned numerous poems and short stories for anthologies, online and offline magazines as a co-author and guest author.
He has been awarded with “India’s top 30 iconic achiever award” and “Indian Noble awards” for his contribution to Indian literature.
Apart from writing he has a penchant for travelling which takes him to various abstract locations across India.
He can be reached on Instagram @diptenduchakraborty on facebook @authordiptenduchakraborty and on mail @diptendusekharchakraborty80884@gmail.com.

Mayur Kalbag
A motivational speaker, leadership coach and behavioral trainer by profession, Mayur’s hobby of writing poetry and prose evolved into a serious and an inspired avocation twelve years ago.

He has written two books of poetry titled, ‘Smile at Stress’ and ‘Rising Waterfall’.

‘Adventures of Poorna’ is his first book of prose and his second book Aghori An Untold Story has become an international best seller.

The evolution from poetry to writing an adventure story happened upon his return from a spiritual sojourn to the Kailas & Manasarovar Lake in the Himalayas, in the year 2001, along with his revered Guru, Swami Sadyojat Shankarashram.

Apart from this Mayur is a passionate painter/artist and has made his mark in the abstract and contemporary genre with art exhibitions in India and Switzerland. An adventurer at heart, Mayur is an avid trekker and rock climber.

However, apart from all this his true passion is imagining, exploring and then articulating new realms of philosophical fiction and spiritualism through writing and painting.

Rashmi Shukla
Rashmi Shukla, who is born in Jamshedpur, steel city of India. Later, she was brought up in travelling all across, beautiful cities in Maharashtra, is presently a Human Resources Freelancer Professional at Mumbai.
She has an ardent love for creativity and composition. Above all she has highest admiration for both English and Hindi Literature.
“BE YOU” and Live Life to its fullest is her sole belief to live life. Apart from managing her occupation in HR freelancing managing IT and banking clients, she loves travelling and exploring places that are unexplored. But her love for composing both poetries and stories overrules her heart. Her travelling experiences are imbibed as shades in some of her creations.
Narrating emotions and feelings give her the strongest kicks to keep herself going.
She started writing many years ago but never ever imagined to be a published author. Presently, she is writing on various platforms and blogging sites. She is also a very active blogger where she expresses her views and thoughts with different perspectives.
As, they all say destiny has some other plans and here she is with her writings and compositions.
By God’s grace, she began her journey towards fulfilling her wishes and dreams.

Jeetal Shah
Born in Sudan (S. Africa ) studied in vadodara gujarat. And bought up there. Lived for six years in (s.africa). She loves to read, write short Stories shyari and poetry.

Got many certificates from many different sites. At present she is writing on a blogging elementary app.

This app inspired her a lot.
Her poetry are full of emotions happiness and Love. It’s also dedicated to her family, school and friends.

Krishna kumar
Mr. Krishna Kumar is Founder of Krishna Classes and he has been teaching since 1996. He has taught in various school as a faculty of Mathematics and Science. He has also taught in various coaching institutes for Academic as well as competitive exams. He is running his own institute since 2000. He is soft spoken and having world class teaching techniques. His vast experience can be observed in his poetry. He is also an author of KALAAM – E – KRISHNA ,
Saugat – E – Krishna ,
Jashn – E – Krishna ,
Concept of Three kare tension free .

Ashtha Khandelwal
ASTHA KHANDELWAL daughter of ASHOK KUMAR KHANDELWAL and GOURI KHANDELWAL is a young girl who was born and brought up in Kolkata and did her schooling from LORETO DAY SCHOOL BOWBAZAR. After that she shifted to Raipur Chattisgargh where her family lived.
She did her B.A in ENGLISH LITERATURE AND MASS COMMUNICATION from the college MATS UNIVERSITY RAIPUR , after that she completed her post graduation in M.A ENGLISH LITERATURE from the same college and was awarded the STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD which was presented to her by the GOVERNOR of RAIPUR CHATTISGARH. After M.A she continued her studies and is currently pursuing PH.D degree in ENGLISH LITERATURE.

She is a great writer who has completed writing 700 poems out of which some of her poems were published in the format of the book. Some names of her books are HEART TOUCHING POETRY , ALFAZ , , and many more.
She has also worked in the Hitvada newspaper and The Chronicle newspaper and in Career Potli and achieved many certificates and most important certificate was awarded from Google.

Jayesh Vora
A small town boy Jayesh Bora from Yavatmal Maharashtra son of Mahendra Bora and Meena Bora did his schooling from Nathar english medium school yavatmal and Jawaharlala Darda College Yavatmal. After which he entered in the field of B. Com and completed it from the
Graduation Mahajan College of Technology Yavatmal. Currently he is pursuing his llb degree .
He also works in the office Pprs and Associates which is a C A office run by CA Rajesh Shukla. He is a person with high dreams and has an amazing writing skill which we notice in his works which can be found on your quote and he has published many books like lafz 1 , lafz 2 and more series of his lafz title are coming soon. “ A responsible man with golden heart and amazing skill ”.

Swati charan Pahari
Charan Pahari, belongs to Giridih, Jharkhand (presently residing in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh). She has done masters in Economics. Her hobby is sketching, painting & cooking. She is passionate about writing poems and stories. She has been a part of numerous anthologies as co-author and she is the author of the book Nishabdh. She is having a youtube channel named ‘Economics Margdarshan’ for Economics learners and ‘Swaruchi Writes’ for poetry lovers.

Bharat Salunkhe
Shanku-Bharu cleaning services
Bharat Salunkhe cleaning services story started in struggling life so, before we start lets just quickly know few things about him.

Bharat Salunkhe is born and brought up at Chembur, Maharashtra. He has finished all schooling at same place. He is very passionate and hardworking person taking responsibility of family. He has slowly built his career in cleaning fields from being an employee to an entrepreneur. His current aim is to reach new generation and raise them with cleanliness and safety measures. He has started with house cleaning, tank cleaning, deep infection, car washing and many other services which will be seen in his website.
Email id- shankubharucleaningservices@gmail.com

Rohit Katam
RKBA Academy
Rohit Katam Badminton story started with very interesting challenges in life so, before we start lets just quickly know few things about him.

Rohit Katam is born and brought up at Pune, Maharashtra. He has finished all schooling at same place and later moved on at Kalyan, Maharashtra. He is very enthusiastic and a good mentor for new kids generations. He has slowly built his career in sports fields from being player to a coach level. His current aim is to reach new generation and raise them up for own goals and achievements in life.
Email id- rohit.katam38@gmail.com

Vishakha Verma
Words have depth and so she is with words.A plain 26yr old girl who is graduate in biology. A reader who prefers books over humans and learner. A girl who loves to play badminton and cricket in her spare time. A gold medallist in badminton, javelin. In year 2018, though being a student of Magadh University, she made her place with her article in Patna University.An international e-magazine member(NAMASTE INDIA) and writer. A published author at Droplets of ink, TDS,COT, Brown Page, The Quidditch Ink,Phase 3 , Sian and many more across India as well as article writer at Kenya Times.She had compiled many books till date and still doing till date.

Her first work was published in book- TASTE OF LIFE and her first compiled book was- IMMORTAL.


For more such work follow her on:-
Insta- vk_vmpe
Your quote – vishivmpe
Writco- @vishivmpe

KA. Parinasri
She is a passionate writer from Chennai. Writing makes her pressure go away. She had played the role of co-author for more than 200+ books, Compiled 80+ Books, And she is compiling many more which is on progress!

Her 1st and foremost book as a compiler was ‘MY PEN FLOWS MY PAPER RECEIVES’

Wish You Were My Better Half is one of her favourite anthology – which hit the forever star award for compiling it within 24 hours.

I participated in many writing competitions,
And where I won the Price of Radha Krishna in silver under the FOI.

Well, I would like to thank my Loved ones for supporting me rather than stopping ms from leading with my passion! Well, For being the main reason for achieving my dream.

I did my Intern in NDTV.
Got the chance to be the journalist

She had published 2 solo books.

  1. JP: The Blessed Better Half
  2. The Utmost Desire of Roaring Shout

Her Dual books

  1. The Ink They Shared Through Words
  2. The Collaborate Authors
  3. Pact With Mutual Emotions

She has dedicated many Books for her friends, By surprising them on their Birthday.

She dedicated a book for a professional Mermaid.
Whom she met on a Mermaid Show.

For the 1st ever, She tired of giving rise to photo book including a single liner quotes.

I collected the 1st, 12 month pictures of the kid, And that photo book has the collection of the baby’s memory and I wished to gift that on the kids 1st Bday.
Well, The best and happy part was, the book was launched by the kid on her birthday.

As well working on with her other solo and dual books!

She is also a part of NLHF.
Has played the role of Ambassador in NLHF for the book called My Super Hero.
which was dedicated to father on Father’s day.
Also played role of the model in NLHF.

She was the Team Head in Book Benchere Publication.
Under her so many books were published.
she had handled So many compilers and co-authors all alone.

Few of my poems were published internationally in ‘The Mt.Kenya Times Newspaper’
I’m the National Honoarary Member of ‘Namaste India International E-Magazine Group’

Few of my paintings had been published in E-Magazine.

Few of my article was published in The Gram Today News Paper.

Also got the award of the best writer in Chennai under Jackhi’s Gold Star Awards 2022.

She strongly believes that anyone could hurt her, But never her books could!!

Instagram –

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