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Travent Mug – The travel agency that plans a perfect vacation

We all crave and require a break in this fast-paced world at some point in our lives. A vacation to relax, a holiday to make memories, and a break to think about things. The best way to get away from stressful routines is to travel. However, careful planning and research for the most cost-effective and exciting places to visit and stay in are required. 

So we have Travent Mug, a new startup that helps us plan and finds the best venues.

Travent Mug is a startup founded by Kowshik S and Pratham Chendla, two engineering students. They aimed to provide quick bookings and a high level of service to Indian travellers. The company began by providing a wide range of high-value products and services to the Indian travel industry, backed by technology and 24-hour customer service. It isn’t easy to stand out in a crowd when you’re just starting out. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to build a firm and earn the clients’ trust. The Travent mug, on the other hand, could withstand and thrive due to its consistency and goal of serving and making a difference.

Travent Mug provides the best routes at reasonable prices, as well as first-class amenities. Throughout their successful journey, they have developed strong relationships and partnerships with many reputable companies and all other concerned dealers and suppliers, allowing them to provide the best facilities at the lowest possible prices, even during peak demand periods and COVID-19 situations. They work intending to provide exceptional customer service at all times. Their mission is to make your holiday one to remember while minimising your stress. They keep a constant eye on things and take extensive safety precautions. They offer exclusive destinations such as Sakleshpur, Wayanad, Kumarakan, Chikamagalur, Coorg, Kumarakan and many other aesthetic and scenic places.

After cementing its market position as a brand known for dependability and integrity, the services offered by Travent Mug are nature resorts, camping, trekking, corporate outings, and other services and products that are already well-known. It provides the package at the most affordable price and clearly describes all of the services and features on the website, avoiding misunderstandings and providing unsatisfactory information. It also has the unique ability to customise packages, allowing customers to choose exactly what they want. This proves that the company values the comfort and happiness of its customers in the first case.

Entrepreneur Magazine named it the best top 10 start-up firm in Bengaluru in 2017 for all of its efforts to provide the best to its customers. The Startup Awards are designed to recognise and reward exceptional entrepreneurs and ecosystem facilitators who are developing new products or solutions and scalable businesses with high potential for job creation or wealth creation while also demonstrating verifiable social impact. In addition to the financial rewards for the investors, the contribution to the social good will be measured.

The India 500 business awards also gave the “INDIANA 500 START-UP AWARDS 2020.” The National Startup Awards are designed to recognise and honour outstanding entrepreneurs who are creating game-changing products, solutions, or scalable businesses that have the potential to create jobs, income, and, most importantly, measurable social impact. These awards and honours result from the founders’ commitment and ideology in achieving them. One of the essential factors in a startup’s ability to overcome all obstacles is that its founders are visionaries. They can pursue their ambitions because of their vision.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation in the woods, contact Travent Mug vacations for a fantastic vacation filled with unforgettable adventures. Consult with them and start making plans for a relaxing holiday.

Contact Details:

Website: https://traventmug.com/

Phone: +91 9148068080

+91 9148068383

Email: info@traventmug.com

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